Sunday Guest Star

DSCF0035Once again, I was hardly lost at all when Laila and Minchie came by and said, “Chey, you are in Punxsutawney, PA and this is “The Wizard of the Weather” statue, located next to the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center.”

The Woman was lucky to know I was in Punxsutawney PA, which the Male insisted they visit when they were in Pennsylvania.  She liked this statue because it looked like a Harry Potter Groundhog. They had groundhogs all over town dressed up the way they have bears in Hendersonville and some places have cows or eggs or whatever.

At any rate, I don’t have to stay here any longer so I think I’ll head on home, probably through Chicago if Laila and Minchie don’t mind…


Sunday Guest Star: The Chans

P7180042Well as I was at that super looking place, the Chans came by and said, “You are at the Palais des Papes in Avignon. Chey! since you’re in France, we hope you’re coming to visit us!” And they of course, were correct.

Flynn said, “The Chans were quick to find you Chey. If you are going to get lost, what better place than a palace!” And of course it was all his idea (and photo) for me to get lost there! So we must thank him for coming over and finding this excellent place for a party.

Now, for a bit of wine, a bit of cheese and a bit of snuggling on Sunday with my good friends!

Sunday Guest Star: Ayla, Iza and Marley

IMG_3366Well this was surprisingly easy. I was barely able to start looking for a large electrical outlet when Ayla, Iza and Marley came by and said, “Are you at the Philadelphia Museum of Art?”

And then Truffle and Brulee said, “Here’s a little more information about the statue: Giant Three-Way Plug (Cube Tap)

Claes Oldenburg, American (born Sweden), born 1929
Date: 1970
Medium: Cor-Ten steel, bronze
Dimensions: 17 x 78 x 58 inches (297.2 x 198.1 x 147.3 cm)
Curatorial Department: Contemporary Art
Object Location: * Museum Grounds, exterior (d’Harnoncourt Sculpture Garden)
Accession Number: 2010-15-1
Credit Line: Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David N. Pincus in memory of Anne d’Harnoncourt, 2010.

Is this enough to rescue you Chey???”

And now, thanks to Cory we have snack and Brian put in his usual witty response by saying, “We must put a plug in for the smart ones!” I just hope this one is big enough!

Sunday Guest Star: Mom Nancy and Truffle and Brulee

LookoutWell this was a hard post to write, not because it was hard to figure out who found me first but my blog has moved hosts and things are resolving in strange and odd ways. The Male had it on his computer last night and all was not well but the Woman figured out what was wrong and fixed it, so then all WAS well. However, although they both link from the same internet connection and router, she could not see the site (new without a few things she put up for herself to see) on her computer. And her phone just said nothing was to be found at all…

While this is not abnormal for changeovers, it was strange that two people on the same connection could get two different sites. Hopefully this will all be resolved by Monday night, at least we hope so!

So anyway, now that you’ve found me online, where was I over the holiday?

“I think this is the Tesla statue on Goat Island, Niagara Falls Park. Happy Independence Day, Chey!” which was what Mom Nancy said.

Truffle and Brulee said only moments later, “We’ll add that it’s Nicola Tesla monument on the American side of Niagara Falls. It’s on Goat Island, just upriver from Horseshoe Falls, in front of the entrance arch of the old Niagara Falls power plant that Nikola Tesla helped to build in 1895, the first big hydroelectric plant in the world.”

And wow! They were right too! And of course, the Meezer’s knew where I was but you know how much trouble they have with their help…

Sunday Guest Star: Truffle and Brulee

box dayTruffle and Brulee sure know their cows! They immediately knew where I was.

They said, “You’re visiting the Jell-O Museum in the small town of LeRoy in western New York.” The immediately added, “And that’s the famous Jell-O Cow!”

It was good that they said that so quickly. Benjamin Fuzz was right behind them.

Even The Meezers (who insist they are too stupid for this game) said, “we KNEW that one – it’s very close to our howse! Darn. The mom is too lazy to get to your post when it’s posted. Stoopid the mom.” So I guess where we know where Billy runs when he gets out of the house then?

