Feature Friday

Overheard on the Ed Schultz Show by Big Eddie:

“You know me. I call them like I see them. I’ve been criticized for calling John McCain a warmonger. I can’t believe the backlash I got on that one, but I think I was on the right side of that issue.

“Now you have to understand, Cheysuli is a cat. Yes folks, a cat. And I’m a dog person. Cats are far too interested in getting their own way. They don’t care what you think. And I just think we’ve had that kind of president for far too long already.”


Remember it’s Feature Friday, so most intriguing commenter is the Sunday Guest Star



  1. Chey,
    When you iz a bad a– meezer (or Bast, or lickin’ your a–)it iz a fact dat you not only wants your own way, but dat you will gets it.

  2. So you are a dog person Chey? What would you do if you saw a really big dog? I know what I do and that is either crouch behind the gate, or run inside. Best to keep one’s head down in difficult times.

  3. We are both dog and cat people. But more cat than dog.

  4. OMG – What a loser – we should embrace all critters, even dogs.

  5. I think cat will lead a country to do their own way, a cat way.
    That will be great.
    Cat also does service, just some beans don’t understand!

  6. So you’re a cat and you want your own way. However, the way you want is what’s best for the whole country, so I think that you would make the best President, Cheysuli.

  7. Eh, warmongers suck. When YOU become president, Chey, please replace warmongers with FISH MONGERS. I think that ALL cats can get behind some seriously dedicated fish mongers. Those are the ONLY acceptable “mongers” in my book.
    Chey in ’08!

  8. Well, of course you’re a cat, Chey, and of course you want things your way. But you’d still be a better president than most humans!

  9. Who’s Big Eddie? We never heard of the Ed Schultz Show by Big Eddie. Should we care?

  10. “…Cats are far too interested in getting their own way.” Geez. Big Eddy says that like it’s a bad thing…

  11. Of course cats want their own way….doesn’t everybody? Chey, you are going to be a great president!

  12. Hahaha Mum snorted and we’re laffin at Daisy Mae Maus and her fishmongers. No way can we top that.

  13. It’s just lucky for all of us that your way is a good way, Chey..and as for warmongers, I’m with Miss Daisy Mae-Fishmongers, yeah!

    Cheysuli for President!

  14. I believe the key word here is THINK.. we have not had a president who could THINK at all in the past few years.

    This man should be bit.

  15. NOW…you too can have your own with with George, Hillary and Arnold. Seriously. Just go over to Fat Cat, Inc., scroll just past half way down the page, and you’ll see what I mean.

    Beyond that, I take offense to being refered to as a fuzzball.

  16. Chey, I think being a cat would definitely make you a BETTER president. Bush is like a dog. He tries to cuddle up and wag his tail and do what people tell him to do. YOU on the other hand, would be a free thinker. Able to leap foreign dignitaries (and countertops) in a single bound.

    And you’d have a great presidential photographer. Your mom takes some awesome photos of you.

  17. That is a very valid point about cats and dogs. However I fail to see the benefit in electing someone who will stick his nose into anyones butt the moment they meet them. There is enough brown-nosing in Washington as it is and it has done nothing to help the country so far. I would rather have a leader who knows what they want and fights for it.

  18. We snorted too at Daisy Mae’s fishmonger…we agreess…cats and fishmongers…

    That’s out chant

  19. Chey I strongly disagree with this article. Yes, you are a cat and yes, your nature is one of self preservation but every cat knows that your eventual goal is total meezer world domination. That is the most selfless, wonderful aspiration one could have! I am getting quite emotional just thinking about it.

    Oh, I pray for the day, Chey! I pray for the day *sniff* x

  20. Yes, Daisy Mae Maus is on to something with the fish mongers. How about chicken mongers? Is there such a thing? I like chicken better than fish..
    who is big eddie?

  21. Dogs want something for nothing. They always need help…
    always waiting for a handout. They can not go a day without human intervention. Well, they could if they tried, but they won’t try. Cats already know that to succeed you have boldly go.
    With cats in charge the dogs will learn they can get on without being so neeeeedy! Humans are just a crutch.
    Big Eddie, he is clueless, typical human.

  22. I say if you don’t win the election (which, I know, is like totally impossible!) but if you don’t- we need to revolt and perhaps even secede from this country. I’m talking all out Revolution here!!

  23. As the saying goes, CATS rule and DOGS drool! And you will be a great ruler, Chey!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  24. Big Eddie says “Cats are far too interested in getting their own way.” ……and the alternative would be……what, Big Eddie’s way? Hummm, don’t think so. We’ll go with Chey’s way!

    Mindy & Moe

  25. Well of course that makes sense we want a cat to be Prezziedent — a strong ladycat who knows her own mind is the bestest choice efur!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  26. Yes, Chey — you are precisely what this country needs: a strong-minded woman President… who happens to be a CAT!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  27. “They don’t care what you think. And I just think we’ve had that kind of president for far too long already.””

    Wrong,wrong,wrong!!!! You have had a stoopid president far too long!
    You are exactly what is needed as you don’t owe anyone anything 😉 No one can say they have Chey in their pocket!!!
    Purrs Mickey

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