Cheysuli: Forced to Live in Slave Like Conditions

img_6027aReporters camped outside Cheysuli’s home realized that the former candidate is subject to slave like conditions. Their mikes picked up the following: (be aware the content is shocking to sensitive cats.)

“Chey. Smell my foot,” says a male voice.

“Chey you do whatever you want to do,” a female voice.

“Go on smell my foot,” the male voice again.

“See she smelled my foot. She likes it,” the male voice yet again.

“She’s just humoring you so you leave her alone. How would you like a foot waved in your face 15 times a day?” a female voice.

Our reporters are looking into Siamese abuse by the person with the male voice but are unsure what kind of charges may be brought.


  1. Oh Chey! Shall we come and help you bite that foot?

  2. Oh. My. God. The meezer bun does not approve!

  3. Dennis foot? Ewww.

  4. Those are definitely very bad conditions. We are appalled!

  5. You may need to put the bitey on the foot in protest!

  6. oAH My~!
    That is pretty strange…..

  7. This is too, too horrible my dear Chey! You should put the bitey on that foot, specially if it is cheesy, heh heh! πŸ™‚ xxx

  8. Oh. My. Cod!

  9. I’ll trade you places Chey. I have a thing about feet. I love them…my mom says I have a foot fetish.

  10. The Brats are all toe lickers.. They love toes..
    So they arent sure to laugh or..
    err be outraged for you…
    anyway they all send headbutts and scritches….

  11. Wha??? A foot? A smelly foot? Does it have a thick sock on it???? Can I have it???!!!! That silly reporter doesn’t understand the delicacy that is placed before Chey!

  12. Oh my, we are horrified! (Except for Westley who loves to smell feet for some reason.)

    Thank goodness the media is there to uncover this!

    Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, and Maggie

  13. holy crappity crap crap crap!!! We need to get Amnesty International in there! Or maybe Greenpeace!! – Miles

    Chey, all I have to do is put in a call to Tony – just give the word. This will all go away. Forever. – Sammy

  14. Eeeewwww what cruelty, being forced to sniff a smelly male foot.

  15. If that foot smells anything like my dad’s feet, then all I can say is WHOA, you are being tortured BAD!


  16. I dont know whut is more shocking. That yoo are forced to smell sumthing or that thare are peeple lissening thru the walls of yur house! I’m gonna put on a tinfoil hat so thay cant reed my thots…

  17. We think you ought to bite that foot!

  18. Odorous foot charges! They should bring odorous foot charges against the male voice.

  19. Silly humans, I say fair is fair, you should stick your paws up his nose! πŸ™‚

  20. Humans with male voices can be very silly sometimes, and often have stinky feet. Whatever you do, don’t pull his finger.

  21. What horrible meezer abuse! However….similar things happen in my house. So when you find what to charge him with please let me know.

  22. OMC!!!!! What horror!!!! This person should be punished to the full extent of the law…….or at least dole out several treats!

  23. Chey, I roll around and drool when I get to smell the boy’s shoes. πŸ™‚

    Purrs from Pyewacket

  24. Some well placed claws Chey πŸ˜‰
    Trust me,that will work,heh,heh,heh
    Purrs Mickey

  25. You should have taken a huge bite. Then I think that silly game would be over for good. Silly humans!

  26. We can’t understand why Mommy is laughing at all the comments…the woman has gone crazy!

    We say: BITE THE FOOT!! Oh…..and Jasper’s right….don’t pull his finger….under any circumstances!!! πŸ™‚

  27. That is horrible Chey!! Unbelievable conditions!

  28. Give his toe the bitey, then you won’t get a foot waved in your face.

  29. Well, I’m pretty sure “smell my foot” is better than “pull my finger.” So you got that going for you…

  30. Max, in the above comment has a valid point.
    Also we agree about biting the foot. Make like you’re going to be obedient, the give it the chomp!!!

  31. Oh, my, we had no idea how bad it was over there!

  32. Um, I sniff at The Big Thing’s toesies because I need ta decide which one ta attack, not ta smell them…

  33. Oops. Sorry, that was me, Iza above… I love ta attack toesies.


  34. A smelly foot may be a certain cat delicacy but it should never, never be offered with pressure. Foot appreciation will happen when one is ready to appreciate feet and not before. After all, a cat is not always in a foot kind of mood, and it would certainly be beneath one’s dignity to sniff a foot on demand.

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