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I decided I need a little artwork in my blog. How’s this?


  1. Beautiful just about covers it!

  2. Great pikshur, Chey! Mommy said she wantedta smooch that stretched out paw, but I tolded her she better not or ELSE!

  3. Hi Chey. I don’t see an email for you so I’m responding to your inquiry about Coats of Many Colors through your comments. Yes, since technically you would meet the bi or tri-color qualifications, you are eligible to join our group. We do have 2 Siamese (Kimo & Magic, but I think KoKo is Tonkinese) members already and would be happy to include you! If you want to join, just send me your biography and the picture you want shown. After you’re listed, I’ll send you the html code for the membership button.

    I started my group because there was one for the tabbies, tuxies, gingers and panthers, but the rest of us had nowhere to be!!! Now I see there are so many blogging Meezers, you could form your own group.


    P.S. Love your Christmas card!

  4. Lovely picture. 🙂 You look very beautiful in black and white. Although my mom says she prefers to see Meezers in colour, because you have such pretty blue eyes. But I think you look very nice in black and white too.

  5. that is a LOVELY photo of a lovely lady! (middie, don’t get your back up, i’m only responding to the “artistic” aspect;-) thank you again for the fun paw (the live mouse pressie is a wonderful idea, but prolly best saved for some time when BOTH ‘rents are on vacation!)

  6. I think its a frootbat friday photo, if you ask me! You’re sooo pretty :). Want to snuggle??


  7. That photo is so exquisite, I must admit I’m a little jealous.

    But I’ll deny it, if you tell anyone! 🙂

  8. You’re a furry handsome cat!

  9. That’s an incredibly artistic pose.

  10. Very cute!!

  11. Latte, I LOVE to snuggle!

  12. We did notice that your photo was very interesting, indeed, so Mom wants to say that she really liked that “antiqued” look!

  13. You have very long legs. I bet you can run most fast.


  14. The contrasting white and black is fabulous.

  15. That is a furry beautiful portrait. Very artistic.

  16. furry attraktive Chey

  17. Now *that* is a cute cat! Looks lonely, though. Are you sure you don’t need one of our 9 adopted cats for company?

  18. Ken, how lovely that you should worry about me. Unfortunately I have two other cats that I have to “compete” with. How sad, isn’t it?

  19. Chey, you are one great looking cat! And so photogenic

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