Cheysuli Tagged As Potential Supreme Court Justice

img_5593aFormer Candidate Cheysuli’s name has come up as one of the names on the short list for the Supreme Court Justice to replace David Souter who is said to be retiring soon.

While there was controversy in the presidential election about Cheysuli due to her species and her age and even potentially her birth place, the Supreme Court has no such requirements. Anyone can be a justice if they are appointed and pass muster with Congress.

Popular with the democratic Senators, Cheysuli should have few problems in passing the Senate should President Obama actually nominate her. However, detractors suggest that Obama wants someone with real world experience and probably some law background. “Cheysuli has no real world experience whatsoever. She lives in a fantasy world. Cats can’t really be president,” stated an unnamed skeptic.

We shall have to wait and see.


  1. We say, “Obama, make it so.”

  2. Vampy Vic says

    OH Chey, this is a blessing in disguise… I personaly thinks you is much better off without it :))

  3. One day we could say ” Cheysuli! Go Go Go”

  4. Alright, Chey! We will send a letter to Obama with glowing recommendations for you. He’d be crazy not to appoint you!

  5. We’ll vote for you Chey – we know you’d be good and fair and honest! They’d hafta be mad to chose anyone else.

  6. Why can’t a cat be president or a justice? I think that would be a fine idea! I’m sure there would be some nice changes like a National Nom Service where underprivileged kitties can get free Nom.

    Yay for Chey!

  7. The world would be a better place all around if kitties ruled it!

  8. Chey, we think you’d make a great judge…we hope it happens!

  9. Chey, you are the perfect nominee! You could really shake up the court!

  10. Chey! We are so excited! Finally a nominee with the experience and the knowledge! You are purrfect!

  11. This is exciting news! I certainly hope, though, that you do not become the next victim of specism. Fight for your civil rights, Chey, and go all the way! 😉

  12. If the robes fit…

  13. I don’t know Chey…they’ll start digging in to your whole life, even your litter box to turn up something…they will dig back through all of your blog posts…find out that you treated a mouse or birdie unfairly (they’ll talk you know). Just beware of the scrutiny to come…we support you all the way.

  14. Tony and I are available to help change the minds of anyone who says you are not qualified. – Sammy

  15. hmmm we think a special bite & run attack on those detractors could be arranged – maybe THAT would change their minds.

  16. I don’t know what a Supreme Court Justice is. But I showed this post to one of my people and he said, “That cat would probably be better than anyone that will be nominated.”

  17. We think that is an excellent idea! Watch out for trick questions!
    ~ The Bunch

  18. Excuse us? Chey has no real world experience? Whoever said that must not be aware you were Prime Minister of Italy and a recent presidential candidate.

  19. oh, piffle–“no real world experience”?? who better to judge the foibles of beans than a cat! no one sees them more clearly, privy as we are to their efurry waking minute of realness, i.e. just being themselfs at home, wif no “acting” fur ofur beans.

  20. Huh, fantasy world? I don’t think so. I think Chey would be great as a Supreme Court Justice. She can fall back on thousands of years experience that is embedded in each and every cat. That being said, I don’t think the Senate is forward thinking enough to understand Chey’s experience. Pity.


  21. Go, Chey, go! I am FOR your nomination to the Supreme Court. You could make some true and important changes!

  22. Chey why do beans always picks on us kittehs? We cud run dis world better than we do!

  23. we hope yoo get tha spot.

  24. You don’t want to be an associate justice with SCOTUS. As the junior justice, you’ll be the gopher until the next justice. And, you know “fetch” is not in the vocabulary/job description of a feline, even more so being a meezer.

  25. What do “they” mean Chey has no real world experience whatsoever! She is a world traveler! That should count for something! We are from Obama’s home town and surely could muster up some pull for you.

  26. Chey, I think they are being very biased if you are not seriously considered.

  27. Even after the Election, you are still being maligned!!!!!!!!!
    You would be great on the bench!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  28. I think you would be a furry good justice. You just have to be able to vote, no one said you had to actually make sense. Some of the current occupants don’t make sense.

  29. Has Boss Limbaugh come out and ripped your candidacy yet? That’s when you *know* you’ve got ’em scared!

  30. We just want to tell you that legally, you do NOT have to have any law experience to be a surpreme court justice. That is not one of the requirements in the Constitution.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  31. What a shame that after all you’ve been through Chey, you’re still experiencing species and age discrimination.

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