Sunday Guest Star

day5-caughtbythepaperazzi.jpgThis was undoubtedly one of the hardest Sunday Guest Stars to make a choice on! There were so many laugh out loud comments and many thought provoking ones. However, there was one that made me particularly go EWWW. So in the frame of deciding that if I have to have this picture in my mind (which I warn the squeamish is worse than the one I painted on Friday), I decided to choose Isis who said:

Oh Chey why have you done that to me? I now need to find a way of washing my brain out! The thought of Hillary, Barak or John licking their own buttocks is a bad one, though the one of them licking each other was the one that has sent me running for the soap and a funnel, but which ear to pour the soapy water into?! ;)

Now we can all run around trying to rewind and wipe that photo out of our minds. I do wish I could come up with a post every Friday that had as many wonderful comments as that one. I was astounded at the huge variety of puns and fun people had with that post. If you haven’t already read through the commentary, it’s really the best part of the post.


  1. Hahahahaha! That is so funny!

  2. That post was very fun. What silly comments, too!

  3. Oh my! Now we need to wash our brains out! Fabulous guest star choice!

  4. Excellent choice; and Isis in her present state no doubt has great familiarity with licking issues.
    Super Funny.

  5. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!

  6. Excellent choice. Hopefully she will not share any of this with her kittens!

  7. HaHaHaHa!

  8. I love your choice, Chey~!!

  9. Excellent choice! Isis, you are beautiful!!! Just cover their ears!

  10. wutta grate choice …

  11. Oh no!!! Did anyone decide on which ear to pour the soapy water into?!? I need to know right away!

  12. That was hysterical!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Dat Isis looks like she iz gonna haz her pawz full of itty-bitty butts to clean!
    Congratyounationz purrty Queen.

  14. Dat was verry hysterical as S, S, and S say. Heeeeee!


  15. You are having such fun with this campaign! Keep it up. I like falling over laughing. Oh, wait, I just like falling over, period.

  16. Too funny. Good choice!

  17. We think that should be a test of Presidential candidates. Not that we would want to aktally SEE them doing it, but discreet proof that they COULD would demonstrate some “flexibility”!

  18. Oh my goodness! Isis’s comment cracked both me and Mom up, *giggle giggle giggle*!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  19. Hahaha that wuz a great comment, and so were all the rest.

  20. Great choice Chey!!! That mental image with the beans! Arrrgh!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  21. That’s it. I’ll have to swim across the Delaware River and go tell everyone in Philadelphia that you are certainly meezer enough. After all, you are married to a meezer who was born in PA!!!!

  22. Leave it to the opposition to stir up rumors.

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