Puffalump Scandal

Yesterday, Cheysuli was grounded for inappropriate language.

“I’m happy that the outcome wasn’t worse. They actually wanted to remove me from the household all together.  Fortunately reason prevailed,” said Miss Cheysuli after she was publically humiliated censored by Gemini for calling her a “puffalump.”

“You just shouldn’t use that kind of language around a puffy cat. It’s very insulting,” said Gemini.

Cheysuli used the term after Gemini jumped down from a high place and attacked.   Turning to her attacker, Cheysuli allegedly said the word, “puffalump.”

“Everyone heard her,” said Gemini.  “Well that would be me.  The humans never really listen to us anyway and I think Georgia is hard of hearing.”

“Gemini hears words that she hates all the time.   I said no such thing.  In the heat of the action of being chased and attacking, I think she made something up,” said Cheysuli.  “Regardless of whether I did this or not, I am the one who is taking the fall.  It could be far far worse.  However, I’ve campaigned on the concept of honesty and responsibility so I will stand up and take my punishment.”

“Really,” said an annonymous source, “She lives by what she says. I think she’ll make a great wife president.”


  1. Uh oh! Hmmm…maybe I should stop calling Persephone ‘Fat Sister’ like Nonie on Mows….

  2. Chey, we believe you, because you said that you would never lie! We think someone is just trying to slander your Presidential canidacy!

  3. Chey, it’s all part of running for office. They can’t talk about the issues, they’ve got to talk about the scandal.

  4. Someone is obviously trying to sling some mud in your direction. I believe you, you would never say anything mean like that. Hmm…I guess I should start watching my language while playing.

  5. Oh my goodness Chey! I believe you. You are a very honest cat. I guess we should all be nice to our siblings.

  6. Chey, I am proud of you for taking responsibility, even if you did not say that word. We have had enough presidents who try to deny and avoid accountability, you will be a breath of fresh air in the office.

  7. Chey, Presidential candidates must be very, very careful about what they say, especially those things that may be reported on by the press. Everything nowadays is open to misinterpretation!

    But the important thing is you apologized, however vague it may have been. I feel your public will forgive & forget.


  8. Chey the press will make so much out of a simple name. At least this shouldn’t be as bad as Mr. Imus.

    P.S. I am glad you think I am a good hunter.

  9. Oh gosh, such a simple thing blown waaaaay out of proportion.
    A puffalump… Is there something, anything terrible about being a puffalump?
    I have been a proud and happy puffalump for many years.


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