Find Chey Friday

Oh dear.  I went to go find Mom Paula so I could sit on her and (according to Maobert) squish her or else make her feel better, and I  must have taken a wrong turn.  Now I can’t find my way there or home.  As I think she is having a hard enough time right now, can anyone get me pointed in the right direction–or at least let me know where I am so I can get online and find directions?

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.



  1. I think you need to turn South and head to the other Carolina!

  2. You’re probably right. Now I wonder where exactly I am in the wrong Carolina?

  3. That’s all the hint I’ll give right now. Let’s see if someone can help you get to me!

  4. Are you in Hendersonville, N.C.?

  5. Is that big cat drooling on you, Chey?

  6. If you’re on the east coast, Chey, you better get out of town now before Irene comes to visit!

  7. Chey, I think you’re in Asheville NORF Carolina! Head south to get to Mom Paula’s place. But please be careful!


  8. Are you in Hendersonville, NC in front of the Hospice Home Store on Main Street? We bet you can find some great bargains in there for a great cause.

  9. Once someone finds you…give us the directions to Mom Paulas so we can all pile up and purr on her. I have no idea where you are.


  10. Yes ‘Kaika and I think Laila and Minchie are right now about where I am! Good for all of you guys!

    I must have turned north at Greenville instead of going east… Fortunately it’s only about 45 minutes too far north so we should be able to get back in the right Carolina soon!

  11. Unfortunately the only food I have in the house is kitten food. All of the treats were donated to a rescue organization. I look forward to the purr piles!

    Mom Paula

  12. We had no idea where you were Chey, until we read your reply about Laila and Minchie’s comment … it is SOOO beautiful there at the Hospice Home Store in Hendersonville, as are you laying there in front of it! And we ditto what Cory said about directions to Mom Paula’s!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Oh I am so glad they found you Chey and you can now get on to Paula’s. We will wave at you as you go by. We are in between where you are and Paula’s place. We are so glad you are going to be there the cheer Paula up. Good guess Laila and Minchie and Kaika too. Take care.

  14. I knew where you were, but I’m always late! If you would have turned to Greenville you would have been at my place!!!

  15. Chey. Chey! CHEY! Wake up and look behind you. It’s a giant BEAR!

  16. I thought it was a tiger!

  17. Good to see that you are found Chey.
    Mom Paula could use some good kitty company 🙂
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  18. We didn’t know where you were, but you have a nice guard while you nap.

  19. Glad you were found and what fun to be in the area of other Carolina Cats! Have fun with Mom Paula and if you stay another week, you will get to meet Truffle!

  20. be careful and find yur way back home chey.

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