This is the Way We Wash Our Face…

img_5960aI am helping Georgia wash her face. Sometimes she has a hard time.  In fact, Momma noticed she has some food on her pretty white area on her neck.  I may have to help her wash that off.

She is very happy though. Momma finds it hard to watch because she can’t do anything and a lot of times she doesn’t. She even misses the litter box a lot.  And she walks all over the bed in the middle of the night.   And wakes everyone up.   And she keeps walking so she has to be put on the floor and her stairs removed.   And then she meows a few hours later. Then she gets locked out and I go hide.  So I meow just when Momma is about to fall asleep because I don’t want to get forgotten.

Anyway, she still is very happy, walking around with her tail up.  She loves her kitty food (and so do I!).  And she purrs at Momma and wants attention.  She even plays a little bit. Last night she attacked Cheysuli for no real obvious reason, except that Chey is Chey.  I attacked her too just for good measure!


  1. We are happy she’s still keeping her tail up and having some fun!

  2. It’s good she is still having her tail up and enjoying snuggles.
    Well, when ladies get older the sometimes develop strange habits ;o) *whispers: don’t let that hear Momma, k?*
    tell your mom not to worry too much but enjoy the times you all have together with Georgia. Every day is a gift! For all of us no matter how many days will follow…

    hugs to alla you,
    alla us!

    Peee Esss: please be nice to Chey, k?

  3. We are glad to hear that Georgia is still a happy girl. We hope that she continues to be her happy go lucky self.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade, and Gracie

  4. I am glad you are all helping your dear Georgia,
    I am happy for you and happy for her 🙂
    You are very outstanding, everyone of you, big big hugs~!

  5. I am happy that Georgia is happy.
    It’s always best to keep your tail up high!

  6. Georgia….so glad you are happy, but you need to be sweet to Chey!

  7. Vampy Vic says:

    hehe my brofur Victor needs his chin washed lots too! I might even need it but my face is brown so you can’t see it 🙂
    Mummy says that your house sounds like ours, but it is Victor that usually ends up being locked out, but by then a acuse mummy has given him so many chances she is usually wide awake by then 🙂
    Mushka x0

  8. Nice to see Georgia being taken care of in such proper fashion. I hope you continue to feel spunky and full of life, girl! 🙂

  9. You are so kind to help Georgia wash up. And I’m glad to learn that she is happy and enjoying her food. Tail up is the way to be!

  10. Poor Georgia. It isn’t easy to age. Ask Jan. Maybe we should go check her neck to see if she forgot to wash too.

    But we’re glad Georgia is still happy and eating well.

  11. We are happy that Georgia is still happy.
    Helping her groom herself is so nice.
    Finding bits of food is pawsome 😉
    You pick on Chey and the male throws socks at her!!!!
    Poor Chey. 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  12. We are so glad that Georgia is still a happy kitty! And we think that it would be wonderful if you helped her stay clean.

  13. You are very thoughtful to help Georgia wash any spilt food of herself. We are glad she still likes to play now and again, even if it is at Chey’s expense.

  14. Gemini, it’s nice that you help Georgia wash her face…plus there’s added benefits for you if there’s any left over food on her!

  15. Georgia and Gemini, two lovely sisfurs.

  16. Gemini, it’s very sweet of you to help Georgia with her baths.

  17. Dante always gets food on his face too! We always wonder how he gets wet cat food on his forehead.

  18. oh, dear! how kind you are! sweet Chey and amazing Georgia!

    all the best for you, dears. have a great, great day!

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