Frootbat Friday

So there I was having a nap.  You might wonder what I’m dreaming.   Well, I’ll never tell.

The human woman had a dream when she was ill.  She had gotten sick shortly after doing all sort of dress shopping for the wedding (for which we still do not have a date as we have not heard from the wonderful son of the human male–a son who is almost a reason for the human male to live!).  Anyway she had a dream which she thinks is a silly fever dream but I think was the probably the most intelligent and honest thing she has ever said.

The dress she choose has a black sash and in her dream the sash was brown and the dress cream.  In her dream, the Woman thought she would wear brown gloves, shoes and a hat and then she could look like me and that would be perfect for her wedding.

See, it was a very truthful and honest dream.   I can’t see why people laugh at her.


  1. You look great in your bed, dreaming. I think your Mom had a neat dream. I think it would be great if she dressed up in your colors for the wedding. Thank you for visiting my blog and adding me to your links.

  2. You look very cozy in your bed Chey. It looks very comfortable.

    That is a very cool dream your mom had. 🙂 I think she would look lovely dressed in Meezer colours!

  3. Meowmy would NEVER laugh at her. She LOVES meezer colors. In fact, she was out dress shopping last night (she has a ball to go to) and she said those colors are VERY much in fashion and saw some gorgeous gowns just like your Woman dreamed of. She tried to get a brown dress but unfortunately nothing fit her so she ended up with a navy blue one which is darker than my eyes but still pretty. Can I escort you to the human wedding when they choose a date? I’d love to see your Woman looking so beautiful.

  4. Does this mean you have a very special wedding to help plan Chey?

  5. yep, your mommy wants to be a Meezer too!!! that’s prolly why our mommy has been dekorating the house in Meezer colors.

  6. Latte, I would love to have you escort me to the wedding. I’m sure that with the presidential campaign heating up by late this summer (probably) there will be photographers and you look so nice in yoru suit!

  7. Wow! You have a beanbaggy??? We would really love on of those! Thank you for the nice compliment! I am 10 months old, but when I get my new husband-kitty, I will become a Mommy one day. Maybe they will get my cute nose, what do you think???
    ~Stella (& the Gang)

  8. Chey, I think you are right. That was a very honest and truthful dream yer Mommie had. She will be the belle of the ball in Meezer colors!

  9. I love your bed! I know I’ve said that before, but I wish they would make one for humans! That would be great and so comfy, lol! And, I like your mombean’s dream. Meezer colors are a few of my fave colors.

  10. wow, you are beautifical in that cozy bed.

    Those fever dreams are always bizarre… even more bizarre than the nonfever dreams
    still those colors for a dress… could be very very nice. maybe not for the wedding, but still.

  11. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable dress to me!

  12. Excellent bed, Chey.

    Only fing is – I am SO big and floofie, I would not be able to be in a bed like that for more than one quick nap……..


  13. Chey, you are so ultra-glamorous even when you’re sleeping!!

    Artsy Catsy Spokesmodel

  14. I see nothing wrong with your human’s dream. She would like to be as beautiful and as graceful as a cat? Well, who wouldn’t?? Only a few good folks are unafraid to admit it. Help her fulfill her dream.

    That is an exotic looking bed you have there. Seems like you’d dream of being a jungle cat…

  15. The world would be a better place if all the people dreamed about looking like thier kitties. And then acting like them. With their opposable thumbs, life would be sooooo good…

  16. We think that dress combo sounds divine Chey ~

  17. You look incredibly comfortable Chey. Your kitty bed compliments you perfectly, with dreams or without.

  18. I fink it’s purry nice that yur human wants to look like you. She prolly wishes she was a kitty. I don’t blame her.

  19. Your bed is a wonderous thing!


  20. Diva Kitty says:

    That’s a very nice bed! It looks very comfy

  21. chey,
    da “c street band” would luv to play at yer mom’z weddin!
    would we havta dress like meezerz … like yer mom?

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