The Book of Gemini, Chapter 2

After I talked to Momma I went to Cheysuli and said that I would be extra nice to her about her religion and all.

“But it’s not my religion, really,” Chey said.  “I am just the head of it.”

“I know,” I said.   “I understand that you are really insecure about your divinity and need to let us all worship you so that you feel good about yourself instead of being in touch with your inner divine spark.”

“No,” Chey said.  “My divine spark is just so big that it overshadows all of yours, so that people will notice me first.    But that’s okay, so long as my getting noticed means other cats and dogs will be noticed and well served too.”

“I think that even a Goddess should be nicer to Momma after all she does for you,” I told Cheysuli.

“And I am nice,” Cheysuli said.  “I follow the rules I have set down.    Sometimes I sit upon her.  Sometimes I meow at her.  Sometimes I make biscuits on her.   I let her pet me and rub my belly.   I eat the food she serves even though it is health food.   I do not jump on the counter when she can see.   I do not scratch on the furniture when she can see.  I uphold all the good cat rules that allow her to serve me effortlessly.”

“Wow” I said.  “You do work hard, don’t you?”

And Cheysuli said that she does.

“I am glad that I only have a little divine spark and not a big one and that I have very little need for reassurance.  You have to work way to hard to be Cheysuli,” I said.


  1. MOL, you have a nasty sense of humour, Gemini!

  2. Very wisely put Gemini. As they say “a little goes a long way!”

    The Chans

  3. We love your dry humor, beautiful Gemini :)!!…We are really happy to visit with you, sweetie and hope you have a great week…kisses,, lovely friend…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Haha! You got that right, Gemini, being Chey is hard work!!

  5. Serious stuff here. Much food for thought.

  6. ”My divine spark is just so big that it overshadows all of yours….”

    Haha! That doesn’t smack of insecurity to us. 😛

  7. MOL. excellent Gemini!

  8. Way to go Gemini, y’all are so very wise there!

  9. Gemini, you are much better being just you. It does sound like Chey has to work extra hard at what she does. She is always looking over her shoulder to make sure Mom isn’t watching her. That must be a ton of work. You kitties are very funny. Take care.

  10. Goddesses aren’t always nice. Look at fierce Kali or Durga. We love you just the way you are.

  11. Hi Gemini! It sounds like you have a very different way of looking at the world from Chey. And we think that is good because if everyone were the same it would be boring. We think it is good that you don’t have to work too hard to be you – working hard has to get very tiring for Chey!

  12. It’s seems the divine spark in Chey has helped her figure everything out! I’m with Gemini, though — it’s just too much work.

  13. Oh, Miss Gemini, it must be difficult living with the right paw of Bast! I look forward with interest to developments.

  14. There is not much that gets past you is there Gemini. It sounds much better to have a smaller divine spark as you have more time to relax. Chey must be wearing herself out.

  15. Gemini, sometimes being a bit in the background has it’s rewards!
    You do not have to work as hard . Just sit back and look gorgeous 🙂
    Have a happy ,dreamy day!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  16. Oh my little Goddess
    I am in awe of your less is more approach!

  17. Beautiful Gemini, I think you and Chey haf worked out the division of labor purrfectly!

  18. It ain’t easy being Chey…

    Oh that reminds of something else.

    It ain’t easy being cheesy either…



  19. Sweet picture, Gemini and wise words!!

  20. Gemini yur soo khut in yur pichure and yoo hafe a grate dry sense of humour.

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