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img_3380a.jpgWell, the Woman had a very busy couple of days on Tuesday and Thursday, so we apologize for not getting to visit as many people as we usually do. Sigh.

It was probably a good thing. You see, I got my first credit card bill the other day and she will have to pay for it. I mean this confuses me. They offer to give me money because I do not have any and now they think I do? Do they really think I would keep using their card if I actually had the money.

I tried to deposit my money in a bank account but they laughed at me. They said it wasn’t REAL money and that no one would take it. I pointed out to them that is was one of only two valid currencies taken at the Black Cat Pub. They were unimpressed.

I find finances all too stressful. I need a nap.


Remember, most intriguing comment gets to be the Guest Star on Sunday!


  1. We are sorry that we don’t have any money to give you to pay off your credit card bill – but, since you are the prime minister of Italy, can’t you gift one of the famous works of art to yourself, and then sell it and pocket the money?

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  2. Mummy’s put video of my belly moving on our Breeder website, so forget your stress and come see my belly move! 😉 There’s a link from Ramses bloggy to it… 🙂

  3. I had the same problem with my credit cards. When you are president perhaps you can fix it so cats do not need money.

  4. Beans have no sense of finance either. I have Bank of Catatonia credit card. Do not have to pay it.

  5. The beans won’t take your money? That’s discrimination. The nerve that they demand you use only ‘their’ money!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Hey Chey!

    Apologies for not being around much, the bean has been doing that work thing and keeping herself busy! selfish!

    I was so sorry to read that Gemini had klegnuts stuck to her bumfur! What a nightmare. I note that Gem suitably punished the Slave wiv the excellent claw work though. Are you sue Gem isn’t a meezer in disguise? The vindictiveness is supreme 🙂


  7. ps – we spotted the MeMe you nomintaed us for, we will do it over the weekend – fank you! xxx

  8. Chey,

    Here iz my thoughts on dis credit card: Cut dat ting up in itty bitty piecez. Stuff it inside a HUGE D-A-W-G-Y-sized pill pocket. Ship it off to da credit card company. Do not pass out on da “Go” square of da board. Uh…wait a minuet, I tink I yam mixin’ my meta-euphorics. Mebbe you should justee pawn dat diamond collar dats you got from BVLGARI & returnz da beluga caviar. I tink we can haz da victory partee witout dat stuff.
    Dr Tweety

  9. Chey
    Dont feel bad my Momma always moans and says she doesn’t have money to pay her credit card either…

    Helllo Miss Gemini. It’s storming bad here today. We are under tornado watches. One tornado killed some peoples over near Tallahassee this morning so we are a little worried. I think I’ll go take a nap and not worry anymore…


  10. Finances are very hard and confusing. You might need to buy a calculator.

  11. I would not worry too much Chey, you Mommy can just take care of that. What you should have done is just get a line on her account. It makes things much easier. I once tried to pay a bill in Temptations but that did not work 🙁 Humans can be confusing. I mean, Temptations are so much better than a piece of paper that has very little smell and absolutely no flavor!

  12. I do not worry about these things.
    I am a Princess and I get what I want anyway.

    Happy week-end Chey.
    I love the picture of you three in the bloggie below.. and this one of you… is oh so soothing

  13. I think I understand math…1 temptation plus 1 hungry kitty equals 0 temptations. Maybe I should handle our finances as I seem to be really good at this kind of math!! Maybe I could even handle the whole country’s finances when you become president!

  14. We don’t understand finances at all, Chey. We just tell Mom we want something and ::poof:: it’s here. Perhaps you Mom’s poofer is broke. Do you think Gemini may have damaged it in the poopy bum incident?

  15. My beans tried to deposit some of your money in the bank, also – that didn’t go over very well, for some reason! 😉

    Just let your woman worry about that credit card payment and nap in peace.

  16. Since when do we have to live by the beans rule? Did we get this in the Kitty Katsitution? All cats are not responsible for their debts.

  17. If you were in the UK parliament, I am sure you could claim your credit card as an expense and get the money back from the british taxpayer. Come to think of it, why can’t you do that in America? Just send the bill to the white house and let them deal with it. You are far too busy and impawtant! x

  18. I believe there is a place to send your credit card bills so you do not have to pay them. It is called Chapter 11. This place must take care of them. They must be a very generous place to pay all those bills.

  19. We are impressed that you have your own credit card. We agree though that financial things is very, very confusing.

    Mindy & Moe

  20. You are in government, don’t you have an expense account?!

    Prime Ministers usually have an entourage and expense accounts. If you don’t have your expense account credit card handy then insist that one of your entourage pay for you.

  21. Chey, perhaps you should point out to the bank that many beans don’t have much money right now, therefore, the bank can’t be seeing much money coming in, so perhaps they’ve just forgotten what money looks like. And remind them that cat money is better than no money at all!! If that doesn’t work, then just pee in their deposit slot.


  22. Well, we heard on the raydeeoh today that Pres. Shrub said if we can just hold on a little longer, that his economic stimulus package will kick in and everyone will be just fine once they get their humongous rebate checks in May, and the economy will straighten out. So, if you can keep the credit card company hanging until May, then you’ll get your rebate and all will be peachy-keen in Cheyville. Hey, just think of how many economic stimulus packages you can pass once you are elected!!! Free money for everyone!

    Luf, Us

  23. Um, we asked mom cuz we “borrow” her plastic money thing alla time when we wanna buy something from da innernets. She sed dat yes, yoo hafta pay real moneys when da plastic money beans send yoo a “Bill”. We haf neffur seen any “Bill” here, just da one over at da Meezers. Dad sez der are lots of bills here, in fact der are too many bills here but we haf neffur even seen one bill here. What were we talking about again…

  24. Definitely different! 🙂

  25. I must admit, they are different…

  26. Well, yeah, that the post wasn’t about you makes it DIFFERENT! MOL, just kidding… 😉

  27. Kellie is right — politicians do not have to worry about their own finances because they have expense accounts. And you should have humans who will take care of the everyday cash flows. Someone has to do the big jobs, and that someone is you!

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