Sunday Guest Star: Laila and Minchie

spotsThe Hotties didn’t know where I was. Katie couldn’t even squeeze into her smarty pants to guess. I was worried. But Laila and Minchie knew! They said, “Chey are you in Copenhagen at the fountain at the Amaliehaven garden of the Amalienborg Palace? Bet you can find all kinds of yummy fishies to bring back home!”

And they were right. I wonder if Flynn helped, as once again this was his idea. Or maybe they follow the Flynn family when they come back and post photos of their travels? Someone has a good memory.

I shall have to mix this one up though, so that I’m somewhere else!

Sunday Guest Star: Max (Again)

2014-09-25 20.41.53Max may be our latest Smarty Pants. He came right by and said, “That looks like Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament building.” And once again he was right.

He’s even willing to help other cats with how he did it (no doubt having absorbed some of Katie‘s internet Super Powers). “Go me. I Googled “pink building Europe” and bingo. Well, first I looked for pink castle, but that turned up a bunch of fairy stuff. And maybe a tattoo idea for the Woman.”

And once again I got this idea from Flynn, who is a very well traveled cat… er well maybe it is his people!

Find Chey Friday #275

chey2This is pretty nice. As the weather changes, I’m glad I have some place inside. But if only I could get home. Can you help?

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Sunday Guest Star: Ben Fuzz

10717895_10204372564690423_909021580_nWell this one was looking to be a difficult one but Ben came by and guessed, “Might you be in front of the Academy of Fine Arts Museum in St Petersburg, Russia, Chey?”

And we had to check in with Flynn, as he’s actually been there and he said yes, that would be correct so Ben was right. The photo was really of the Sphinx on the embankment of the River Neva but that is right by the academy of Fine Arts. And as you know, I never know where I am!

And no one else knew. Perhaps no one else has been to St. Petersburg, Russia?

Sunday Guest Star: Max

2014-09-25 20.41.53Well I had hardly asked for you all to search for me, when Max came by and said, “Dood..are you at the hotel in Vegas with the mini Eiffel tower? I think it’s called the Parisian or even just the Paris Hotel…” and he was right!

I bet it’s because his people did the same image that my humans did. There was a guard up on the Tower who was telling folks to take photos at this angle. He seemed really excited about that particular view. So anyway I’m found.

I also found out that my bud and often times travel arranger, Flynn has lost weight and his folks are a bit worried about him. So if you haven’t gone and given him some purrs, could you do that?

Sunday Guest Star: Laila and Minchie

Angus and LailaWell this was harder. The Trout Talking Tabbies guessed and guessed. They guessed so much they confused the woman and she thought they finally found me but it was really Laila and Minchie AGAIN! They said, “Chey, are you in Bruges, Belgium? If so, could you bring back some Belgium chocolates?”

And I was there! Yep. Flynn had recommended I visit there. He figured since his Mum had just put that photo up on Facebook that it would be easy but very few cats go it, apparently because, well we’re cats and we find humans dull….

Now, my human needs to go get a brain so she doesn’t make silly mistakes like not getting where I am. And maybe have some of that chocolate I brought back from Belgium. After all, it’s not good for me…


Sunday Guest Star: Laila and Minchie

DSCF0001Well this one was a little confusing. Flynn and his family suggested I visit, no doubt thinking this was a perfect place for me to hang out! Merlin, Domino, and Odin came by and said, “I love the architecture of Russian Orthodox Churches. This looks like the Estonian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate.” And while that is in Talinn is the right place, that’s actually the name of the religion practiced at the church but not the name of the church itself. 

The name of the church where I am is, as Laila and Minchie said, “Chey, we hopped right up on our boogie mat and teleported over to Tallinn, Estonia and found you at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an orthodox cathedral in the Tallinn Old Town. We have room for you on our mat to take you back home in time to celebrate the holiday weekend.”

So you learned a little about the Church itself as well as the religion practiced!

And the Furkids came by and said their family had been there but Laila and Minchie were fast that night! Now you may all go be jealous of Laila in her very cool box…

Sunday Guest Star: The Purrfections and friends

Thankful Thursday aug21Well just about everyone knew I was in the Katnip Lounge. Truffle and Brulee were the first to come by. And Maxwell, Faraday and Allie recognized Salem but not Rupert. We had to wait for Katie and Waffles to get that name, but then everyone came out of the woodwork and knew who it was!

Salem seemed to be a bit hit around the Lounge when the people came visiting. For all of that, the Baby was not to be outdone, yakking for the women there with my human. Imagine that! How intimate! But it was a good visit.  The Woman was of course looking admiringly at May Ling (after all, she can never resist a meeze) and she admired Scout up on his perch.

Now, having announced that I shall go nap with some silvervine that we still have from the visit. It is parceled out only at random times and I intend to take advantage before Ichiro hogs it all.


Sunday Guest Star: Maobert

mao-yoda-petcoSo, surprisingly Mao found me this week. I don’t know what he was doing in Smartypants rather than Crankypants but he was.

Mao said, “Black Angel in Tallinn, Estonia”

And then the Furkids came by and said, “We agree with Maobert! It’s the Black Angel. Here’s what we found out about it: the Russalka Memorial is a bronze monument sculpted by Amandus Adamson, erected on 7 September 1902 in Kadriorg, Tallinn, to mark the ninth anniversary of the sinking of the Russian warship Rusalka, or “Mermaid”, which sank en route to Finland in 1893.

The monument depicts an angel holding an Orthodox cross towards the assumed direction of the shipwreck. The model for the angel was the sculptor’s housekeeper Juliana Rootsi, whose grandson is the politician Tiit Made.

The Florida Furkids”

Boy, aren’t they smart!

Mao, of course, thought the Furkids were showing off.  We think they were great! And we must thank Flynn and his mum for sharing this great photo with us!

Sunday Guest Star: Merlin, Domino, Odin and Angel Gris Gris

IMG_4590-e1407385679674Well I wasn’t gone long. In fact, I didn’t even have time to explore which room I wanted fishy flakes in when the gang at Cat Wisdom came by and found me. Merlin, Domino, Odin and Angel Gris Gris said, “Oh that’s familiar from the Book! Mercer Williams house in Savannah, Georgia.”

And they were right. In case you were wondering what I was doing there, the Purrfection’s suggested it. So I went, as I often do. I really have to thank their Mom for thinking of me whenever she is out and about and finding interesting places for me to go! Flynn’s mom does that too! In fact, they just might be better than my human about that…

They asked if anyone knew why the light in the front room was turned on, but we don’t know so we hope that Truffle and Brulee will come by and enlighten us! (HA HA HA!!!)