Thursday Arguments

img_0107a.JPGHey, why do you think Gemini should get to blog AGAIN.  MY blog has been about the puffy cat (not a meezer) for the last two days!  I agreed to share, not give it up.

Gemini did not have an adventure. She hid under a bush.

I know the Human Male looked under that bush, but he’s a male. Fallible.

I know you looked under the same bush–that proves point one.  However, you too are fallible.

Gemini at best hid under ANOTHER bush somewhere and didn’t bother to mew at you and you couldn’t find her. She’s not going to tell the truth about her adventure.

*I* would  have been found much sooner.  I would have danced on the fences for all the dogs in the neighborhood, just out of reach and made them crazy!  I would have demanded that I get breakfast in bed after my evening adventure.  Do not think I wouldn’t have! I’m a meezer. What? That’s the door.



  1. Maybe you should make Gemini get a bwog of her own. Then she can bwog all she wants.

  2. Haha…sowwy…I meant maybe you should get Gemini BACK to her own bwog!

  3. You look wonderful in red. I know it’s hard to understand why everybody was so upset about Gemini, but I bet if the truth were told you missed her too, now didn’t you? Weren’t you the one in bed pestering the beans more than usual? It’s okay. I don’t like to admit how much my sibs mean to me. Let em think you’re the only one. Well, enjoy the return of your blog and I hope your sister doens’t make a run for the limelight again.

  4. You are a lovely and nice cat, It is nice to hear you thinking of Gemini, and you speak you are not going outside.
    You momma must be completely exhausted by find Gemini, and you need to take care of your momma and Gemini ~~

  5. I am glad that you are not going outside, Cheysuli. I think you probably missed Gemini as much as anyone else, you just won’t admit it. I am sure that you would have been much more vocal about being outside and would have been much easier to find. We don’t need a demonstration, though.

  6. Going Outside for adventures is very very dangerous, unless you are on a harness and leash. Or in a stroller.

  7. You look lovely with that boa, Chey. I’m just glad Gemini is back safe.

  8. We do not go out side ever. If I were out side, I would never come when called. what do they think we are? toys?

    You look great in that RED boa. Wowie.

  9. Wow, Chey, I thogt I was the onliest Simese who blogged! Hear is my blog, I have not updated it in a reely long time. Because Mommy cant find her camera because she is a slob. We are moving soon, I will start blogging again soon!

  10. You look gorgeous, and we love your red boa, but we also love your puffy sister. Please let her blog lots too. We were very worried about her.

  11. Kaze and you are cut from the same mold. She would NEVER go Out of Doors and if she did you’d hear her clear across the country. You look so purty in that boa!!! Its OK, should we ever actually need to go hunt for food I would do it for you. I’m your big brave Man Cat (even though I’m tiny in size).

  12. outside – BAD. Inside – GOOD Inside is where the foods is.

  13. Fabulous boa!

  14. WOW what an adventure! I just read all those posts with terror but I am SO relieved Gemini is home!!!!! xx

  15. Do not go out outside. It is a very dangerous place. You are a smart kitty for staying inside.

  16. Inside is better and safer – I hope Gemini stays indoor more often!

  17. Yep, stay inside where it is safe.

  18. You look great in red, Chey!

  19. Chey, red is definitely yr colour. Am glad Gemini is back as I know how heart stopping it is when kitties go off wandering by themselves. Thanks so much for joining WCB this weekend.

  20. Ha! 😀

    Very, very very smart meezer. 😉

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