Good Bye Dear Mickey

Mickey was one of our first friends in the Cat Blogosphere. I don’t remember when we started following him but it was early on in our blogging career.  He will be missed.


  1. Rest in Peace, Mickey.

  2. Mickey was one of the first cats we followed because our magnificent all black mancat Lewis, passed away about a month before we started blogging. We fell in love with Mickey (along with Ernie of the Island Cats and William of Mass Destruction).

    He will be missed.

  3. We also started following Mickey and his family back in 2007 and we fell in love with his gentle sweet ways. We will surely miss our Mickey’s Musing and Up Close Fridays and stories of his search for the perfect blade of grass. It is so hard to lose our elder cats — no it’s simply hard to lose any of our cats — and it hits so close. Our purrs go to his Mom and family and also to our little blogosphere. We are happy Mickey is no longer suffering from his illness but sad that he has left us here on this earthly plane. Mickey we miss you, run free dear sweet boy.


  4. It is sad to lose any of the blogging furries and we’ve been losing so many. Farewell, Mickey.

  5. It made us very sad to hear of Mickey going to the Bridge.

  6. We has a big black shaped Mickey hole in our heart.

  7. Sad, just so very sad.

  8. Mickey was one of our oldest blogging furriends. We will surely miss him, a lot.

  9. We started blogging at the same time as Mickey, so it has been a while now! We will miss our blog buddy, lots.

    Moe, Mindy

    and blogging later, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

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