Sunday Guest Star: Vincent and Vespa and the Cat Wisdom Gang

Hillspet-giveawayWell this was one of the few true ties. Both Vincent and Vespa and the gang at Cat Wisdom had comments come through at exactly 9:33 PM so they were about as tied as you could get. We decided since Vincent and Vespa don’t have a blog that we would put Merlin’s portrait up because he is a favorite of ours.

They both said, “Powells in Portland?”

Vincent and Vespa also said, “The languages section is in the red room….if it isn’t Powell’s, we are smoothering the mistress…and finding a new owner.”

Well, those two don’t have to do that fortunately. Finding a new owner can be difficult. I have been on a search for a good one for years.

The PDX Pride knew and even the Poupounette would have guessed correctly all the way from France (can you believe that?!). We knew Powells was famous but had no idea HOW famous! Wow.

The Florida Furrkids and the Island Cats knew it was a bookstore! Newton, Pierre and Ashton admitted to hearing about Portland all the way on their end of the country but did not guess it before the smarty cats did. Umm.. Katie didn’t get her pants on quickly enough (talk about a reason to find a new owner!)




Find Chey Friday #256

IMG_3214Well the last couple of weeks have been tough ones. But here I should be able to find a travel guide to get me home. Now.. if only I could find maps and travel guides…

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Friday Ark

Weekend Cat Blogging

Wednesday with Chey

IMG_4255smAs you can see, not an ounce of fat.


Tabby Tuesday

IMG_4241smMama, I think you are getting a little close up with that camera. You are worrying me with it. Please back up and I will not have to get annoyed with you.

Meezer Mancat Monday

IMG_4165smMom was gone all day yesterday at Emerald City Comicon. She said it was huge and there were way too many people there and dealers and stuff. She did get some great postcards from Jenny Parks Illustrations though.

She said I should be glad she didn’t “dead me” for the Walking Dead in this photo. I don’t want to be dead so I am glad she did not but I’m a little worried that she threatened.

Sunday Guest Star: Finnegan (again!)

FinneganWell I have some very good friends who keep after it when all seems lost. In fact, Katie kept guessing and guessing and said, “That’s it…I’m taking my pants off.”

We were speechless until we talked to George Takei who said, “Oh Myyy….”

Then finally, Finnegan came by and said, “Ok…here goes…[deep breath]… I fink you’re in Ketchikan, Alaska!!”

And he was right. First, he was not an early guesser and no one had even guessed the correct state! Yep, that’s right. People were guessing Washington and Oregon even though I said it was north. The tabbies o Trout Town guessed Canada but when we said we weren’t there people went back to Idaho and Montana, completely bypassing the correct state.

Merlin and his buddies came by and read the truck and said, “The truck is from Southeast Environmental Construction based in Ketchikan, Alaska. Holy moley, who stole Katie’s smartypants?”

Maybe it was him? But I’m sure it was an accident if so…

Find Chey Friday #255

oldWhat is going on here? Is that a duck? Can someone please get me out of here, even if did have a warmer winter than Minneapolis, I’d still like to get home or someplace normal…

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Friday Ark

Weekend Cat Blogging

Wednesday with Chey

IMG_4212smSo the vet who did my dentistry who is not my most wonderful doctor, said I am too fat and I need to diet. I am eating as little as I always did but Gemini and Ichiro are driving the Woman bonkers because they want more food but Gemini is even pickier than I am (and she’s the only one who really shouldn’t lose weight).

Ichiro demanded more food yesterday but dragging the 16 ounce Stella and Chewy bag down from the kitchen pantry down the hall to the stairs and up the stairs and down the hall upstairs to the office. It was confiscated for his trouble. Poor guy. Even I felt sorry for him after that (so did the Woman. She gave him some Instincts treats because he worked so hard to get a snack).

This diet thing is silly. Everyone knows I’m bootiful.

Tabby Tuesday

IMG_4148smSunshine on furs can make me happy!

And we had some nice sunshine yesterday! I can’t wait until I can go out with Mama and sniff the flowers!


Mancat Meezer Monday

IMG_4282smWhat do you mean Chey only has four teeth?!