Meezer Rule Wednesday

Today’s Meezer Rule:When you need to update the blog–make sure the human does it right.

First, the Woman had to go read her blogs (yawn). She found out that some themes that you download have icky stuff in the footer and of course this happened on mine. She tried to remove it but it messed up the whole theme (sigh).

So she put up an old theme from before and went to work.

THEN she found a newer theme that she kind of liked and decided to edit that, but before she went to through the work, she decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.5. This went surprisingly well (Yes Gandalf and Grayson, no problems) except that for some reason we had to approve all our comments rather than have them auto approved except for notification.

So for an afternoon all of you who thought that your comments weren’t showing, well yes they were. They were just waiting to be approved. Sigh.

Finally I think we have this fixed. My human. She can not do anything without supervision.

Oh and I hear Zoolatry has a wonderful post today…!


  1. Chey,
    Iz dat tongue stickin’ out da seal of yer approve-full?

  2. Humans are SO trying at times. It’s a darn shame that we can’t open our cans of stinky goodness by ourselves.

    Luf, Us

  3. You’re lucky that your mom would do it at all. My SS is so darn lazy/complacent/useless she relies on the moms of other kitties to fix my blog up.

  4. What would they do wifout us?

  5. what kind of icky stuff was in the footer? sounds interesting

    I upgraded to 2.5 a few days ago, and I really like the controls on the Write Post page.

    I like this new template!! I’ve been working on a new theme for mine, too.

  6. I think your mommy is your best secretary~!!!!

  7. Changing themes and things like that scare me to death, so I never do it. I can just see myself messing things up so badly that the entire blog disappers. My hat’s off to your Mom for being able to do it.

  8. *giggle*, that’s an adorable picture of you sticking out your tongue! And yes, an excellent rule, too — I haven’t had Mom update my blog in a while, but should I enlist her services, you can bet I’ll make her do it right!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  9. That’s a great rule, Chey. 🙂 We are glad your human finally figured everything out!

  10. All I have to say today is that you are looking extra lovely!

  11. What a lovely photo of you. Your Mommy is really great, playing around with themes and all this computer stuff is very interesting.

  12. that’s a great rule Chey, most humans cannot do anything without snoopervision. that’s why they haf bosses at werk to – to snoopervise them for us while they are gone.

  13. Your rule rools!
    Hello Miss Gemini

  14. DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Chey, that is a great rule! You are looking very pretty in that picture!

  16. I know what you mean! I am always snoopervising my humans!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat
    PS Love your picture!!

  17. Are you sticking your tongue out because of all the problems?

  18. It is so annoying when momma messes up our blog!

  19. YOur human was having a Good day really.
    Everything was accomplished without too much crying 😀
    I do not let my mom touch my blog

  20. I can’t get Meowm to change our blog look for anything!!! At least your tries!

  21. WOW Chey – that is a very long tongue! Our maid can’t even give our blog a third column because she is too stupid to do a simple thing like that!!!

  22. Sometimes computers are really, really hard!

  23. At least your pet human puts time into your blog! It looks great by the way.

  24. It is so annoying when you have to snoopervise everything the Mum does! I feel your pain.

  25. Wow, that is some tongue you have!

    Momma is always messing with our blog too. Someday she is gong to ruint it.


  26. I think that is true of all humans. When will they learn?

  27. chey the humans rarely get anything right. That said, your blog looks particular elegant, the colours match your regal meezerness x

  28. Humans always screw our stuff up. I mean really, we only ask for complete perfection. I am sorry.

  29. Yoor blog looks amazing…we told mom to updat ours but she’s afraid of screwing everything up and with good reason…humans, they aren’t exactly genius’ are they

  30. Excellent rule!

  31. We liked the nose-licky thing picture. Ayla has been goin aroun doing it efer since… An she says she will be President some day. She’s not sure “of what”.

  32. It is so annoying to have to keep the Mommie’s under constant supervision! As if we don’t already have enough to do! Especially you with running your campaign! I do hope you make your Mommie contribute her time for free!

  33. You’re right – the humans do need supervising! That’s a good picture of you with your tongue sticking out – I think your tongue is as long as mine. For some reason my Food Lady gets a lot of pictures of me with my tongue sticking out…

    Purrrrrrs, Willow

  34. We’s still not sure Mom caughted all the bugs in our blog. First the bad script, an then Best Friends’ site certificate was broked so we had to remove links to thems. Wifout strict snoopervision, Mom gets distracted by email an Flickr. We insist she change only one fing at a time so if it breaks, she knows what it was. Pause after eatin sumfin new so you can see if it makes you sick.

  35. It took us a minute to find where to leave a comment on your new layout!

    But yes, you’re entirely correct (as usual) Chey. It’s a wonder humans can get anything done at all without us.


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