Watching the Election Returns

Did you vote? I hope so.  I am sitting here with the Woman and the Human Male and watching the election returns.  Just two more years until it’s ME!  I hope.  The fact that I was not allowed to vote here does not inspire confidence in my ability to run a campaign. They are still insisting that cats can’t vote!

I showed them.  I had my Darcy Burner sign out and campaigned for her right by the school–well for a moment. It’s raining way to hard.  I was lucky that I didn’t get swept away in the flood the way some farm  animals did.  We are very near Snoqualmie and Fall City, which have been on the news.  The Woman had to take a different route to work because the route she normally takes was closed because it goes through Fall City and it’s pretty much flooded out.

I hate the thought of pets that might have been left behind as people fled. I even hate the thought of the farm animals that may have been left behind to fend for themselves. They showed a pig (or pre-ham) being rounded up from a flooded area and taken to safer ground.  I hope that everyone ends up safe–including that pre-ham.


  1. we hopes that you all will stay safe in the floods! we wasn’t allowed to vote eifurr, but we is not old enuf in people years yet – but we will be in the next ‘lekshun.

  2. Chey, I think it’s a conspirussy to keep cats frum voting in evry elekshun win they make the voting age 18. I meen, even my frend Rocky can’t vote and he’s an ansient geezer cat. And by the time he makes it to 18, he’ll probly be so owt of it he won’t even know hooz running.

  3. I am glad you are safe and sound! Meowm and I will pray for all those other animals and their beans!

  4. Floods? Yikes! Be safe an SAVE THE PRE-HAMS!

  5. Flooding is very scary stuff! I hope all of the animals are taken care of!

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