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img_3591a.jpgWell it is heartening to know that my human is only one of many abysmal bowlers and it’s not a requirement for the presidency. I am concerned that buttock licking could be a requirement.

Do any of you really want to see Hillary, Barak or John lick their buttocks?

I’ll leave you with that picture in your mind. If I have to have it, so do you.


Feature Friday: most intriguing comment will be Sunday Guest Star! You go guys.



  1. I’m not sure I would have posted that image… soon they will be calling you a buttock licking Vamp!

  2. Umm, that would be no. We definitely don’t want to see any of them doing that! You are the only candidate who can do that with grace and dignity, Chey.

    Look at your fangs in that photo! Be careful, after the whole Borg experience, next thing you know, they’ll be accusing you of being a vampire!

  3. Oah Chey….
    Michico asked my can she kiss your little adorable teeth? She is crazy, I will drag her away, don’t mind her~!

  4. We’re thinkin’ that’s a big fat no. But hey, we don’t watch TV, so let them lick away!

    Don’t even worry about being accused of being a Vamp, Tramp or a bit of a Scamp. It totally worked for Cher, Chey.

    Cher, Chey, either way.

  5. Oh Chey why have you done that to me? I now need to find a way of washing my brain out! The thought of Hillary, Barak or John licking their own buttocks is a bad one, though the one of them licking each other was the one that has sent me running for the soap and a funnel, but which ear to pour the soapy water into?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Do any of you really want to see Hillary, Barak or John lick their buttocks?
    Here’s the short answer – “no.”
    But…I would take a lifetime of seeing you with your little toofies!

  7. oh Chey, love the teefs!

    it could be worse, it could be a requirement to lick your butt between frames of bowling.

  8. I think I will stick with your impersonation of Dracula instead ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nice fangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  9. EEEE!!!!!! The images in my mind are skeery!

    Love your vampire fangs!!

  10. Oh my goodness Gandalf brought back a flood of memories of Cher doing the Sadie Hawkins routine on the old Sonny and Cher show…she right you just need a piano and a red dress Chey…


  11. Holy cats, Chey, scare tactics like that might backfire on you. Buttock-licking and bad bowling both sound like gutter politics…

  12. Okay Chey, you just cannot unsee that image! YUCK! You are definately the most qualified candidate!

  13. Chey, you look like a vampire cat in that photo. I like it!

    I’d like to see hillary and obama TRY to lick their hindquarters. It would be more entertaining than those boring debates. Then you could come in and show ’em how it’s done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I think those images should be placed on magnets and put on the refrigerator and sold as weight loss products.

    Now there is a million dollar idea to raise money for your campaign!

  15. The baseball team is doing something called a bobblelection this year, where they make up bobbleheads of the candidates and allow the people at the games to pick the one they want. The one that has the most given away win the election. Last election it was Bush and he finish up winning real election too.

    But then, this is same team that make up bobblebutt dolls one time. So I’m thinking, maybe they should do bobblebutts with the current crop of politicians.

    Cheysuli, Cheysuli, tell us truly,
    How does your bobble butt wobble?

  16. I yam ass-tonished!

  17. What sharp toofies you have!

  18. Chey, that is a “Fang-tastic” photo of you! I never knew you had such big teeths. When you are elected, this will help you take a bite out of crime.

  19. Oh Chey – I fear for your web stats now! You are going to get butt-lickers. Worse still you may get butt-lickers with a penchant for politicians!!!

    Maybe you will get butt-lickers in the washing machine *giggle*

  20. Yer teefs look very sharp!

    Mindy & Moe

  21. Hmm, I’m not sure I *want that picture in my mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You do have very long teefies, Chey!

  22. Well with all due respect, we in the UK had to sit through YEARS of Tony Blair licking Bush’s butt. It was nauseating and not NEARLY as elegant as watching a feline do it. Licking their own butt that is, not Bush’s. That would just be gross.

  23. Is it weird that I just want to lick your fangickies? They look really pretty!

  24. We keep getting lost on these comment sections. We’re used to Blogger having the comments at the bottom, so we end way too often leaving a comment at the previous post. This comment was supposed to go with this post, so we’re going to “move” it here.

    Well, we, for 9 (there are 9 of us, remember), would like to see a butt-licking contest of the candidates. Chey, you would win, hands – uh, paws down, of course, but still รขโ‚ฌยฆ Never overlook an opportunity to show the voters you excel in a particular area.

  25. HOLY CAT are those ever some toofies! I only have one right there and it is not too sharp. The shirt Cole is wearing with MANTLE on the back did indeed come from the Mickey & Jeter. They are NOMSS buddies! Isn’t that too cool!
    On another note, I was wondering when you move into the White House, are you going to paint it another color? If so, you should have a contest to see which color is most selected. Oh and another thing…I was wonderin if when you get your cabinet (no those the kind ya hang on the wall and keep stinky goodness inside of) if maybe there might be a position for an old cat like me. Maybe you can run it bu your VP Derby and see what you can come up with. I have good credentials and can like the required spot pretty good.
    Love your Miss Peach

  26. Oh dear, I need spelling lessons…I mean I can lick the required spot:) Blushie

  27. We thought winning an election was less about being able to lick one’s own buttocks as it was about kissing someone else’s (or many someones).

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  28. ACK!!! Quick, someone, fill me with NIP; I need to get the images out my head!!!


  29. aaargh we can’t get that image out of our heads. now we will be having nightmares. We wuz going to say similar to Yao-lin but he beat us to it. Did you notice the brown on Blair’s nose?

  30. Hello Dracula, nice to see you out in the daytime. Is blood sucking a requirement for the presidency too?

  31. Ok, we kaint beet Camie’s kitties remarks so we ain’t gonna try. However, having the ability to lick one’s own butt might save hotel bills on the campaign trail…

    Luf, Us

  32. Derby do you really need to ask?!

  33. Look at those teeth! All the bedder to give the bitey with…

  34. If you do have to lick your own butt in public, dear Chey, as a requirement of being elected to the Presidency, then please, please, please remember to retract your fangs first! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  35. I would not like to see Mac or any of the other candidates lick their own butts. Let’s just say that they cannot do it, so they are out and Chey wins!!

  36. Licking your own butt is far better than having to stick your nose up some other politician’s derrierre. Since they don’t bend well, guess which one they’re stuck with. *snortgiggle* I’m not sure why having a brown nose is considered bad universally, though. Some folks, like yourself, Chey, would look quite strange with a chartreuse or purple nose.

  37. Great fangs too, btw.

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