Feature Friday

cheysplace-1.jpgMickey tagged me for the book meme:

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.

2. Open to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

My human is reading: Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor (actually the closest book was a book on HTML but we did that one about a year ago!).

Page 123 sentences 5 to8 say:

“The book entitled Be the Hero of Your Own Game, suggests that we are usually good at encouraging others but then tell ourselves all the reasons why we cannot succeed. What if we believed that we were created with every good possibility in our hands to be teh very best of ourselves, to use our unique talents and abilities in ways that might astound many, to have happiness,peace, balance, and harmony in every day in everything we do. What if our Father in Heaven looked upon us with the love and blessings that human parents have when they behold their newborn child and with His all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing best offered all that He had to us?”

Yeah, so she like had to go and read a long winded guy. Sigh. I tag the long suffering Yao-lin, Sanjee, and Zevo Calamari.


Feature Friday means that the most intriguing comment will be featured as Sunday’s Guest Star.  And a big Thank you to Zoolatry for the graphic!


  1. Hahaha!! Mom thought the same thing about her choice.The sentences were soooooo long !
    So,how come both our beans are reading ‘self help’ books anyway?
    If they were cats,they would know they were born perfect!!!!!
    Now Mom thinks your book is interesting 😮
    Purrs Mickey
    PeeEss: I like your pic 😉

  2. Its a good thing we meezers don’t have that problem, we know we are heros of any game!

  3. I like the sentences on your book :>
    Very interesting!

  4. That is a lovely graphic of you, Chey!

    That book does sound rather long-winded. But at least it makes some degree of sense. The book our mom is reading makes no sense to us (although it does to her). Something about GAGs. You are about the only politician that doesn’t make us gag!

  5. That’s the trouble with humans. I mean, have you ever known a cat that did not think that they could do anything, go anywhere, get anything? It’s a shame humans don’t think like that too! They could learn a lot from us!

  6. That book must be about how to be a Cat!! We Do anything we want.

    One of our favorite quotes is Yoda… “Do, or Do not. There is no Try.” We think little Yoda is actually an alien cat and the Force is Feline! May the Force be with you!

  7. Yeah – what if? Dat sentence is akshully a good thought for da day. It also sounds like da same kind of pawsitive vibes and Law of Attrackshun stuff dats going around. If Mom says “read Da Secret” one more time we’s gonna scream!

    We lufs todays graphic!

  8. it’s a good thing you didn’t tag us Chey – we don’t think Mommy can read.

  9. That’s a very purrty picture of you! 🙂

  10. Do you mind if we do this tomorrow? My pet human is kind of booked today and is in a hurry.

    That passage was long… but i am sure ours will be equally as boring!

  11. That is a lovely pikchur Chey. Mum sez it reminds her of a painting she likes of three horses heads. She can’t amember what it’s called. Mebbe the Three Champions or sumfing like that. We told her she’s silly cuz efurryone knows your not a horse.

  12. The book I’m reading is a trashy romance, and I’d be embarrased to post those sentences. *blush*

    You always have the best graphics.

  13. That’s funny. The closest book I have here is a book on HTML as well. Page 123 is on ordered lists.

  14. I am really enjoying this meme and seeing what everyone is reading. 🙂

  15. Those are really thought-provoking sentences. Now I is thinking about lots of things… fanks for sharing. Closest book to me right now is 101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask. I do not agree with most of the questions, mostly because the book was written by a bean!

  16. That book sounds very hard! My Mommie reads easier books. Like the kind you would take to the beach to read!

  17. I really don’t know what do you wanted to say with this post but the picture in this blog is too good. These cats are looking very cute; they attracted me every time I read this post.

  18. Great graphic!

    Have a terrific weekend Miss Gemini.


  19. We are always the hero of our own game!

    But our beans… maybe they should read this book?

  20. Uh, Madam Prezzy-dent Chey?

    I din’t really wants to point dis out, but you iz missin’ two cats in your tag listee. Or iz three da new five?

  21. Thank you so much for the tag! I will be hard pressed to find a book in this house that contains 123 pages. The human is so dreadfully stupid that she struggles to read childrens storybooks. I think the last book she read was the Billy Goats Gruff and even then I had to assist her in the pronunciation of many of the words.

    I shall dig out some of MY books. They will most certainly be more intellectual.


  22. That book sounds like something my mom needs to read!

    I love that graphic!

  23. Why do humans need to be told these things. We’z born knowing…

  24. That is a beautiful graphic Chey! Of course that is inevitable when you are the subject.

  25. We unnerstand that. “Never hide what yer good at”. The Big Thing says his Dad described that as “never hide yer candle under a bucket”, an he didnt in his work.

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