Feature Friday

img_0406a.JPGWell it’s Friday again.  I think that for now we’ll be doing our Saturday Guest Star as a SUNDAY GUEST STAR, although the concept will stay the same.  Why?  The Woman seems to think she’s getting the hang of her DSLR and could actually take photos that might qualify as photohunters.  HA!  She’s not that good.

So intrigue me all! I am just as regal and as godesslike as Yao-lin. Amuse me.  Intrigue me.  Make me think. Tell me your tail each Friday of the 1001 that I require to keep from doing something nasty to you.

Until then, I will nap.

Oh yes, that was me getting used to the absolute executive power. What do you think?


  1. I think power napping is a wonderful thing.

  2. Oh yes, yoo are a natchural fur absolute powur! Luk at yer natchural napping ability…wondurful, Chey!

  3. Oh, I think you are doing a fine job of wielding absolute exectutive power.

    We are happy to live in Canada, but if you become President we might think about moving to the States.

    Luckily, the Big One takes care of most of the moneys for us, and he has fearlessly faced down the local vishus deers many many times, because they hunt around the bins behind where he used to work. We are happy he hunts from home now, mostly. It’s much safer.

  4. I hope you will have a very good weekend~!

  5. Oh Chey! Of COURSE you are a regal Goddess!!! It isn’t in your nature to boast, your are elegantly, seamlessly regal. It is obvious – and I noticed it the first time I ever visited your blog. I, on the other, require constant reassurance and praise – if I don’t get it from my humans or other bloggers then I have to say it to myself. It is simply my way. Your royal disposition goes without saying – you are just gorgeous, regal, beautiful, lithe and a little haughty – all without trying!

    There, do you feel better my regal goddess?

    Affectionate and respectful purrs from Prince to Princess

    HRH Yao-Lin xxx

  6. We like living in the United States, but if you DON’T win, we might consider moving to Canada with Jack!! we think that napping should be made law – 12 naps a day. This woud be a much happier place to live. Mommy says it might end up like living in the United States of Stepford though, if everyone is always happy.

  7. If you don’t win we are moving out of the USA too. It is already become a nazi state. I do wish you could just take over now and save us all from tyranny.

    oh- we will be providing can-can lessons before the party begins. see you soon!

  8. Wow first I thought this was a close up of a leopard and then I saw your regalness nestled inside the leopard – you are so brave. FAZ

  9. Come and see Anastasia in the Groucho Marx glasses AND I am giving away a price today!
    Check the comments to the Dare – I think there were some bunnies who were offering to be nomss friends. I am sure you will find someone, the link button for the Dare will stay in our sidebar permanently!!!

  10. Uppps. You already did come and see Anastasia – I was not paying attention…
    But go and try out for the price!

  11. I am so excited for you to join the Photo Hunters! It is very fun. Sometimes it is a challenge to find something to fit the theme.

  12. You know, I’ve been thinkin of doing the photohunters thingy. I do not usually post on Saturday. The Lady is usually not home and most times takes the laptop with her which of course makes it impossible for me to post. I think that Sunday Guest Star would be just as successful as Saturday Guest Star. I will still tune in.

  13. Happy Week-end Chey and Co.

  14. Power nappin’? Oh yeah, that’s a superduper thing to do. Almost as good as power spazzin’!!

    And oh fiddle fardle, Dorydoo furgot about Rascal and William, their noses look a lot like hers, too!

    I can’t wait ’til yur Prezident, Chey! You’ll be a great one!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  15. Just wanted to stop by and wish a great weekend Your Highness.

  16. Hello, your Highness. Looks like you & I are both settling into our comfy beds this weekend. But what about those kitties who don’t have soft beds or plates of stinky goodness put out for them each day? Sometimes I think about that and it makes me feel sad.

  17. We love your regal ears perking up over the snuggle!

  18. What a furry nice kitty bed!

  19. Naptimes should definitely be a law. Maybe optional for bizzy bees and humans. But still, there’s gotta be a law protecting our naptimes. Yep.
    your bud Pepi

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