Thankful Thursday

Hey, Leave us Alone!!!So it’s Thursday again. I am very thankful to have someone to cuddle with. Although Georgia was always sort of Gemini’s favorite cat, I am the one who follows her around when I am not sitting on my human. I am a very social cat.

Sometimes Gemini snoozes with us and sometimes not.

But I have to be thankful for down time after all the work I have been doing.  I am sure the press will be after me again soon!


  1. That’s a cool picture of you snuggling with Georgia. I am really glad that Georgia always has somecat to snuggle with.

  2. As for the President, you have to be very social!!!
    So you are doing very great job~!!
    I am so so proud of you!

  3. Having someone to cuddle with is the best! We both love cuddling. 🙂

  4. Snuggles are da best fing to be thankful for.

  5. It’s great that you can snuggle with Georgia. Please give her a kitty kiss for me!

  6. Cuddling & Snuggling are hard to beat! Rest, Chey. The Paparazzi seldom do.

  7. I love this picture. There is nothing greater than sisterly love. It is security you can depend on… mostly.

  8. You’ll need those social skills to deal with all those difficult foreign leaders!

  9. ::sighs:: I sure do wish I had a sister to cuddle with. Pixie does not cuddle with me, ever.

  10. Yes brother, take a rest!

  11. Having someone to snuggle with is very nice, specially for a busy kitty like you.

  12. Hello lovely Chey!
    I think that’s a lovely Thankful Thursday.
    I would like to thank you for being a constant friend and source of support and have given you an award!
    Come on over

  13. it’s nice that you cuddle with Georgia. We meezers are very good at protekting and cuddling and comforting the sr catizens. You should promote that more in your campaign!

  14. We all think it’s lovely that you snuggle with Georgia who is looking lovely today…

    Helllloo Miss Gemini….


  15. What a perfect thing to do… snuggle with Georgia. You are a good sister and will make a fine president!

  16. I think it is wonderful that you snuggle with Georgia. Purrs!

  17. Alas, Cheysuli, it is the lot of a public servant to give of his/her time and unfortunately that goes for naps as well, but you are a good sort, and deserve all the snuggle time with Georgia you can get!

  18. Snuggling is the very best thing ever! Besides food, that is …

  19. You an Georgia look comfy. I snuggle beans cuz Bonnie won’t haf me near her. Mom’s the bestest snuggler.

  20. I’m so happy about you hanging out with Georgia! I’m rather social myself and I have everyone in my house wrapped around my cute tiny paw- as it should be!

  21. Snuggling is a great thing to be thankful for. Chica & Pumuckl both also love snuggling so much.

  22. Yup! Snuggle buddies are great stress relievers!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  23. I am happy that you have snuggle buddys, Chey. I do not like to snuggle with anything, ever.

  24. We are glad that you like to cuddle with Georgia. It is good furr the both of you.

  25. how sweet that you get to snuggle with Georgia. i wish i had someone to snuggle with. Bendrix is a little prickly…and warm…

  26. We gerls have to take turns snuggling with Speedy as we don’t get along…

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