Dona Nobis Pacem

globechey1.jpgIt’s blogblast for peace. As a peace loving cat, I, of course am participating.

There can be no peace without an understanding of compassion. Compassion is the highest, most simple form of love. While we may not like someone, we can place ourselves in their shoes and offer them compassion for the fact that they are not so different from ourselves.

All sentient beings seek love and happiness. They all do their best to avoid suffering. At the basest level, we are all alike. The way we seek out these things and the exact things that cause either love or sufering are different for each of us. When we can understand and respect that diversity we can have peace.

We can choose to act from love and compassion or we can act from fear. Fear is what leads to violence and wars. To break that habit, we must begin to act from compassion. Acting from compassion is still acting. It means that when we act, we act from the courage of our convictions and with the intent to offer no harm to another but make the world a better place than it was before.



  1. Chey, that’s a wise and superduper post. And you have such a purr-etty peace globe.

    Peace, purrs, and kittyhugs from me and my sisters!

  2. may peace be with you today and always

  3. Chey, you are very smart and I really liked your thoughts about compassion.

  4. I love your peace globe. Your post about compassion is very wise and understanding. It really hit the mark. Peace and love to you and your family.

  5. Very wise, very well said. Peace.

  6. Wonderful post, Cheysuli. You are a very wise Siamese.

    Peace to you, Gemini, and Georgia.

  7. Happy Peace Day, Chey and Georgia!

  8. Great post Chey!

    Peace Purrs

  9. Wow. That was amazing. You’ll make a great president, Cheysuli. Peace!

  10. Peace to you!!

  11. So true what you wrote, Cheysuli. Peace to you & yours,

  12. Hmph. Peace with the Brats? One day, but I’m not promising anything after that.

    P.S. I’m home now and doing better. Thanks so much for the prayers and kind words.

  13. Oh Chey, that is wonderful!

  14. Great peace globe Chey. Your wise words show why you would make the best President.
    Peace to you all.

  15. Peace President Chey!

  16. I definitely think that we should all give peace a chance. 🙂

  17. You express yourself so well, Chey! Let’s all purr for peace.

  18. Well said! FAZ

  19. Pooses for Peace supports you!
    zevo and the pooses for peace

  20. Pax vobsicum Chey!

  21. Woops! I ment Pax vobiscum!

  22. Terrific looking Peace Globe – we love your hat! Peace to you all…

  23. Grant Us Peace – “All You Need Is Love”
    Sitting On The COUCH For Peace

  24. Peace, lots of peace 🙂

  25. That was so wonderfully said! You have such a way with words – but then, you ARE a politician, right? But judging from your words a Buddhist at heart!
    Love and peace and purrs to you!

  26. yup! yer da cat! chey fer prezident.
    peace an luv–yer grate frend–jh

  27. May the warmth and spirit of this Peace Globe Day bring us all peace. You’re globe is beautiful.

    From WTIT: the most peaceful Tape Radio Station ever…

  28. That’s a lovely post. Very well said.

    Luf, Us

  29. Dear Chey,

    I got your message over at my site. Skeezix would definitely make a well dressed moderator!

    It is your choice. Please let me know when you expect the debate to begin.

    I see by the comments here, that your constituency liked your post about peace. They seem to have already elected you!


    Skittles, The Huntress

  30. Peaceful purrs to you Chey.

  31. Peace be wif yous!

  32. Cheysuli – GREAT post. I loved what you said about replacing fear with compassion and action. Brilliant conversation in the blogosphere today.

    Thank you!

  33. I’m cruising by from Mimi’s. Happy Peace Globe Day.

    Peace to you!

  34. Thanks for visiting me earlier today. Peace to you and yours!

  35. Fiona Bun says


  36. great post. peace to all!

  37. Absolutely!

    Great post, and love your globe!

    Peace to you and yours, now and always!

  38. Nice words. It that part of your platform?

    We heard that you’re running on the Meezers for Total Domination ticket, but isn’t your running mate a non-meezer?


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