Cheysuli Uncrosses Stars

Shakespeare wrote tragedies but how much better if he had written happy endings and it could all change with just  a word.

Romeo, “‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy!

Ah what is in a name? That which we call Cheysuli by any other name would be so sweet!”

Juliet, “He compares me to Cheysuli?

How can I not run to him now!  NURSE NURSE!

I must leave this place with my Romeo!”

All around here, Capulets are awed by the reference a Montague made comparing their fair daughter to Cheysuli!  A feast is planned for both families and the two lovers live happily ever after.

All because of Cheysuli.


  1. Chey…next time you go wandering, can I join you? First my mom couldn’t figure out where you were…::cough:: in Portland…then she forgot my Blogoversary! I’m so ashamed. I thought my mom loved me. Turns out she’s getting old and forgetful.


  2. Oh the Drama!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Don’t scratch Mercutio! It would be fatal!

  4. “Chey, you are sooo deep….oh the meezer mind, we are now learning about it from Thomas…….his inner meezer is blooming!”=^Y^=

  5. I’ve always wanted a happy ending to this story. Shakespeare, wherever you are, take note!
    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog this morning!


  6. Ah, the perfect happy ending. Much better than tragic death and suicide.

  7. Chey, we like your version much better.

  8. Chey, yoo are a true poet! An Equal to Shakespeare in talent!

  9. Chey, an interesting rendition of Romeo and Juliet.


  11. I give you a standing ovation Chey!!!

  12. Well of course. And let’s not forget that Cats get their feuds out in the open and settled right away…none of this on and on and on stuff.

  13. Wow, how perceptive of you, Chey.

  14. There is nothing deeper than a meezer mind. Sending the beautiful Chey purrs of applause.

  15. “A plague mousie o’ both your houses!”

  16. Cheysuli, the hero of the day! Now I wonder if she can do anything to help out poor old Hamlet or King Lear?

    I am surprised that I had never come across your blog before, seeing that so many of my friends are your friends too! I’ll be coming by again soon 🙂

  17. I love a happy ending! Chey, you could work wonders on so many conflicts!

  18. Such good ideas that you have Chey. We love happy endings. You should rewrite a lot of things. Hope you have one great Labor Day. Take care.

  19. See, that’s what happens to people who don’t have cats!!!
    People need us ; ) heehee
    Way to go Chey!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  20. In our house Chey, Zee and Zoey are the epitome of the true Romeo and Juliet inspired love story… but, just you wanted, with a happy ending!!! They now live together under my roof that they let me share, in complete un-wedded bliss…

  21. opps… you don’t need to add this comment, but can you please edit my above comment before you approve it to read, “…but, just like you wanted, ….”

    Here I am claiming to be a writer and I can’t even put together a proper sentence!!!


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