My Gotcha Day!

Ichiro destroys Chey's lifeOkay, I am having a full weekend Gotcha Day party as Mom FORGOT!  I was adopted on August 1, 2010 and I was tiny (see?).  Now I am a big handsome Mancat having had a birthday sometime about 11 weeks ago.

Mom remembered because the Blue Angels are here for Seafair again and she remembered being in the parking lot with Cheysuli at her vet watching some of their show.   Chey was busy getting poked and prodded because you know, she did not like me and tried to kill herself.

Anyway, she decided she could live for fishy flakes and I make sure she knows that I really appreciate that by sitting on her head every chance I get.  Come on by.  The weather is iffy today but tomorrow it should be around 80 or so which is really warm here.  Anyway, Chey won’t be leaving this weekend for Find Chey as we’ll be having a party!  And besides–Mom and Dad won’t be home part of the weekend–so think what a party we can have!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro!

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Month!!! Time sure flies when you’re having fun!!!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro! We’d love to come on by and help you celebrate. We have some primo nip to share — more than enough for everyone! 🙂

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Ichiro!!! We can’t wait for the party.

    And don’t mind Chey – we are sure she loves you – even if she won’t admit it. MOL

  5. Happy Gotcha Day. We hope you get lots and lots of treats.

    Cody and Gracie

  6. Happy Happy Gotcha Day Weekend Ichiro! You have definitely grown from a cute kitty to a handsome mancat! We will be there to celebrate with you, Chey and Gemini, wooo hooo!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  7. Happy Gotcha Day.

    Are you having a house trashing party since your human is leaving for part of the weekend?

  8. Oh goodie, a parteee. Happy Gotcha day Ichiro. We sure are glad you were gotten. Gosh you were such a cute little kid. Hopefully some day Chey will think you are all right. Have yourself a fine day and here is hoping you get tons of extra treats since it is your day. Take care.

  9. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Ichiro! You were a cute kitten, and you surely are a handsome one year old. We are so glad Chey decided not to kill herself over you in the end. Poor thing. We have to side just a tiny bit with her, because we knew her first. Also, it was because of her that I started to blog.

  10. Oh Simba! That’s the nicest thing a cat has ever said to me!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro!

  12. Ichiro, my what a cutie you were. Happy Gotcha day. You’re welcome to join our party all day Saturday. Merlin and Ling Ling Ling will give you the special Meezer all access pass. We’re sharing this post cuz sharing is caring.

  13. Happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro, we would love to help you cellybrate! Mom just loves your baby picture. She missed that stage wif all of us.

  14. Happy Gotcha Day weekend Ichiro. Is there going to be a house trashing? We are bringing some genuine Devon mousies for you from our fields.

  15. A very happy Gotcha Ichiro!
    We’ll definitely all be by to help you celebrate!

    Helllllllllllllllloooo pretty Miss Gemini

  16. How about making it a house-trashing party!?

  17. Happy Gotcha Day Ichiro! You are a full fledge mancat now! And very handsome at that!

  18. Has it already been a year? Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Ichiro! May you have many many more…

  19. happy belated gotcha day.

  20. Happy Gotcha Day Ichiro! Yoo has same gotcha day as our purrthday. Yay! I will share a rattly mousie wif yoo.
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

  21. Congratulations, Ichiro! Mommie had to say aaawww.

    Thank you, Chey and family, for your best wishes. I’m feeling fine and I play with Little Nicky a lot–it’s hard to believe that I have a serious heart condition.


  22. Happy Gotcha Day

  23. Happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro! You have provided us with much entertainment in the past year and we are so glad to see you as a big and handsome mancat now!

    The Chans

  24. Happy Gotcha Day Ichiro! We are all packing up our bags and heading up for the party! We’re bringing fresh nip from the garden and we are looking forward to trying fishy flakes!

    See you soon!

  25. Happy gotcha day Ichiro! Now that you are big, it’s time to stop pouncing Chey and Gemini. I am coming ofur and bringing extra fishy flakes — my mama just got me some more!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday and Gotcha Day, gorgeous Ichiro!!…You have grown into such a handsome mancat and we can’t wait to party all weekend with you and your beautiful sisters!!…We are on our way with fresh nip for a fun house trashing party since your parents have left the premises!!MOL…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  27. Happy Gotcha Day Ichio and many, many, many mooore!! And oh my goodness you ahve grown up so fast!!
    HUGGGSSS from your TX furiuends,

  28. Ichiro you sure added a whole lot of excitement to your family after being Gotcha’d. Have a very happy Gotcha Day . I used to try to walk on heads until I realized that licking a head is much more appreciated than putting my whole body on the head.

  29. Happy happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro! My mum says she can’t believe it’s a whole year since she was in Seattle watching the Blue Angels and meeting your mum. And she hadn’t even Gotcha-d me then because my Gotcha Day isn’t till October!

    Love Dora

  30. Happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro!! We can’t believe it’s been a whole year already!! You sure have grown up into a handsome mancat…even if Chey doesn’t like you much.

    Hope you are having a great day!!


  31. Happy Gotcha Day Ichiro! We’re so glad your Mom gotcha!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  32. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY ICHIRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ooooooooo, we cannot believe it’s been a tear already!!!
    You were so cute,heehee
    Now you are a handsome Mancat 🙂
    We love to celebrate so let’s have fun!!! WOOT!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  33. Happy Gotcha Day Ichiro! Kitten photos like that should come with a warning. Too much cuteness! 🙂
    Thank you for coming by our blog and purring for our Fui 🙂

  34. I gotta say, even tho I’m a man cat, that is a might nice photo of you as a itty bitty kitty. And I had to laugh Chey lived for fish flakes. 🙂 Happy Everything! Time fies–and I know Chey really does like you….


  35. So cute – happy gottcha day from me and the Birks. FAZ

  36. Happy Gotcha Day, Ichiro! Wishing you a full, nip filled day. And may CHey warm up to you this year….

  37. Happy Gotcha day! How cute you were when your beans got you!

    BTW, I have a contest for a free bag of Natural pet food. Today is the last day to Enter if you are interested!

  38. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Ichiro! I’m so sorry I missed it!

    Mom Paula

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