Tabby Tuesday

Momma I think you are getting a little too close with that camera. How will anyone know that you are taking a photo of me that close?!

Oh look!  yes, you can see it is me.  It is Gemini.

I am a little bit nervous this week.  Lots of things are going into boxes again.  I like this place.  I feel safe here because it is just big enough for me to know where things are.  I love sitting on the arm of the sofa and looking out at the birds.  We are higher up so I am above the birds and that is very exciting.  Momma says that there will be high up windows were we are going but they will not yet have trees.

My Dad wants to build a Zen Rock garden. I hear they have sand. Do you think he is making me a big old litter box? I hope so.  That would be excellent!  Of course, Momma does not like me to go outside because if I get scared I would just run and run and run and run and maybe hide and she worries that she would never ever find me again.  I would find her. I am a smart little cat.

Tabby Tuesday

What do you have for me Momma? Oh you are taking my photo?  I had no idea. I thought I would just go and give you a little whiff.

And now you have made me look a little bit funny. Like my head is way too big for my body.  And it isn’t. What will Ping think? He will think I am all deformed.  That is so unfair of you. And you wonder why I always refused to come out of my closet!

Tabby Tuesday

I am a little bit miffed that Momma has new photos but she has not uploaded them of me.  So now I must give her my displeased look.

I hate to have to do that after a nice weekend like Thanksgiving, when she was home a lot and made Ichiro leave me alone.  Maybe she will upload the new photos by next week?

Tabby Tuesday

Momma says I have a very pretty profile so I am showing it off.

I like that I can walk from the kitchen across her desk and onto her keyboard without any problems.  I will be sorry when we move to the big house and I can no longer do that.  I do not think she will be putting her desk in the kitchen.  That is too bad. It would be nice, don’t you think?

Momma says it will be Thanksgiving this week so I need something to be thankful for.  I am thankful that I have a nice spot on the corner of my sofa to snooze on.  And that I have a nice profile.

Tabby Tuesday

Oh hello.  I was just, well, washing up.  You know.

Did you notice me in the picture yesterday? I was on the bottom right.  My Georgia was on the top left.  The cat in between Georgia and Ichiro and the two other cats on the bottom were kittens at Purrfect Pals.  The cat yawning between me and Ichiro was another adult cat that found a home from Purrfect Pals. They are lucky cats I think.  I mean they have homes now and they do not have to live with Ichiro.

If you will excuse me I am going to find a more private place to finish this. Momma found my favorite hiding spot. It is up in the cupboard above the refrigerator.  She did not look in there because we rarely go up high but I do here!  ‘Cause there’s a place I can hide!

Tabby Tuesday

This is my favorite spot to watch the big crows and the squirrels. There are trees right outside (so it is not as bright as Momma would like) but the squirrels love to climb the trees.  From here I can look out and look through the branches when there are no naughty squirrels and watch the crows flying around.  Sometimes they fly right towards me!  I get so excited.  It makes Momma laugh.

I like this place. I come out and do not hide hardly at all. Momma isn’t sure if it is because it is smaller and more manageable for me so I am not so afraid or if it is because it is smaller and therefore all her feliway diffusers are more concentrated so I am more relaxed.  At any rate, I am out lots and lots and Momma sees me way more often and she likes that.  Ichiro does not know what to make of it and because I still swat him and hiss at him (Momma even told me I was mean once! ME!) it makes him very anxious.

Momma is hoping that the two of us will settle down sometime.  I do not know.  I like being feisty!

Tabby Tuesday

This is the face I show Ichiro.  He keeps trying to mess with me.  I tell him that I dare him to take me on.  I am a tough little tabby.

Tabby Tuesday

I am having a garage sale to help Momma and my Dad when they try to sell the house.

Ichiro: $1.00 (I only have a dollar to pay you to take him).  He makes my whisker curl–see I have one curly whisker!

Tabby Tuesday

Well I am looking out the window waiting for my dad.  I do this a lot.   It really won’t make that much difference in his commute.  I think that he is mostly worried that if traffic is really bad there are a couple of places that there are only a few ways to get to where he is looking to move.  It is all his idea. Momma just settled in and figured they could afford a bigger house so she would make due here.

She suggested all the outdoor living areas and maybe a screened porch for us kitties but my Dad is not interested in that right now.  He also wants a newer house and he is willing to do the work for it.  Unless of course it would cost a ton of money to fix up what we have to get is salable.  Momma doesn’t think that will happen, so who knows?

If I get more windows I shall be happy about that!  And maybe Ichiro will have fences that are close enough to him that he won’t be afraid outside (we do have a big fenced yard but it’s really really big–I know because I was losted out there once when no one knew I sneaked out!)

Tabby Tuesday

Just for the record, I do not like being jumped on.  I do not like it when Ichiro leaps up from nowhere and lands on my back grabbing me.   I think it is like those horror movies then the dead person leaps up and grabs the hero at the end.   I think Ichiro is a little like a horror movie monster!

I also do not like it when he jumps out and grabs me around the neck and tries to bite on me either.   Yes.  I do think he is a horror movie monster.  If anyone needs a horror movie monster, then we have Ichiro.  He is like Dorian Grey and only looks good. I bet there is a picture in our attic that is very scary to look at, don’t you?

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