Mancat Meezer Monday

Well Momma wants to enter me in the Average Joe Cat Show cause she thinks I am a winner.  She needs to decide which categories to enter me in.   Which do you think I would be good in?  The categories are on the sidebar here.   Momma says she only wants me to be entered into about three or four categories as it costs for each category.

She was laughing and thinking for the cage decoration contest she could make it a Mariner’s dugout or something.  That would not be what I was entered into though. She thinks that is more for the people than for the cats.

Cheysuli will not be entered.   Momma says it is because Chey is not average.  I know it is because Momma likes me best and I am most likely to be the winner.

I will let Gemini tell you which categories Momma is thinking about for me after you give us your ideas!  Then I will talk more about it next week!


  1. Ichiro, I have to assume you can enter as Mr Purrsonality and also as Most Beautiful Eyes. But I see each additional category is only $3, so I think you can choose 4 categories. Your humans and Chey and Gemini know you best, as far as things like your purr, and whether or not you are talkative, and so on. Good luck with the show!

  2. How about one of those classic Chinese head dresses, Ichiro, like the one the Emperor wears in Curse of the Golden Flower (Chow Yun Fatt is the Emperor) Then you can do Cat-Human Look-Alike and put in a pic of the Emperor Ming from Flash Gorden…

  3. I agree with Simba. I can’t lick you from the computer, so I can’t tell how soft your fur is.

    I could not enter this competition either because I am not average. Along with not living close enough! Too bad – Binga could enter for “most annoying tortie.” Oh, there is no category by that name? They must have overlooked it!

  4. Agree with Simba on the categories, I mean!

  5. Not to be snarkey, but mebbe “Reddest Eyes”? We mean only that the camera REALLY shows off yer tapetum lucidum…

  6. Oh, definitely Mr. Purrsonality!

  7. I am only guessing with some of my picks here, since I can’t hear you, but yer Mum did say something about you singing the other day. So I say: the talkative category maybe, the purring one, the soft fur cause you look soft, and purrsonality. Maybe you could go for the markings category too, since you have that flashy looking face mask. I hope you win big!

  8. Hmmmm … Ichiro, we don’t fink there is anfin’ average abowt yoo. Yoo are gorjuss.

  9. Mr. Purrsonality and softest fur. We don’t know how soft your fur is, but it does look very soft.

  10. Well, let’s see… It’s hard to choose but we would go with Mr. Personality and Prettiest Eyes. And how about Loudest Purr? And Softest Fur?

    The Chans

  11. We think you are a winner in the Prettiest Eyes!! And your mom is right, Chey is not average!! She is above average (and Chey did not pay us to say that).

  12. I agree with Mr Personality…but the costume and cage might be fun!

  13. Well, exactly how big are your feets? We say go for that!

  14. We agree with Mr. Personality and Prettiest Eyes. We’ve always known that Chey was not average!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  15. Well of course You have to enter as Mr Purrsonality and we thought Prettiest eyes…we wondered if you have a loud purr?

    Helllo Miss Gemini, what do you think?

    your boyfriendcat

  16. I think you could be entered in any category of your choice and you would be a winner in my book!

  17. Best eyes?

  18. I think you are quite a bonkie handsome mancat-in-training Master Ichiro.
    I think you have some very good looks and handsome markings.
    You must be a pushover with your mom and sisters.


  19. Hmmm, for some reason we can’t see the categories. But we wish you luck!

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