Tabby Tuesday Reports

img_2011a.JPGFirst I want to think Karen Jo for her great limerick about ME!!! Then I have to tell you about my furry exciting day yesterday. Jack Bauer came to rescue Cheysuli. Well Momma didn’t want to go and Cheysuli refused to go without her. So Momma and Jack had words. Lots of them are words that I can’t repeat on a “g” rated blog. Probably not even PG. Momma DOES NOT like Jack Bauer. Anyway, after Jack threatened to shoot her and kill her if she wouldn’t let him save her life, Jack knocked her out and carried her out of the room.

Cheysuli put in a call to someone named Tony, who was supposed to be dead. She told him that she had a situation and that someone had sent Jack Bauer because there had been a threat on her life.

They talked for a moment and then Jack came back to rescue her too! He carried her out and then they were gone! Georgia and I had been left behind!!!! I was so mad at her. I hid in the closet. Georgia didn’t notice that anything had happened.

Then they came back with a large heavyset guy that I’m sure I’ve seen on television. He said something about having things taken care of and the threat had been neutralized.

“Thank heavens. I hope it was soon enough that the Woman hasn’t had time to injure Jack Bauer too seriously. She really dislikes him.”

“Want me to fix that too?” the guy said.

“Nah. I love to have things annoy the Woman!”

“I just love those kits of yours, Chey,” he said, leaving.

I know I’ve seen him, but I can’t remember where… hmm…


  1. Oh my gosh Gemini, that sounds very frightening, but exciting at the same time. Mom got really tired of Jack Bauer, I mean, how many times can one guy save the world? I hope you are all OK!

    I went ahead and opened the bar early, so come over for a niptini!


  2. Yeah, mom stopped liking Jack Bauer after about 4 episodes. she’s easily bored and said she couldn’t watch him save da world over and over again…

  3. Wow, what an exciting day! I don’t know who Jack Bauer is, but his visit doesn’t sound very good. Lovely photo of you, Gemini. 🙂

  4. Things have been really exciting at your house, Gemini, and a bit scary, too. I’m glad you like your limerick and thanks for the link. I fixed the bit about how old you were when your Mom found you. I’m glad Georgia likes her limerick, too.

  5. We don’t know him eifur but it does all sound acitin’ tho. Yoo look intrigued.

  6. Wow, that sounds scary!

  7. OoooooooooooooooooooooooooooWOWWWWWWWWWWWWWOoooooooooooooooooooooo Miss Gemini dat is the most purrfect pixchur I have ever seen of yu. OHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Momma print out dat pixchur of Miss Gemini so I can add it to my collection. OOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. Queen Snickers says:

    Wow, our house is really dull compared to that. hehe

  9. I never met Jack Bauer before. But he sounds like a very good person to come and rescue Chey!

  10. Oh no!! Should I go rescue Chey from Jack Bauer?? Maybe I could torture him and he wouldn’t die…yet again. I’d watch the big guy…don’t make him mad.

  11. Oh wow! That was amazing to read about. Our Daddy likes Jack Bauer and has given Captain Jack the nickname of Jack Meower in honor of him.

  12. sownds like you had a very eggciting day.

  13. Hey Gemini,
    You guessed that Picture #2 was looking up from the center of the Arizona memorial, when it was actually looking up through the center of the Capitol building in downtown Honolulu, which is what Zippy said.

    If you clicked on the pictures to biggify them and looked down as your browser loaded them, you would see the jpeg caption. Originally picture 1 said “oil_spill.jgp”, and picture 1 said “capitol_dome.jpg”. Mom changed them to “pciture1.jpg” and “picture2.jpg”, but it was too late.


  14. Was this the same Tony that purchased some Kittens? I think you see him on TeeVee before…

  15. WOW Gemini! That sounds very exciting and scary. Ummm . . . this Tony . . . . I hope it isn’t who I think it is . . .

  16. Maybe if the scriptwriters’ strike goes on long enough, Jack Bauer will run out of things to do or say to save the world. We can only hope. As for this Tony, he reminds me of this guy my human knows from Long Island, except the L.I. Tony isn’t dead. Yet.

  17. holy cow!!! JACK BAUER? wowie!!!

  18. Why do they send a man in to do a Kitties job…Kitties unite we can save the world!

  19. hahaa chey thats brilliant, very very funny!!!

  20. My starz & tar-nation!!! What iz goin’ on over dere? Do we needz to send over Cat Woman to rekew evfurry buddy? either dat, or some nip might help calm down da ofur-active imagu-nationz at work..although, dat would be shame. dis’ iz pretty good stuff!

    -Dr Tweety

  21. Gemini, you look very cute – the limerick was wonderful! Anyways, I didn’t know that so many scare-y things happened yesterday. I’m glad that everykitty was all right.

    Cheysuli mommy, *hugs* thanks for reminding us that Missy is always there. Me and mommy felt better when we remembered. It’s kinda hard for me to remember when I always have to watch out for my trouble-maker lil siblings.

    I hope that you will take care of yourself, mommy, but don’t be intimidated by these rumours and stuff!

  22. You want I should come over and hiss at someone and whap their kneecaps? I can do that for you, just say the word. I’d be glad to defend a fellow tabby. Just say the word, and I’ll take care of them for you.

  23. Gemini, that is one of the bestest pictors of you efur. I agree, tho, if ascarey fings are goin on, time to hide. I mean, watch frum a safe place. Like, behind Bonnie. Why would anyone wanna take away yur Mom an leaf you an Georgia alone?

    Mom sumtimes says she’d like to take me an go to a hotel – leaf the rest behind. But she’s just kiddin. I fink.

  24. That is a very nice picture of you Gemini, although you look a bit serious. Maybe because of the scary things that were happening?

    Moe & Mindy

  25. I think I would join you in the closet!!
    (You have very pretty eyes )

  26. Mum doesn’t watch either the Jack guy or the Tony guy either. But I am worried that Chey’s actions are going to affect her President run.

  27. Do you mean Jack’s back! WOO HOO! Mom LOVES Jack. 🙂 She’s smilin’ real hard. If you see Jack, can you tell him I’m with the FBI now??

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