Thankful Thursday

img_3629a.jpgI think today is a wonderful day to thank Mom Robyn and ML for all the work they have done coordinating so much of the fund raising and donations for the Cat Blogosphere all this time.

My human has always been someone who wants to help but has never been certain how. She has also worried sometimes about helping too much with the online community because, honestly, we don’t know who you are. The outpouring of concern and the community here is such that when some of the cats we have gotten to know via the blogosphere have had a need, she has immediately donated. Having helped Robyn set up the baby shower website, and after working on themes for awhile and gone off to see a patient she came home to find Robyn had basically changed it and made it look perfect. Having spent her time working on it, she knows how much time and effort went into that and also how much compassion.

While you may have left the positions of head facilitators and headache bearers for all of us, we are left to be thankful for this community you have created. Many cats have brought us together, each of us finding blogs that we liked and started reading and finding other cats. However, you all created the community that we know and it is a wonderful one. For that we are very thankful.


  1. What a very nice post thanking Robyn and ML for all their hard work on fundraising for the kitties in need.

  2. We totally agree – they are awesome!

  3. They are grand heart, very nice and full of love~!!!!

  4. I agree it’s a wonderful place here, you’ve all been very supportive and interested with my kittens and as a first time Momma cat that means a lot to me! 🙂

  5. We agree. Mom Robyn and Mom ML have done so much to help out all the cats in the Cat Blogosphere community!

  6. It’s a great community and I am always amazed at how loving everyone is!
    p.s. Please give Georgia a big smooch from Mommy and me, OK?

  7. This is such a touching post! I’m glad that there are still so many kind-hearted people out there who are willing to do the best for the cat community. 🙂

  8. I could not agree more!To do all that they do AND have a life AND blog is a tremendous amount of work! I am very thankful for those efforts!!!!
    Big hugs to both of them!! 🙂

    Purrs Mickey

  9. It is so nice being thankful for such deserving beans … you are so sweet. And we are really happy to have found such a warm and friendly community to belong to.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. You said it good!

  11. We are thankful too that we have such a wonderful giving supportive community! We also salute all the effort and care that Mom Robyn and ML have put into all the behind the scenes. They have truly shown how truly special they are by all that they have done and given back. We lub you boff!!!

    Purrsss from da Manxie gang…

    heelllooooo Miss Gemini
    Your crazy boyfriendcat!

  12. That’s a very nice thankful thought. Maw has a few words to say herself, but from a different perspective!

    Luf, Us

  13. Queen Snickers says:

    We agree, they have done so much to create such a wonderful community! We are very thankful!

  14. Very very well said Chey. We feel exactly the same way as you and your Mom. We’ve always struggled with who to help and how so we were always so overwhelmed by the generosity and help that those two have given to all of us.

  15. We agree with you and are thankful too. You expressed it so much better than we could.

  16. Well said!!!!!!!!!

  17. very well said and a beautiful tribute to two of the sweetest most caring ladies there are! (not that everyone else is not sweet or caring, but MomRobyn and MommyML have gone above and beyond).

  18. Gratitude is a wonderful thing!
    thank you

  19. Yes, I is very fankful too. I am so glad to be here now, I wishes I had been borned earlier so I could have met everyone sooner!

  20. We echo dis! Infact, come by & see sumpin’ speshul dat I will postee tomorrow fur da Hot(M)BC momee.
    We would nots haz persisted wit da bloggie if Robyn had not been so encouragin.’
    We feelz enormously lucky!

  21. Do I see a tear, Georgia?

    This is a beautiful Thankful Thursday! While things are be taken over by someone else, I hope our CB Moms have more time for their own kitties and loved ones.


  22. Well said. Mum has offered as they move forward to assist if they need a purrson. I thinks we need to have guidelines of how often, for what, how much etc. Not that someone is pulling something over on us cats, but just to use our resources to their best results.

  23. That is a very sweet post. Mom Robyn is a special kind of person, the kind we’re lucky to have!
    When Chloe died last year, the outpouring of support from the cat blogosphere was amazing and it was (and is) very touching.

    I am thankful, too!

  24. Thanks Chey 🙂

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