Pet Food Quality

In light of the Menu Foods recall, I began wondering who made the various pet products out there. I know the brand. I know many of the parent companies. I do not know who processes these foods.

Pet Food List has a wonderful page that took a lot of time and effort to compile for many of the foods not invovled in the recall. A few brands are missing but it’s fairly comprehensive and a nicely done page.  For those who have been to PetsitUSA, this is the same list that have on their blog. They created their own page due to the high volume of traffic.

I also wondered about quality control. I sat down with our naturopath this afternoon and asked. In supplements, quality control means that the company has third party assays done to be sure that the nutrients the product claims actually exist in the product. The assays also check for contaminants. Having said that, not ever assay will check every ingredient in every product. Many companies claim to check their products, however their measurements are done in house. Any in house product assays should not count towards overall quality control. An independent third party should do them regularly.

Anything that is not manufactured in house should be produced by a company that means the standards imposed upon the pet food industry. I am still searching out the various licensures on that. I have some sites that I will reference a bit further so that the information is as clear as I can make it.

Thank you all for your help.

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