Sunday Guest Star: Katie and Her Smarty Pants

Taxes2_TG85579Well this week was a fast one. Katie came by right away and said, “Juneau, Alaska Airport?…next to the custodian’s closet. ; )”

That would be correct, sort of. I mean the bear was closer to the closet than I was and to be honest, the Juneau airport is so small that the bear is halfway down the room that makes up the little airport and the closet is towards the middle.

Lots of cats were asking about Smarty Pants and wondering where the tailor was and if they came in boxers or not. I think that Katie will be doing a post later next month or so and will answer all those questions then.

Now, I’m getting out of here before that bear decides on a cat snack…

Sunday Guest Star: Vincent and Vespa and the Cat Wisdom Gang

Hillspet-giveawayWell this was one of the few true ties. Both Vincent and Vespa and the gang at Cat Wisdom had comments come through at exactly 9:33 PM so they were about as tied as you could get. We decided since Vincent and Vespa don’t have a blog that we would put Merlin’s portrait up because he is a favorite of ours.

They both said, “Powells in Portland?”

Vincent and Vespa also said, “The languages section is in the red room….if it isn’t Powell’s, we are smoothering the mistress…and finding a new owner.”

Well, those two don’t have to do that fortunately. Finding a new owner can be difficult. I have been on a search for a good one for years.

The PDX Pride knew and even the Poupounette would have guessed correctly all the way from France (can you believe that?!). We knew Powells was famous but had no idea HOW famous! Wow.

The Florida Furrkids and the Island Cats knew it was a bookstore! Newton, Pierre and Ashton admitted to hearing about Portland all the way on their end of the country but did not guess it before the smarty cats did. Umm.. Katie didn’t get her pants on quickly enough (talk about a reason to find a new owner!)




Sunday Guest Star: Finnegan (again!)

FinneganWell I have some very good friends who keep after it when all seems lost. In fact, Katie kept guessing and guessing and said, “That’s it…I’m taking my pants off.”

We were speechless until we talked to George Takei who said, “Oh Myyy….”

Then finally, Finnegan came by and said, “Ok…here goes…[deep breath]… I fink you’re in Ketchikan, Alaska!!”

And he was right. First, he was not an early guesser and no one had even guessed the correct state! Yep, that’s right. People were guessing Washington and Oregon even though I said it was north. The tabbies o Trout Town guessed Canada but when we said we weren’t there people went back to Idaho and Montana, completely bypassing the correct state.

Merlin and his buddies came by and read the truck and said, “The truck is from Southeast Environmental Construction based in Ketchikan, Alaska. Holy moley, who stole Katie’s smartypants?”

Maybe it was him? But I’m sure it was an accident if so…

Sunday Guest Star: Katie (again)

SSminnow_tg85505Well there was a lot of activity on my Facebook post, or rather the Woman’s Facebook post that we had this up. Guido and Target were certain we were in Shanghai.

Katie guessed here but wasn’t coming up with anything. However, we gave her a big hint about where we had traveled and good memory that she has, she said, “Well we know you’ve been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium…is that where you are, Chey???” And look, she was even dressed for a deep-sea rescue!

And she was right. Her guess on the blog was about the same time Benjamin Fuzz guessed on Facebook, but we don’t count guesses on Facebook (although they do work as hints as we will say yes or no). But because Katie was here, she is the official winner (again).  Benjamin came by minutes later to say, “Darn it! Mom was going to offer to rescue you, Chey. She loves that aquarium!”

Cory had the right idea, “Sushi for all!!” I think so too, don’t you?!

Sunday Guest Star: Finnegan

FinneganWell there I was, for quite some time. Sitting with this guy waiting. Katie couldn’t find me (of course the Woman did take out the man’s name which was a huge help). I think sometimes the Woman doesn’t want me found. Why else put holes in Katie’s smarty pants?

But then! The Woman was foiled again! Finnegan came by and said, “It’s Mr. Vardry McBee in Greenville, South Carolina!!”

