Feature Friday:The Word From Bast

img_2394a.JPGI am exhausted. I have spent the last day or so eating ham with Miles and communing with Bast about the problems in the cat blogosphere.

Here is what Bast has told me.

  1. One to one human/cat connections are best, if the human is open to learning from more than one cat, we should share. Obviously this human is in greater need of teaching than most.
  2. Cats should never use their meow for evil.
  3. Cats should always endeavor to love their humans, understanding that they are lesser beings

Additionally, I told her about the whole Santa letter.

Bast is going to have a word with the old man–and Rudolph too. She said something about having Sammy Meezer whap him if he didn’t list–something like whapping him away in the Name of Bast.

She said that we cats have done a fine job in our area of the blogosphere. Now we just need to fix the rest of the world.

That is the Word from Bast.

Remember it is Feature Friday. Most intriguing comment will get the maker featured on my Sunday Guest Star post!  Will it be you?!


  1. Bast is very wise! Humans could definitely learn from us cats.

  2. Mmm, we don’t know Bast. Did she mean Best, or Bust… guess we needs to read up much more… but then we are already so totally wise, intelligent, well rounded, personalityplus kitties, what more could one ask of us…

  3. I’z fink we’z lucky My Mummy listens to us all and even gived us proper Bast approved names! 🙂 For this reason we’z let her fuss us more than Dad or the boy, we’z also let her feed us, brush us on demand (that’s us demanding the brushing mind you) and give us all the primo ‘nip we can snort… It’s a great relationship, she smothers us in love and attention and we’z smother her in furs! 🙂

  4. Oh wow. How very profound.

    I may have difficulty in loving my human. I understand she is a lesser being than I. Any fool can see that. I just find myself getting irritated by her stupidity rather than becoming inspired to love her.

    Could you imagine the publicity if Santa were whapped by Sammy Meezer in the name of Bast? I think it would place him firmly on Santa’s naughty list. Just a hunch!


  5. so, honestly, it was Bast that told me to whap the water onto mommy in the middle of the night. I can get to the noth pole quickly if the old man needs a whapping. – your meezer friend Whappy Whapinator

  6. Bast is very wise, indeed!

  7. Bast the all-wise has spoken! Have you got your daemon yet?

  8. I wish we had room for a human for each of us. We’d definitely need a bigger house. Maybe Mom and Grandma just need lots of teaching. Poor lesser beings.
    your bud Pepi

  9. Very intriguing. You must be very very special to commune with Bast, Chey.

  10. Chey,

    Considerin’ da amounts of ham dat haz been consumed, & da high sodium content of dis deelishus meats, are you sure you wazn’t communin’ wit a sea bass instead of Bast?

    PS: Pleaze do not reports me to da Meezer Goddessez, ‘cuz I yam just kiddin.’ I takes deze whappin’ cats furry seer-reously!

    -Dr Tweety (& da Seerz of da Himuhlay-ants; NO, not da same ants dat waz in da oevfun!)

  11. Bast is truly wise. All hail Bast!

    (Sammy is one busy kitty)

  12. Regarding the comment you left us, yes, we do have to behave to go anywhere. But with so many of us, it seems one of us is nearly always in trouble at any given time. It could be worse. Jan could offer to take us to Alaska to watch wolf fishing but make us pay our own way.

    We don’t get an allowance! Do you suppose airlines would accept cat and dog kibble in exchange for plane tickets?

    Jan’s Funny Farm residents

  13. Be careful or Bill O’Reilly will accuse you and your blog of devil worship too!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps he could be wacked with a ham……………

  14. Lesser beings yes, but we love them anyway! Our Dad likes to harass us, but, he doesn’t understand the cat blog phenomenon! He thinks Mom is addicted to this cat thing. We try to tell him, it’s better than drugs, or gambling or drinking, but he still don’t get it. We’ll tell him to read your blog and that will straighten him out! You are very wise and intelligent! Have a great weekend. We think Sammy is the best whapper in the CB!
    Your FL furiends,

  15. Chey my jewls came and the boootfal i not going to were them becuse i relly into dimoinds i got blig that said LILLY Lu wiff a pink hart on my neck but i going to giff it to mama laura

    Lilly Lu

  16. I agree, as the superior species, Cats should always be understanding toward their humans.

  17. While I do agree with the words of Bast, I’m not going to be the one to tell my human that she is a lesser being :). I will merely keep up the pretense.Heehee

  18. Skeeter and LC says:

    The Big Thing seems to have a different definition of superiority than we do. We say we are superior simply because we are cats. He says, “fine, open your dinner can by yourselves”. This was an unexpected “point of discussion”…

    He is a very skilled debater!

  19. I belive in Santa…I’m being good. I want lots of wrapping paper and boxes to play with, and ribbons, too.


  20. Bast is very wise indeed, particularly regarding our superiority. But I don’t think having Sammy whap Santa could possibly be a good idea, especially right before Christmas!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat

  21. Bast, you shall lead us to a better world!

  22. I agree with you Bast! You are such a cutie!



  23. I learn from my cats every day, lol ! You are so right !

  24. What great advice! Cats must get along with humans, as must humans get along with cats, because the world is the best when they all get along together on the same level!

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