Wisdom from Chey (on Wednesday

Say you know Chey loves you and we'll donate more money to Max for each cat who does!Naturally, cats by nature are generous.  Have you ever seen us not give treats to our humans when we catch something?  It is important to train your human in generosity.  I am pleased to say that by rounding up a few dollars the Woman donated $25 in her and my name thanks to the email sign up.   This means that Max’s Woman is that much closer to her San Francisco walk goal.

I also believe my followers should move.   I like the feather toy and if they don’t move the feather toy doesn’t move.  Look at how well Max has his human trained!  Generosity and movement.   And real live dead shrimps.   I mean that’s a given isn’t it?




  1. Well, we DO love the fever wand toys…

  2. Real live dead shrimps? Sounds purrrrfect!

  3. Paws up for the subscription donation!

  4. Cat Dancer is one of our favorites, Chey!

    We hardly ever get real live dead shrimps. Momma is allergic, so she never buys any shrimps. We have to be patient for our Grampy to drop some when our Nana is not looking. srsly.

    Love, Whitey and the Gs

  5. Good thoughts, Chey. That is very generous of you and your human with the donation.

  6. That is just great about the donation. We love our fevvers and we have never been lucky enough to have any shrimp. Bet that would be good eating. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  7. That Max sure is lucky to get live dead shrimps. We don’t think we’ve ever gotten any. We feel deprived.

    Good job on that donation, too, Chey! We know Max’s woman will appreciate it!

  8. OMC! Fevver wand toys are our favourite!

  9. Your mama is sooo nice, AND she brings you shrimps or fishy flakes or what ever you ask for, right? Fangs for your visits to our bloggie…we will nefurr catch up, hahameow!

  10. That is so cool! Shrimps is also darn cool!

  11. We love fev-vers and Real Live Dead Shrimps!!!

    Thanks for coming to our blogoversary party!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. Hooray for the generous donation!

    I never had real live dead shrimp. But I sure do WISH to have some. Um, Mommeh?….

  13. Real live dead shrimps, huh? Now that I have to see for myself!

    You are a generous cat, indeed, and kudos to you for teaching your human to be the same.

  14. That is a nice generous donation!

    I love to play wif my mama. She throws the bouncy ball for me and I chase it. Then she has to go retrieve the ball so she can throw it again. We both get moving!

  15. We like our treats dead or alive. My meezer Merlin wants to ask Chey: do you agree that Siamese cats are smarter?

  16. Proper training is important. I hope you get your real live dead shrimp.

  17. my mom likes to dance with me…. and Miles too

    I just gobbles a pile of fresh chicken bonk yummm

  18. You are wise indeed, Cheysuli!

  19. Great words of wisdom Chey!

    Helllllllllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!


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