Feature Friday

img_1916b.jpgWell it’s Friday again. I should like to take this time to thank Miss Peach for the wonderful Inspirational Blogger award. That was very thoughtful of her to include us. I have no doubt that I will doubly inspiring when I am not only the Prime Minister of Italy but the President of the United States.

I have not forgotten that a few months back I asked you all for interesting ideas to blog on to see if people would search them. I took Dragonheart’s suggestion of UFO for Unidentified Feline Opportunity. Alas, I have had no UFO searches. I suspect that so many others write about UFOs that I just get lost in the crowd. Alas, no one is apparently interested in Unidentified Feline Opportunities either.
They do however find me by searching

  • Sensational news
  • Voting Scandals
  • Oprah’s niece’s wedding
  • peeing Georgia (?!)
  • personal bodyguard issue
  • my Siamese cat hates me (I’m sure you deserve it).
  • Nancy Pelosi chewing during State of the Union Address
  • websites that have killed animals (thankfully I have not done this).


Well it is Feature Friday and it is up to you to intrigue me! If you succeed, then you will be featured on Sunday!



  1. Well, I’m innerested! ‘Specially in opportunities to play!

  2. Well, the “voting scandals” might be plausible, as is “sensational news.” The last one however, is quite far fetched.

  3. How in the *world did someone searching on that last term get directed to your site? Sometimes I wonder about things …

  4. strange searches…

    you’re well on your way to world domination. will there be a spot on your cabinet for other local kitties?

  5. They used those searches and got you???? Hmmmmmm.

  6. I have no idea how anyone would find you with that last search term.

  7. What personal body guard issues could you possibly have? With that cute tongue, who would even think of hurting you??


  8. Those are some very odd searches! Some of those make sense, but others certainly don’t. Sorry to hear that no one has reached you through searching for UFOs. We think you must be right – there are too many blogs and sites covering them!

  9. Oh my I wonder what strange searches would find me?! 😉

  10. It’s makes you wonder about humans and how their brains work. And how Nancy Pelosi chewing has anything to do with you…what? Was she eating Stinky Goodness? Tempatations as a snack? What people, what???

  11. This should not surprise you in the least!! All roads lead to you, Chey!

  12. Oh Chey those referrals are hilarious. I think it may have been my human who googled ‘ my siamese cat hates me’ and arrived at your blog. You are right – she does deserve it. Over cooked steak, annoying singing – you name it, the human slave is guilty as he**. Glad you agree.


  13. The searches that lead to you are interesting. How and why are interesting too. I have no idea of the workings of search engines,so I just ignore the issue 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  14. Nancy Pelosi was chewing on a piece of ham during the State of the Union. She was handing it out to all of us so we could keep our strength up while we were biting, whapping and causing biological warfare that night.

  15. I always find it interesting to see how people find my blog, but especially why on earth Google returns my blog as #2 for an image search on camel crickets or Kaze’s for “cat mermaid”. I wish I knew what those spiders were really doing. Mmm, do you think I could eat a Google Spider? Nah, it would probably not go down too well.

  16. No one got to your site while looking up Maffia connections? How strange is that?

    Uh…Did you know there is a Squirrel running against you. Let me know if you can’t handle the competition. I’d be happy to eat him for you.

  17. My siamese cat hates me? Wahahahaha…
    Get the siamese cat to bite that mean bean up!
    Beans do search for weird things!

  18. Websites that have killed animals??? Errrrrr. I think Google has lost it’s mind. It’s probably gloating over all the traffic it’ll get when Microsoft takes over Yahoo and bunches of us flee for our lives. Don’t take it purrsonally.

  19. I am starting to think that people who look stuff up on-line could be a little bit crazy! Somebody found me by searching “Sea-monkey white hairs.” I am a little worried that the “white hairs” could be some mold growing on a deaded Sea Monkey.

  20. Venerdì felice Chey,

    State andando funzionare per il Primo Ministro
    dell ‘Italia?

    Permettono che i gatti siano presidente?

    Ordinerete la pizza del tonno per tutti i vostri costituenti?

    Può il nostro mommy comprare i lotti dei pattini?

    Otterremo mangiare la pasta ogni giorno e non preoccuparsi per le calorie?

    Se tutto il questo è Chey allineare, avete mio voto!

    Amore, Dott Tweety

  21. Well did you go to Oprah’s nieces wedding?


  22. Well this picture of you is intriguing and so sweet looking. I will snag it for my collection.

    Happy week-end

  23. We searched “unidentified feline opportunities” and found only your current post and 1 by Sleeping Mommy.

    We think efrykitty ought to use the phrase in a couple posts next week to see if we can get the phrase to catch on! There are all kinna things that could be “unidentified feline opportunities” (anything not normally a kitty-interest – but might be one)

  24. hurrah on the award!

  25. Concatyoolayshuns on your award. We were on our way here to tell you we had given you another one, but you beat us to it.We looked to see how people found us and there’s a lot finding us by Fat Butts. Hmmmphhhh!!

  26. Hehe! I’m a furry good UFO investigatur. I find all kinds of UFOs to check on — and I usually find me a new toy!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. Chey, dear, I’ve no doubt you’ll be both an exemplary President of the U.S. and Prime Minister of Italy!

    And since I am, of course, Marilyn MonREOW, I get some really funny search keywords leading to my bloggie. Recent ones:

    poems by merlin monroe (WHO???)

    marilyn monroe’s favorite poem (How would I know? I am Marilyn MonREOW, and my favorite poems are those my Mickeybear writes me!)

    loving and caring blondes (but of course! *smile*)

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  28. Chey, we have also heard that the job of Prime Minister or President (we are not shur what the official title is) of Pakistan is also open. Are you going to take that over as well?

  29. That’s massive. Almost like a table. 😉

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