Reported Missing: Cheysuli Embroiled in More Scandal

img_1916a.JPGFrom the API

Last week Sam Smith, an API reporter went missing. He was last seen partying in Las Vegas after breaking a huge story on political candidate Cheysuli having ties to the Mob.

“We’re looking for him,” stated Lieutenant Brass of the Las Vegas Police Department. Beyond that the police have been unhelpful. A sudden storm has not helped with the collection of evidence.

Rumor has it some brown fur, that could belong to a Siamese cat was found at the scene of the crime.

“Cheysuli has been very cooperative and offered her fur for testing. The DNA was not a match. In fact, we think this may be a slightly different type of Siamese than she is,” said a source close to Cheysuli.

The LVPD is searching all Siamese known to be in Vegas. Oddly, all Las Vegas hotels are currently out of ham. The disappearances are apparently unrelated.

“We just hope he hasn’t been whapped,” stated Brass.


Remember Feature Friday. Most intriguing comment is my Sunday Guest Star.

Please keep Monty in your purrayers and thoughts. He’s gone missing.



  1. Furry mysterious indeed. I’m sure Cheysuli had nothing to do with it though…

  2. I fink I know a ham loving Siamese… But I’z sure he’s a good boy and wouldn’t do nufin naughty!

  3. Hmm. Well, just because Las Vegas has run out of ham does NOT indicate that there may be one or two ham-eatng-whapping- siamese cats on the run. Dogs eat ham too, you know and they, too, are well capable of crimes.

    In which laboratory did the dna sample get tested? Are the authorities certain that the scene was not contaminated after the crime?

    If you ask me, it seems that because they couldn’t pin it on you, Chey, they are looking for another furry scapegoat – or two. Innocent until proven guilty – I trust Sammy and Miles implicitly.

    Ooops. Sorry chaps – didn’t mean to name you! xx

  4. I believe that I just heard of a ham loving Meezer with an unaccountably wet head! I feel certain that it is a coincidence as he wasn’t actually seen in Vegas – was he???

    Purrrrrs, Willow

  5. I know she is innocent.. she was with us the entire time.

    i will not eat green eggs and ham.

  6. Chey, if the authorities just put their heads together and use their little grey cells, they’ll know you couldn’t have anything to do with this.

    Hmm, ham… and a meezer too. This sounds like A Clue. The game is afoot!

  7. I hope they don’t test my fur…. I mean, how on earth could they think this was connected to you!

  8. Personally, I’d suspect some of those fat-cat Hollywood executives who’ve decided to wait out the Writers Guild strike in Vegas. I mean the obviously greedy ones–as the mysterious ham famine demonstrates.

  9. Of course Chey is innocent.
    Everyone knows politicians don’t do their own dirty work.

  10. Hmmm, Siamese cat fur? Ham missing? I know a ham-loving Siamese, but I’m pretty sure he’s safely at home, after all, he was just recently out on a road trip! Poor Chey, the press just won’t leave you alone, will they? I guess that’s one of the downsides of a political career.

  11. Queen Snickers says

    hmmm, could this be a potential frame job?

  12. Don’t worry Chey – we will not tell the press that you are friends with two known kitty pirates who could have shaghai-ed the reporter. Or shaghai-ed the ham for that matter too!

  13. Hendrix: nom nom nom What ham??? *munch*

    Bendrix: nom nom nom What AP reporter? *munch*

  14. I think I know the culprits. But I will never tell! Because I am not a Stool Pigeon.

  15. Whapped? Ack! I’m going to go hide Sammy just in case that guy was whapped. Sammy always gets blamed for whappage.

  16. Funny, I just found out Sanjee is going to go hide Miles too. Or maybe they’re just out looking for the lost ham so Miles can collect a percentage as a reward.


    excuse me.


  18. wait WHAT? steal ham? ME? NEFURR!



  19. The hotels in Las Vegas are out of ham! That is definitely a clue in finding the missing reporter.

    Moe & Mindy

  20. I certainly hope that nasty report got whapped!!! Paparazzi….bleh!!!

  21. A reporter by the name of Sam “Smith” sounds shaky to me. It’s a frame up!

  22. Whapped!!!?? Bwahahahahaha!!!
    If Sam Smith happened to have the ham and would not share……………
    Does the Red Bus have a trunk???
    Whapped!!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

  23. Hmmm missing ham, meezer furrs, a wet head and whapping. Nope nuffin adds up there. We couldn’t possibly guess who it could be.

  24. ::WHAP::: :::WHAP:::: :::WHAP:::

    um, nope, I don’t know no ham-steal, whapping meezer or meezers who may or may not haf similar furs to Chey, and may or may not haf a wet head. doesn’t sound familiar at all.


    I don’t think he’ll be messing wif you again Chey. IF HE KNOWS WHAT’S GOOD FOR HIM.

    I mean, I hope he retracts his story.


  25. Hang tough, Chey. And remember, if the pawmitt doesn’t fit, they must acquit!


  26. And I thought my private life was chaotic right now! I am sure Chey has nothing to do with this little problem. I have found Chey to be an honorable Feline-American and the purrfect opponent. Hang tough. We’re all pulling for you.

    Doc Holiday
    Purrfect for America

  27. If the DNA doesn’t have a match, the paws are clean! Maybe some evidence was planted? Hmmm, very very interesting!

    Purrs for a good outcome. Scandal’s can ruin a career. Squishy Scritches!

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