Tabby Tuesday

I am having a garage sale to help Momma and my Dad when they try to sell the house.

Ichiro: $1.00 (I only have a dollar to pay you to take him).  He makes my whisker curl–see I have one curly whisker!


  1. Oh Miss Gemini, I think you can get more for Ichi.

  2. Aw, Gemini, that is so sweet and generous. Your mom and dad must be so proud of you.

  3. I bet some misguided human would pay as much as $3 for him!

  4. Yeah–but another cat would make the human give him back…

  5. MOL, that’s clever Gemini! And I bet Chey’s offering a discount!

  6. Hahaha. Hey, re: Sparkle’s comment: Some human might even pay a whole $5! 😀

  7. Gemini, my misguided human might even offer up $6….so please stop tempting her!

  8. Milo and Alfie says:

    Hmmm … does he come wiv a bed, food, and toys?

  9. Poor Gemini, wouldn’t you miss him? Well, I had to at least ask!

  10. You Silly! We’ll pay YOU to take him off your paws. How about Three bags of treats and a jar of fishy flakes?

  11. *sigh*
    That is the most beautiful curl I have ever seen.
    Miss Gemini you are a vision of loveliness to my eyes.
    Doesn’t sound like Ichiro will be around long! ::::hehehehe::::

  12. You mean you wanna pay us to take Ichiro?? Well, our mom says she would…even for free…but we think 3 cats around here are enough already…in fact, Wally says he’d like to get rid of that Zoey and make it a 2 cat house!

  13. MOL. Poor Ichiro. We will take him. There are so many here, what is one more.
    Too funny. All of you have yourselves a great day.

  14. I like your curly whisker! We are only allowed two pets in our apartment so we can’t take Ichiro for you — sorry!

  15. Uh oh, Mommy can’t see this……..she would pay big time……..she gave 150.00 to adopt me and they only asked for 80.00!! Mommy says they deserve even more=^Y^=Thomas

  16. We’ll take him if he isn’t already gone, Gemini. Then He and Audrey can bug each other and leave me in peace. Though only if he isn’t a picky eater.

  17. I’d take Ichiro in a minute at that PURRice, but I think it would make your Mom and Dad very sad indeed.

    I think we all want to sell our brothers at one time or another, but, sadly we are stuck with them for life.

  18. Poor Gemini! I didn’t know Ichiro was bothering you, too! I think if you would let her, Chey would GIVE Ichiro away. LOL

    Mom Paula

  19. Good try, Gemini but no dice!

  20. come live with us. I’ll put my treat money in to get you!!


  21. Bonnie tried dat wif me. Nefur worked. Gemini, Mom says you sound like Shel Silverstein’s “Young Sister for Sale”. But try to be patient. Ichiro will grow up… eventually.

  22. We’re kind of curious as to whether you had any takers for Ichiro?

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