Awesome Blogger Award

I was award this award from an equally Awesome blogger named Simba! Thank you very much.  I am supposed to write 7 things about myself, nominate 15 blogs to receive the award, and notify them about the award.

7 things about me? Really?

1. I will be 9 years old in March

2. I love to sleep in front of the heat dish that the Woman has.  Baring that I sit next to the regular heater.

3. I have only a few teeth left as most have been pulled.

4.   Before the Woman adopted me, I had three litters of purebred kittens at the breeders.

5. The Woman actually saw one of my kits before she adopted me–she admired him in a show.

6.  I have never been shown, although I am show quality.   My tail was broken as a kitten and it set with a kink which is a flaw for show Siamese.

7.  Gemini is the same age as the last of my kits.

Now for 15 bloggers… 15 REALLY?

So let’s start out with

Igmu, Nels, Nitro and Edmund

Jeter Harris

Cory, Ellie, Nigel, Grete, Jonsie, Ginger, Bennette, Madison, Ceclia and Figaro

and I am counting each cat separately… so I think Cory will really have to get her human in shape!!! HE HE HE.  And well I’m too lazy to name 15 bloggers randomly because I think you are all awesome!



  1. Y’all are awesome Chey, congrats fur sure!!!

  2. You are tricky with your 15, Chey. He he, I already nominated Cory et al!!!

    Those are some interesting facts about you. I notice Ichiro was not mentioned even in passing. Good for you!

  3. Concats on your award Chey. We can’t believe you are flawed! You are perfect in our eyes.

  4. Oh wow Chey! Did you read my mom’s purrfurmance review? She’s horrible at helping me wiht awardies! Thank you so much for thinking of us. Does this mean if I actually get mom to help that we’d have to say 7 things EACH?? Whoa!

  5. Congratulations on the award, Chey! We, too, think your purrfect just as you are!

  6. Great awardie Chey. But but, most of yer teef have been pulled? ACK! Why?

  7. Owwie! A broken tail sounds painful. But you know wat, we think kinky tails are sexy!

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