Tabby Tuesday: The Book of Gemini Chapter 3

I am practicing the sacred washing of the head with Ichiro.  I like doing much better to Momma when I wash her hands and sometimes her nose or chin.   Cheysuli says that when you are a divine being like a cat or dog or rabbit or ferret or rat or mouse or bird you should always get your spit all over your people. It is very important to show your ownership.

When you do it to someone you do not like so much, you are incurring lots of divine favor.   So I am hoping that Momma will feed me some sardines.   Although Cheysuli tells me that I cannot expect sardines just because I washed Ichiro’s head.  That would take the gift out of it.  But I can hope so that they will take the taste out of my mouth.


  1. Sardines sound divine to us!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. OH! Um, Er, ah, *sigh*.

    Gemini, Ichiro isnt sacred, er, um…

    Oh Bast! Just keep washing his head. Something good and lasting will probly come of it… It is obvious who is gonna be in charge soon an ya might as well get used ta it.


  3. Sacred head washing ………… hmmm. Maybe one day I will do that to audrey but not now.

  4. LOL especially at that last line! 😀

  5. MOL. sardines usually do taste better than someone’s stinky head

  6. My momma Ellie says that all kitty heads taste divine. She has offered to wash yours Gemini…

  7. Nothing like a little flavor to start your day sweet Gemini!

  8. We agree, Gemini, sardines taste way, way better!

  9. Gemini, we think your motives might need to be a tiny bit purer.
    Not that ours would be, either.

  10. WE bet that head isn’t the tastiest thing that you have ever tasted. The Sardines sound like heaven to us as which goes along with this new great religion. Anyway, Gemini, we sure hope you get your reward for being a good kitty. Take care.

  11. I might have to hold my nose and wash Harley’s head…

  12. Oh Miss Gemini
    I would like it if you would wash my head!


  13. Sardines sound tastier than Ichiro head! I do like to wash Kit’s head, though. But I like to wash my mama’s hands the best.

  14. That is some fine theological thinking, Gemini. If we lived near you, we’d give you sardines!

  15. Gemini, we are purring for you to get sardines!!!
    Ichiro taste…yuck 😉
    That would be like me washing Georgia’s head!!!! ewwwwwwww
    Purrs Tillie

  16. Haha! Gemini, we didn’t realize Ichiro tasted so bad!!

  17. I’m sure your mom would do anything for you, Gemini!

    Mom Paula and Angel Praline

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