Meezer Mancat Monday

It’s Tock Tober and you know what that means!


Stay tuned but while you wait-admire this little taste of Ichiro-Tock.


  1. Yeahhhh! We LOVE tocktober!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. OMC! Mom forgot all about tocktober until you mentioned it! Woo hoo! Bring on the tocks!

  3. We honor LiveStrong Day. We an TBT have not been touched by cancer directly. We are very fortunate. But we take this day to remember those who have been touched, directly or indirectly.

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
    Nice tocks Ichiro 😉
    Gee, we forgot about Tocktober too !
    PurrsTillie and Georgia

  5. Hurray for tocks! The mom will look and see if she has any recent tock pics of us to post. 🙂

    BTW, our mom says your mom is very luck that your vet is naturopathic. The one so-called holistic (not naturopathic) vet in this city told the mom’s co-worker to feed her IBD cat grain/carb filled prescription vet food. Seriously. Which of course the co-worker didn’t (she feeds raw now).

    So this region doesn’t have anything in the way of vets who are educated re: cat nutrition.

  6. Most elegantly done, Ichiro!

  7. Nice tocks Ichiro…we can’t wait to see Chey tocks. though!

  8. It’s tock time fur sure!!!

  9. Chey-tocks.. what fun!

  10. Hey, YOU haf fuzzypants!

  11. Thanks for the reminder. Mom is going to have to get some great tock shots of us. That will be fun. Can’t wait to see your pictures Chey tocks. Ichiro, your tocks are amazing. Take care.

  12. Chey
    We are all so glad you reminded us of this — we forgot!
    Now it’s time to post some of our tockober pictures!
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  13. Nice ‘tocks, Ichiro!

  14. Looking good, Ichiro!

  15. Tocktober? I has to tell MY mom – Im not holding my breath though she has a huge F for failing to blog for us lately!!

  16. Ichiro, you got the sexy ‘tocks.

  17. Wow Ichiro! Look at those floofy tocks!

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