Catopolis Business Cards

Are you going to BlogPaws? Do you need business cards but don’t know how to design them?  Look at these over at Catopolis. They also have dog related cards and maybe if we get enough requests they can do ferrets and bunnies and rats–oh my!

Chey thought everyone would love these business cards.  If they become popular enough she might even create business cards with an image of her own lovely self on them. How many cats would like that?  Leave us a comment if you’d like to see those!


  1. Those are cool! We like the blue gray color with the silhouette of the cat – doesn’t seem as if that combo is available. But we don’t need them now anyway. Just dreaming. Mom is not going to Blogpaws.

    Chey, a card with your image on it would always be nice!

  2. My human needs to upgrade my business cards – she won’t do it in time for BlogPaws, but a fix is definitely in order!

  3. We like the cards. Our mum says she may get some at a future date because sometimes people ask about our blog and she tells them to google Eric and Flynn if she hasn’t got a pen handy. Cards would be nice.
    We think your picture would improve any cards Chey.

  4. We are not going to BlogPaws, but we do like the look of the cards !!
    We also agree that your pic would enhance anything 🙂
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  5. Every cat blog should have a card custom designed for them. Love the name Catapolis. Karen Nichols is a clever one.

  6. Great cards!
    I don’t understand why Mom doesn’t think we need one.
    Anything with your image would be great Chey.
    Hello beautiful Miss Gemini I sure do miss seeing pictures of you.

  7. Those are purrty nice looking!

  8. Those are great looking cards. We don’t need any right now We are not going to Blog paws. It sounds like fun but we don’t have the green papers. We will let you know about the cards. That is a good idea. Take care.

  9. These business cards are very chic! We always appreciate a great design! Sadly, we’re not going to BlogPaws either… where does it take place, anyway? I fear that Italy is a hop skip and jump a bit too far!

  10. We can’t go to Blog Paws and that’s okay by us. We do like the business cards, though, great job!

  11. Oooo … business cards!!! We may need to buy some.

  12. If you have bizniss cards with Chey on them you’ll need to make them in the chubby size.

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