Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful that this particular photo op is over.  The Woman was annoyed because someone kept getting their tail in front of my gorgeous face!

I am also thankful that the Woman finally has something up in her etsy shop.  Okay.  It’s acupuncture related but I have to publicize it.  There are great boxes to go with this stuff guys!  The boxes are the best part!

I will be thankful when this bathroom stuff is done. I think tomorrow or the next day will be it. Of course the Woman is gone all day tomorrow to cover for another practitioner and I hate days like that.    Who pays attention to me? No one

Oh and we solved the Gemini meowing issue.   The Woman locked Ichiro in a different bedroom until about 6 AM when Gemini starts to want attention, then she picked up Gemini took her out of  their bedroom, let Ichiro out and closed the door.   Gemini didn’t start in until after the alarm went off (normally she starts earlier!).  The Woman was pleased. I was pleased.  Gemini was pleased.  Ichiro, not so much.


  1. Oh, if Ichiro was not pleased with your human’s solution for Gemini, I am sure it made you happy, Chey!

  2. Hmmmm … wot’s not to like abowt the solution? Well … unless yoor name is Ichiro! MOL!

  3. We hope that solution continues to work…even though Ichiro doesn’t like it much!!

  4. Well, two kitties out of three being pleased is pretty good. Can’t make everyone happy at once…unless it involves copious quantities of treats and/or nip!

  5. We hope that solution works. We’re thinking Ichiro hopes it doesn’t!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. well our the mom has learned that not everycat is always going to be happy, but she’s selfish and only cares that she’s happy

  7. Well I think the photo is darn good!

  8. Chey, we LOVE the photo, you ARE gorgeous in it!!! And we are glad that your Mom solved Gemini’s meowing issue too!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  9. Boas make the man, hahameow…and speaking of meows, glad to hear there’s less of them at your place lately…Disco’s been drivin Teri nuts meowling for food since this diet things been goin on. And thanks for your visits and sweet comments…

  10. Terrific photo op both you and Ichiro look terrific but where is Miss Gemini?
    Speaking of the little Puffalo I am so happy that she is happy and that everyone else is happy too..

    your boyfriendcat

  11. You look lovely in the fevver boa Chey. Is Ichiro pulling feathers out though? We are glad The Woman solved Gemini’s meowing problem.

  12. that iz a grate pichure of yall two.

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