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1909I think it’s time for a nap, don’t you?  I mean after all with the holidays and the New Year and voting for Daisy we’ve been keeping pretty busy.  So I’ve found a warm place to nap but I can’t find my way home! Help!!!

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  1. Oh, man, we saw this picture somewhere on the internet this week and can’t for the life of us remember where! GRRRR!!! Be careful not to slide off that roof, Chey!

  2. We have no idea…but once you figure it out, send us a ticket and we’ll join you! We’ll just take a swat at it though…how about Thailand?

  3. That almost looks like some of the piers in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, but I don’t recognize the building on the pier. Knowing my luck, it’s clear across the ocean!

  4. What an interesting place you’ve found. Please don’t fall into the water!!!

  5. Is that Maldives?
    Well, maybe not, Maldives should has very blue sky…
    But I like the place you are, very relax~!

  6. Mum says she saw that photo online somewhere just this week too but can’t for the life of her think where! She better start racking her brains.

  7. You’re by the water! That’s as good as I can do!

  8. Are you in Destin or Fort Walton Beach Chey? Momma thinks she remembers something like that in one of those towns, but it has been so long since she has been there she is probably hallucinating … hee hee! Happy Find Chey Friday!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon
    Pee Ess … it would be nice to be somewhere warm, it is only 1 degree her in St. Louis right now!

  9. Dunno! And Alfie Dunno either! And Mom dunno! And Dad dunno! In fact none of us knows where you are Chey! (Le sigh!)

  10. No idea where you are,but I hope they serve a delicious meal of fish for you after your nap 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  11. I don’t know where you are, but it looks dangerous. You must be a very very very brave kitty to hang out and actually take a nap! Don’t you know there is water all around you? What if it flows and over your building/cat-bed and you get wet? I wouldn’t like that at all.

  12. we has no idea where you are. But we hopes that you doesn’t get sucked into the air ducts on the top of that building!

  13. Ooh Chey it almost looks like you are down in the Florida Keys!

    Hellllllllllooooooo Miss Gemini
    We hopes yoo are stayin warm.
    It is 32 degrees here this morning.

    your boyfriendcat

  14. I’m not exactly sure where you are, but it looks like you have found a big heat return on the roof of the pier to nap by. I’d stay there until it warms up at home.

  15. I know! You’re on a pier! okay, that was sarcastic, but I don’t know where the pier is, sadly.

    I’ve posted a picture of the prize for next weekend’s book launch contest. I think you’d look great in it, Chey. And if you don’t like it, you could give it to your human bean. 🙂

  16. Margaritaville?

  17. That per looks a little rickety – please don’t fall in Chey! We don’t know where you are, but it does warmer than where we are!

    Whicky Wuudler

  18. So many places to go, things to see and do: we think it looks a lot like the Cocoa Beach Pier just across the river from us… (the Indian River and the Banana River that is, with Merritt Island in between).
    But then, we’ve never been right yet…

  19. Once again, we don’t know where you are! We just hope you don’t fall off that pier!

  20. I know where you are!!! You are at the beach on a pier! On the ocean!

  21. I also have no idea, Chey. I would like if it was the Scheveningse Pier in Holland, but a warm place… No! 🙂

  22. We think you are on a West Coast beach. We think that is a pretty wide area, so we think we are not right, again.
    Be careful up there!!
    ~ The Bunch

  23. Maggie and Zoey, you are not quite right but you are in the right state!

  24. We don’t know where Chey is, but that unfrozen water looks great!

  25. I was gonna say maybe San Diego? But that is like totally on the other coast from where Maggy and Zoey suggested!!

    Still, it looks very pleasant and peaceful – purrfect for a snooze!

  26. Wow Chey!
    Yall have moved uptown looks like..
    holy Cats!
    That wouldent be the bridge to Tampa would it..
    I cant think of the name of the bridge..
    but sure looks like it..
    umm the dang it skyway? brigge..
    or the howard franklin?
    If your that close, you should come visit…
    Pet and da Brats!

  27. Well, wherever you are , it loosk interesting!

  28. After long and hard googling of Google Images for piers in Florida, I give up!

  29. Too funny! We’ll guess that you are in the Florida Keys…Key Largo and that Daisy is correct….you’ve wasted away in Margaritaville!!!!

  30. Are you in Pacific Beach in San Diego? It looks so familiar……..all this cold is making me homesick.

    See you at the festivities!

  31. Even with the hint, Chey, we don’t know where you are. What do you recommend from the menu?

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  32. Don’t know, mum says she has seen piers like this in England but this isn’t one of them. But it looks warm, can I join you?

  33. Other than you are on top of a restaurant on a pier somewhere in Florida, I don’t know. I hope it is nice and warm and it should smell great.

  34. I think you may be in South Carolina at the beach, but it could be Florida!

  35. I think it’s Crabby Joe’s Deck and Grill in Daytona Beach!

  36. Off da coast of TX? Port Aransas?

  37. wen i clicked on dat pikshur … it sed “1909” … so dat’z ware u ar chey.
    i haven’t read any uv da udder commentz … but i know i’m rite.

  38. Galveston! At least, the Woman was there once for a karate tournament (where she got her nickname!)and that looks like the piers she saw… Or maybe it was Corpus Christie. But I think Galveston.

  39. mamacat & the furrypurries says:

    We think Kaika is right.

  40. We have no idea, but it looks cooler than it is here. Could someone in the colder states send some cold our way?

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  41. Could be right… I had a slightly different answer but it might be that Crabby Joe’s is the restaurant and I had the pier name…

  42. Ok…now that I had enough information to put my google prowess to work, it’s Sunglow Pier in Daytona Beach (but I had to use the restaurant info from Kaika to get that). I still think Margaritaville is the right answer!

  43. I have two confirmations and also confirmation from the Sun Glow Pier site (which I have the link to) that say Kaika is correct! But good job Cory Cat!

  44. Waving at you from hot summer in Canberra, Australia! 🙂

  45. we hope it aint too cold thar on that pier.

  46. No clue where you are but.. Make sure you eat lots of fresh seafood

  47. LC and Ayla says:

    We think you are way TOO CLOSE to deep water…

  48. We were a whole coast off!
    Happy Sunday!
    ~ Anna Sue

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