The Book of Ichiro, Chapter 2

So I have learned that I can pretty much do what I want so long as it involves the humans and not Cheysuli.  I guess that Meowism does not allow cats to jump on her head even if it is in their nature.  She says that sometimes we have to curb our nature for the greater good.   Personally, I think that she should curb her nature and let me jump on her head for the greater good.

“Ichiro,” she said, “No one is helped by you jumping on my head so it can’t be for the greater good.”

So I will try and curb that.   But what if I fail, I asked?

Chey told me that it doesn’t matter because I will still be loved and a wonderful at who should tell the world about Meowism anyway.     It is better to have lived well and failed sometimes than to never try at all.   And I said that’s cool because now I’m going to try and get some food from the refrigerator but first I have to kill this string.   There’s no hurry in Meowism–it’s all about the NOW.


  1. But, you enjoy jumping on Chey’s head, right? So somecat (you) gets some good out of it. We say jump away!

  2. Ichiro ~ yoo are such a sweetie. Enjoy that string.

  3. Did you manage to get any food from the refrigerator, Ichiro? Good luck with that!

  4. As Junior Cat you have to obey Chey. But a little “accidental” jumping…. well who could complain about that???

  5. We think we’re gonna like this Meowism stuff…we are all about the now too!

  6. We like the Lounge’s comment, we were going to write much the same. LOL.

  7. None of us try to jump on the Mommy’s head. Maybe we should start doing it?

  8. Where is it written that thou shall not jump on Chey’s head…huh? Is it written?

    Jump I say! (but don’t tell Chey I said that…)

    Figaro made me paw it…

  9. This Meowism stuff is getting interesting. Maybe you should at least try not to jump on Chey’s head and see if things get better. If not, who is to stop you. Have a great day.

  10. You are so wise for such a young age, you are learning lots from Chey!

  11. This head jumping stuff is sounding better and better. Maybe we’ll try it!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. Chey is right, Ichiro! There’s no harm in failing. That’s how we all learn. So you can try and try not to jump on her head, but if you fail, don’t worry. You can just try and try again!

  13. Ichiro
    You look so adorable playing with thT string!
    Helllo gorgoeus Miss Gemini!

    Ping purrs

  14. Ichiro, if you were on the back of a sofa or a chair and Chey was lying beside it, if you were to “accidentally” fall off and land on her head, then that would not be jumping on it and you couldn’t be held responsible for that.

  15. Ichiro, you may choose to believe Chey, but we think continued jumping on her head will likely result in you getting a GIANT whap sooner rather than later 😉 All for the greater good ,o fcourse 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  16. kill that string. kill it kill it. string make us krazzzy.

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