And that was correct! I was in Greenville sitting with Mr. McBee (who usually has a name on his pedestal.

I’m a little concerned that none of the South Carolina cats came to find me although Brian did find me but only after Finnegan!

Sunday Guest Star: I bet you can’t Guess!

Throwthur5_t3g1334I bet no cat knows who I have as a guest star today. A normally mild mannered cat who turns into a bionic brain cat when she puts on her Smarty Pants. That’s right! Katie got it again!

Vincent and Vespa did their best to get in first, but they were in the wrong part of the country, leaving it wide open for Katie!

“Wytheville Office Supply (the store with the giant pencil) in Wytheville, VA?” Katie said and yes, she was right (again!). We were there. The Woman even sort of smudged the name of the place on the photo but the Male was so excited that you get that place or a place in Centralia if you search giant pencil in images!


Sunday Guest Star: Smarty Pants Katie

KatieRetro5_GL25541Katie’s smarty pants are definitely back and as powerful as ever.  It wasn’t long after we posted that she found me, saying, “It’s Ripley’s Believe it or Not wax museum in Oregon. Will come back with city…”

That wasn’t quite right but she found it was in Newport Oregon quickly enough and then corrected herself, “In case you want to get more specific, Ripley’s calls it “The Wax Works.””

I’m not sure it’s owned by Ripley’s but the Wax Works is next door to Ripley’s Believe it or not and across the street (and down a bit) from an undersea garden and you can purchase tickets for all three at one time. It’s pretty funky, more like something you might do no a family outing in 1950 than today, but’s rather fun for all of that.

And the big boo is to the Woman who did not do a birthday post for me yesterday.

Sunday Guest Star: Katie

KatieHero_DSC0138Well, Katie was frantically pacing around Facebook asking when I was going to post a picture of where I was. Her smarty pants were getting hot. And she  found me! “Whoops! I meant to say the Cleveland County Courthouse in Shelby, North Carolina!”

Apparently there is also a Cleveland County in Oklahoma too and she mis typed (or her human did) and wrote that first! We were surprised!

At any rate, Little Nicky responded, “The monument sits in front of the Old Cleveland County Courthouse in Shelby, at the intersection of South Lafayette and West Dale Streets. The Old Courthouse is now home to the Cleveland County Historical Museum.”

But I am so relieved to have been found and so quickly too!

Sunday Guest Star: Pierre, Newton and Ashton

Pierre_Hides_Out_In_the_Pocket02This was a bit harder than I thought it would be when Katie reported back that apparently her smarty pants were losing their smarty and she couldn’t find me.

However, Pierre, Ashton and Newton came by and said, “OMC, we know this one! That’s at the RDV Sportsplex in Maitland, FL. The head peep passes it every day on the way to work. Are you hiding in Florida from the snow, Chey?”

And yes, I was invited to Florida by the Truffle and Brulee who said, “We’re so happy Newton, Pierre and Ashton found you. Mom Paula saw that particular artwork when she was in Florida for the Capital One Bowl in January. She literally stopped the car and told her passengers, “I have to get a picture of this for Chey to visit.” Never know where Mom Paula will travel next . . .”

However, given how difficult it was to find, I am a bit worried that she doesn’t actually want me to be found. If she really wants me to come live with her, she really just has to ask. I’m quite low maintenance.

Sunday Guest Star: The Florida Furkids

two1Well this one was a bit easier. The Florida Furkids (who say they never find us) found me immediately! They said, “Mr Google helped us with this one….we think. Greenville, SC at the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum outside of Fluor Field…..” The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Fluor Field. Although not affiliated with one another, these two national pastime establishments are located on opposite sides of the same street and well worth visiting.”

And they were right! Princeton and the Gang knew it and so did Katie. The other cats were quick to congratulate these smart kids on their quick find.

You know spring training has started. That might be why we chose this photo. Or it could be that we just quickly picked on and didn’t think about spring training at all until the Male mentioned it…