Boxing Day and Thankful Thursday

It’s International Boxing Day and I’m not sure boxes need their own day as every day should be boxing day. You may wonder why I am not in mine, but it’s full of stuff and I’m not supposed to be and I am too smart to crawl in while the cameras on are.  I have learned how to avoid scandal.  For now.   If you think I’m excited, well it’s because my religion has made Huffington Post. I would love it if you would vote and say you are ready to sign up for Meowism!   This link should take you to the site and Meowism but sometimes it goes one later or earlier.

As you know, of course, the best way to train humans is to reward them.  We really like what Max’s person is doing for other humans by walking.  Now we want her back and focusing on Max and having plenty of green papers to buy lots of real live dead shrimp.   To this end, I have decided that the Woman will donate $.50 to the cause for every newsletter sign up we have by July 4.   Now you should only sign up once otherwise you’ll get more than one newsletter.   We will cap this at $50.00.   Additionally we will add that to any money we get from our Zazzle store at the end of July.

To re-iterate–you have until July 4 to sign up for the newsletter (it comes out once a month and shouldn’t be too annoying) and we’ll donate $.50 for each unique sign up (including those cats who have already signed up).   Use the box in the sidebar.

Also, if you like something in our Zazzle shop, we will be checking back on July 31 to see how much money was made and will add that to the amount we gathered from newsletter sign ups.

Some of you had some trouble signing up for the newsletter so we have gone to a link rather than a form and that seems to work better for us.  We got a couple of signups even from those who thought it didn’t work. We’ll go make sure you aren’t on there several times!   And we may have to extend our deadline!


  1. We’ve been and voted for your religion. Looking at all the cat lovers in the world, it’s sure to be one of the major religions.

  2. Everyday is bocxday in our howse too! Enjoy!

  3. You’re right, every day is box day for us cats! Too bad there’s stuff in your box.

  4. Why is there stuff in your box? That’s almost as bad as us not getting boxes except at Christmas! 😛

  5. We are all converting to Meowism! We made mom vote for us and we just checked and Meowism is rated number one!!!! woo hoo!

    Chey, you really will be taking over the world…I can see it now…television shows, power purr hours….

    xoxo Cory

  6. We voted! Mom can’t remember if we signed up for the newsletter (she’s very old and feeble). We’ll do it now!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Mom says she can’t get the button to work on the newsletter. It might be a google chrome thing so she’ll come back on firefox.

  8. Happy Boxing Day everyone! I will sign up right now!!!

  9. Is it just us? It didn’t work with firefox either 🙁 Now we’re going to miss out.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Well, maybe not, I clicked on subscribe and nothing happened except ‘error on page’. I’ll try it later!

  11. I subscribed, and I voted for you on Huffington Post! So exciting!

  12. we voted!!!!

  13. I’m signing up today! We donated to Max’s Mom too. She’s so awesome that she’s even walking twice.

    I like your big box. I have a favorite box that Mom and Dad would probably like to get rid of but they love me too much to move it.

  14. We totally understand, cuz we are on top of our boxes instead of inside them….it’s always different strokes for different kitties!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY IBD…..xxxxx

  15. Too bad Chey, you don’t have a box to get in. We signed up for the newsletter and we voted. Hope we did it all correctly. Have yourselves a great day.

  16. I see you’re in first place in the voting, Chey!

  17. We voted for you yesterday and we have just voted for you again. We have signed up for your newsletter too.

  18. we are going to vote right now

    Happy boxing day!!

  19. A furry happy “boxing day”!
    We didn’t have any problems getting to your website today.
    WE don’t know what the problem was and Mom can’t recall the error she got, but if she does she will note it and let you know.

    Hellllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.


  20. Happy Box Day, Chey. We’re signing up for meowism right away. Our religion is more simple: it’s called Give Us All Your Money And You Will Go To Heaven, Honest.

  21. I LOVE that your religion is #1 on HuffPo, Chey!

  22. We’re glad you’ve learned to avoid scandal, Chey. Maybe next year your human will let you have a box for box day.

  23. Happy Box Day, Chey! We’ll go vote for your religion now!

  24. Happy Box Day Chey – We voted again and signed up for your newsletter.

    Cody and Gracie

  25. happy belated boxing day.

    we signed up fur tha newsletter.

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