Feature Friday

Chey washingCheysuli answers questions on whether she is fit to run for President:

Have you ever solicited a man in a public restroom?

I have never been in a public restroom, so no.

Have you ever been involved in prostitution?

I was a Siamese breeding queen. Define prostitution.

Do you have any ties to organized crime?

I wouldn’t call Tony Soprano and his associates particularly organized.

Have you ever called a phone sex number?

Only when trying to activate my credit card.

Have you ever appeared in questionable photos?

Umm… hello? Are you BLIND? And it wasn’t my idea!

Do you have any illegitimate children of mixed race?

All my children were illegitimate, I was a queen, but all were purebred. Hence the breeder status.

Have you ever been accused of a felony?

Is forgery a felony?

Can we see your tax returns?

I have never earned money so do not have one but if I did you would be welcome to it!

Can we check your campaign finances?

Absolutely, this is where you will find reference to that silly forgery thing.. and um… I believe fraudulent credit card practices…

Do you have any secrets that will keep you from being elected to the office for which you are running?

I have no secrets. My scandals are an open book and I am proud of them!

There you have it. Cheysuli: a little bit naughty, but honest.


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  1. And I’m sure you would never consider using that credit card for a $4,000+ an hour “meeting”.

  2. I would rather have a president be honest, even she’s been a bit naughty. Lying presidents…phooey!


  3. There are rumors that you let Gov. Eliot Spitzer pet you backstage. Please tell us that was not true.

  4. Chey, I will vote for you~!!!
    If you are running President.

    Ooops, Oah no, we are staying in different country, No~~~~

  5. But he paid me $4000 Skeeter!

  6. I agree that I would much rather have a President that is honest, if a little bit naughty. Your illegitimate children were all a part of your job, after all.

  7. I forgot to mention that I am de-stressing a bit. I got some of the stuff that I was stressing about out of the way today.

  8. i love it, what a slogan, a little bit naughty but honest. hee hee.

  9. I don’t think that a queens kittens can be considered illegitimate, so you are in fact less naughty than you think you are Chey! After all marriage is to do with paperwork and contracts etc., well so is breeding and getting your kittens registered as pedigree kittens. Mummy has told me to think about it as short term marriages, so that I can have all the kittens I want but without feeling too naughty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Excellent answers, Chey. You are far more honest than many politicians!

    Our humans sadly didn’t have a chance to visit Bubastis, or any of the temples to Bast when they were in Egypt, but they did come back home with a Bast music box. We aren’t sure if a music box is an appropriate way to honour Bast, but you would have a better idea as to whether it is acceptable, being the Right Paw of Bast.

  11. I’d take naughty and honest over boring and crooked any ol’ day!

  12. Chey, is that magnificent paw held straight up over Censored Spot your merely an Optical Illusion or is it a Political Statement?

    Spot on!

  13. hehe an open book of scandals ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s a good photo technique.

  14. You may my vote (M). And you have my vote, too (Z). Cats Unite!

  15. you’re right Chey, Tony’s crew is really NOT that organized. not like say, Pooses for Peace. But they’re not a crime organization. so, there you have it. Disorganized crime and organized non-crime.


  16. You call it naughty,I call it character ๐Ÿ™‚
    You go girl!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  17. Chey

    WE lub yur cat-i-tude.

    Hellloooo Miss Gemini…

  18. Chey 2008. Do you have a bumper sticker?!

  19. Hahaha oh Chey that is hilarious. I can’t believe the impertinent questions put to you! I mean, what exactly was the interviewer trying to establish? As for being an unmarried mother of several hundred, I see no shame in this. You were doing your duty for King and Country – furthering the campaign for total meezer domination! Would you like to visit the UK and further the campaign some more? Hubba hubba – nice spot 13 pic! hehe

    HRH Yao-Lin x

  20. Yay for Chey!! We luf honesty!

    Luf, Us

  21. If that’s a dirty picture I’m in trouble, mom taked lots of pictures of me likes that.

    You dided great in your interviews, you showed that nosy reporter!

  22. A very honest and interesting article, Chey!

    ~ The Bunch

  23. Not only are you honest, but you are extremely flexible!

  24. Honesty in a politician (shouldn’t that be catitician?)…..how refreshing!

  25. I think Chey is naughty, but nice!

    You can’t get into politics without a scandal or two, anyway.

    About the questions you ask in our comment section:

    Momma saw Winter yesterday, and took a great picher. It will be posted on Tuesday.

    Don’t worry about running out of wood where Mistrie’s bed is. There is plenty, and Daddy has wood piled all ofur the Piney Woods, and it is ALMOST spring, with maybe more snow tonight, but not much. Daddy wud nefurr disturbs her bed, anyway. And amember, Mistrie has two beds under the deck.


  26. Hi Chey! You are just like most everyone, Cats and persons, in America. Show us someone who is purrfectly purrfect and who has never done something wrong or a little bit shady and we’ll show you a baby the most innocent of all!~ Vote for Chey!!
    Your FL furiends,

    BTW: Thanks for letting us know about the Mr. Linky thing. We just wish we knew what we did wrong.

  27. Cheysuli: a little bit naughty, but honest is way better than the political standard.
    Are you sure you dont want the Brats to start some bengal type connections for you?

  28. Chey, you are a riot!

  29. As we have posted on JFF, we back you all the way. And we’re grateful you have the integrity to be upfront about your personal scandals so voters will have all the information necessary to know 100% without a doubt true-blue (or is that Siamese brown?) you will never look them in the eye and lie to them. We are lucky to have you as a candidate and we will support you all the way to the White House.

    Yes, we’ll support your right to use a credit card even though you hadn’t any money. We’ll support your right to be both Prime Minister of Italy and President of the Us. But we’re sorry can’t support you financially. We don’t have any finances.

  30. That’s my Chey, a little bit racy but honest! Excuse me now I must go pant and pass out.

  31. Chey, you are honest and far more flexible than Billary! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. confident and honest, that’s my friend Chey!


  33. Chey,

    Try dis teck-unique: Be da onlee name on da ballot in Flory-duh. Den you can win all da dilly-gits.

    Uh..well, okeedokee, I suppoze dat will not win you frendz on da demmo-cratique side. After all, dis haz alreddy been tried by thunder thyz & look at how far it haz advanced her caw-cawz.

    Dr T

  34. Chey, chey, chey…why so shy? After all, we’ve all seen everything up front and in a VERY graphical way! I hear Skeezix even had those posters on this bedroom wall until Rocky the Gutter Cat swiped them.

  35. You go Chey. Be proud of your past and flaunt it!

  36. Your honesty is refreshing, Chey — you’re the kind of president this country needs!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  37. But did you inhale? And cigars, what’s your opinion on cigars? Do you have a special bedroom you rent out to influential people?

  38. Thanks for being honest, Chey! You had some great, entertaining answers.

  39. excellent photo

  40. Great interview, Chey!
    You’d make a much better president than some of our candidates!

  41. What a great hiding spot!!

  42. Well of course Gemini is hidden. If she cant see out, no one can see her!

  43. Hmmmm…has Kukka emerged from retirement to give you advice?

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