Mancat Meezer Monday

Mom says she just can’t take a bad photo of me.  Don’t you agree?

Chey dislikes this.

Chey says I am not always a good cat either.  She said that Mom was a bit upset with me the times I have leaped up on Gemini and grabbed her making her run away.   I don’t know why. It was fun.

Why are fun things wrong?

Oh and Mom wanted me to say that We remember for Memorial Day but I am not sure what we remember–I think I am too little and I forgot.


  1. It’s kind of like food. If it tastes good, it’s probably bad for you. So if it’s a really, really, really fun way to play, you’re probably going to get into trouble.

  2. The “bad” thing is relative. If a human thinks it is bad, than it’s not necessarily so. If another cat thinks it is bad, then it becomes a matter of debate. So if I were you, I would have to ask Gemini about this one.

  3. It’s hard knowing what’s what when your little! But your much loved anyway so it doesn’t matter.

  4. Yup!! The fun things always seem to be bad,heehee
    It is hard to remember what our beans say sometimes.
    Just enjoy your day with them at home 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  5. By now Gemini should be able to predict when you will jup her, so it really isn’t bad when you do. As far as the remembering part, we need to remember those who died for our freedom. It’s kinda imawtant because that is a BIG sacrifice.

  6. Gorgeous picture!

  7. Oh Ichiro, I know you are just trying to have a little fun when you jump on Gemini, but she doesn’t see it as fun. I do the same stuff to Wally sometimes, and he hisses at me and runs away. Sometimes he can be such a baby.

    We hope you all have a nice Memorial Day…and that you remember what you are supposed to remember.


  8. We know you’re just playing and having fun. Sometimes being bad can be good!

    Happy Memorial Day!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. You are so handsome Ichiro! The camera loves you and so do we (don’t tell Chey we said that).

    I think you should have a meow with Figaro. He gets in trouble for doing fun stuff all the time.

    xoxo Cory and family

  10. You’re always looking great! Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

  11. Ichiro, somecats are just naturally photogenic, and mischievious. We NEVER use the “B” word ourselves, because we are all perfect angels. Just like you.

  12. WE have to admit, that is a great picture of you. Ichiro, we all like to be somewhat misbehaved sometimes. Happy Memorial day to you too. Hope it is a good one and that you remember what you are supposed to remember. Take care.

  13. Yes, Ichiro, you do take a marvelous photo! Your eyes are so very blue, they catch the light.
    What is fun for one kitty, may not be fun for the other. You have to realize you may be hurting poor Gemini in the process.

    And Happy Memorial Day, even though you don’t remember.

  14. Oh Ichiro, you are so handsome!

    Somecats don’t like to be jumped on. It’s hard to know, though. Sometimes I like to play wif my brofur like that and sometimes I don’t. Sounds like Gemini doesn’t like it. I also wouldn’t recommend doing it to Cheysuli!

  15. You are definitely a handsome mancat!

    Just dropping by to say hello. I’ve been gone for a while, but things are starting to look up. More news in a few weeks.

    Mom Paula

  16. Ichiro
    You are just like me, you can’t take a bad picture (well…er…that picture of me today is where Momma is MAKING me look bad!).
    Helllllllllllllllllooooo gorgeous Gemini (who also cannot take a bad picture)

    your boyfriendcat

  17. This is a lovely photo of you. I suspect Chey is just a little jealous.

  18. Oh…kittens are always cute, that’s why they get away with being bad! We wanted to thank you for visiting our bloggie like you do…often! We thought you would like the Siamese cat tile…the photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s beeutifull, just like Ichiro and Chey and Gemini…

  19. yoo do take a khue pichure ichiro, but so does chey and gemini. its hard that bad fings are fun but its so true.

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