Weekend Cat Blogging Round Up

Yes, this is a post to round up those weekend cat bloggers.  Put your links here for you weekend cat blogging. You can also put your links in on Friday’s post.

Remember we lead off every Sunday with Sunday Guest Star.  This will be the cat featured at the top of the Weekend Cat blogging post.   Most intriguing comment… And there are some good ones!


  1. Let’s celebrate all the kitties and pets that have gone over to the other side! See my WCB post this week http://kitikata.blogspot.com and celebrate!

  2. Hi, thanks for hosting this weekend. 🙂

    Puddy is having a not-so-grand adventure this weekend and our linkie is here:

    Katie and Puddy

  3. Thanks for hosting this weekend Chey, Gemini and georgia. Here is our entry http://jcfloresinc.blogspot.com/2007/11/on-road-again.html
    Have a great weekend.
    Your FL furiends,

  4. Fanks for hosting Chey! I’s posting from the road on the road trip.
    Do yoo know how hard it is to get a soshul security number in the US? It’s ridickylous! Sheesh.

  5. Thanks for hosting – what pretty kitties!

    Stasia says hi from her personal jungle. http://zazamataz.com/?p=850

  6. hi, thanks for hosting this weeks WCB.
    we will be back with our regular WCB post later this weekend but for now and to celebrate Othellos Purrfday we are leaving this linkie here: in addition: http://catboys.paulchens.org/?p=193

    thanks and hugs K&O

  7. Thanks, Chey and friends, for hosting this weekend! For Sasha, M marks the spot: http://musicandcats.com/2007/11/feline-friday-m-marks-the-spot/

  8. Hi Chey et al., thanks for hosting this weekend!
    We’ve been busy hosting the carnival this weekend, too, but always have time for WCB 🙂

    Looking forward to the round up!

  9. Hello der Chey,

    Tanks fur hostin dis weekend blog log. I yam doin’ a slight bit of a photo strike at my blog today. Da camera ting witout payment iz NG.

    Dr Tweety http://fabfivescatzad-vice.blogspot.com/

  10. Hi!

    Thanks for hosting this week’s WCB!

    If you want to know why Maruschka’s not satisfied with her pictures, then go here:



  11. Thanks for hosting, here’s my entry

  12. Thanks for hosting, my entry http://mindofmog.net/archives/2007/11/03/and-shes-gone-again/ lost a cat here, she moved out.

  13. Short Story Sunday


    Thanks Chey!


    Skittles, The Huntress

  14. I present a rarity… I let Victor on the same chair as me. I’m so tolerant.

  15. Chey, thanks for hosting and it’s great to see you again after our way-too-long absence from blogging. I posted today about the big yard sale I had for the humans this weekend:

    CEO, Artsy Catsy

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