Thankful Thursday

Now my faithful followers of Meowism, we come to Thankful Thursday, that day when we show our gratitude for all that we have.   We have our mews to say thank you (and perhaps get more) and then we do what all good cats do when we are grateful–we eat, we nap and we sleep!  And sometimes we have a good playtime–even if it is with a pal.

How are you showing gratitude today?



  1. I’m grateful for all of the CB cats and moms (and dads) that are still there for me.

    Thanks, Bonnie!

    Mom Paula

  2. We are grateful for fish, biscuits, cuddles and feathers…. also chicken!

  3. We are showing gratitude for the life of our beloved CB uncle, Whicky Wuudler ~ who has sadly gone to the Bridge.

  4. YES!!!

  5. I am grateful Audrey has to sleep in her bed in the kitchen, and not on the big bed with me.

  6. napping!!!!

  7. We’re thankful that our mom has been home with us all week on staycation!

  8. I’m grateful that my mama cares so much about me that she worries, efun though it means I haf to go to the v-e-t tomorrow.

  9. We showed our gratitude to our human by not waking her all through the night, instead letting her sleep in till about 3:30AM or so. Wasn’t that generous of us? We certainly thought so!

  10. Today, i showed my gratitude by leaving a turn next to the box. (it got stuck in my hairs)! but i walked around mom’s legs thanking her for cleaning up after me. -hansel.

  11. Oh and that’s supposed to say TURD not turn.

  12. Hmmmmm,. I don’t think I’ve shown my gratitude since…10 minutes ago, I’d best get on it!

  13. We all showed our gratitude by being very good kitties today!

    Helllllllllllllllllllooo beautiful Miss Gemini.


  14. WE are thankful that we won a nip Cigar to play with. We are also very thankful for our food and a roof over our heads. Hope you all have a great evening.

  15. I’m thankful on this Thursday that I have all my kitty chums and my human Tommy says she’s gonna clean out our bid’ness boxes…. 🙂


  16. Well, I showed my gratitude by peeing in Mom’s suitcase. I think she wasn’t very happy about that ’cause she took it in the garage and threw it away. That’s gratitude for you!

    Max S.

  17. Chey yoo and Ichiro luk lyk wonder twins.

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