And Brian said, “Holy cow are they smart!” And we had to giggle a little at that and wonder if there is a Jello Church and if that’s then really a Holy Cow!


Sunday Guest Star: Laila and Minchie

box3Flynn and his folks were off suggesting places I should visit and this was one of them! And Laila and Minchie found me saying, “Chey, we think you are in Genoa, Italy and this ship is “Il Galeone Neptune, a ship built 1986 for the Roman Polanski film PIRATES, that is now permanently docked in the city as a tourist attraction. Ciao baby! We’ll meet you back at your house for some nice Italian niptinis.”

Flynn said they were borrowing Katie’s smarty pants but I’m thinking they got their own! It was fast and right on as far as where I was! You go, kitties!

And yes I wandered to Italy just to keep you all on your toes about where I can be found!



Sunday Guest Star: Newton, Pierre, Ashton, Flynn and Angel Grrreta

Pierre_Oct2005_Stripes_on_Stripes_smWell, this last trip started off a bit floppily. The Woman thought it was Thursday night on Friday night and didn’t even send me off until late! Who would even be looking for me? Fortunately, many of you were.

Everyone figured out that this was a big girl. Derby and Ducky tried their best but didn’t find me. Then within minutes several cats guessed where I was. Newton, Pierre and Ashton came in first as far as our blog installation was concerned. They said, “Is that Dolly Dimples the waitress statue in Silver Creek, NY? We are *so* not coming too near her. She looks like she would hold one of us up in the air with that arm.”

I bet she could. She is HUGE. I think she could even hold up the male!

Flynn was only minutes behind, saying, “It is Dolly Dimples located in Silver Creek on Route 5 in western NY state, between Dunkirk and Buffalo in front of a candy store.”

And Angel Grrreta and family said, “This is our first time playing. How fun! Is that “Dolly Dimples, Giant Bobble Headed Happy Waitress, Silver Creek, NY. In front of the Valvo’s Candy Store and ‘Everything Shop’”? I wonder if her head really bobbles. What’s that in her hand? It looks like she might have a rock in her hand ready to throw at passing traffic.”

I don’t think she throws anything at passing traffic. She probably lets the BigFoot get them that is in the same parking lot!

Now I shall try and keep my human from getting confused, but you cats know how tough THAT job is. I’m surprised we haven’t had Find Chey on Monday or Tuesday some weeks…

Guest Post:Katie’s Super-Secret-Smartypants Tips for finding Chey on Fridays

(Katie from Glogirly is offering us this great guest post on how you too can Find Chey when she’s lost!)

SmartyPantsPantsHi everyone, Katie here.

Chey invited me and my SmartyPants here to share some of my Super-Secret-Smartypants Tips for finding Chey on Friday. Now I don’t often let just ANYONE look inside my pants, but I’m making an exception today. All for the greater good of Finding Chey.

Some cats think my pants are magic or have superhero powers. Well they ARE pink, but contrary to popular opinion, they’re not REALLY magic. So get ready, because I’m going to share my…

Katie’s Top 4 Tips for Finding Chey on Friday



1. Act FAST.

Find Chey Friday usually posts at midnight EST. So for me that means I’m actually looking for Chey late on a Thursday night. Snoozers lose.



2.  Zoom in and hope for a stroke of luck.

Sometimes all it takes is a closer look at Chey’s photo to see a detail you might actually recognize. Granted this only works about 2% of the time. But when it does, you’ll feel SUPER smart.

ImageSearch3.  Make friends with Google’s Image Search.

This is a 3 step process, but often yields great results.

  1. Save Chey’s photo to your desktop by either dragging it there or right clicking on it and selecting “Save Image to Desktop.”
  2. Use any photo editing software program to quickly crop out the decorative border and as much of Chey as you can get rid of. (sorry, Chey)
  3. Go to GOOGLE IMAGES, click on the little camera button in the search bar and upload your image. Click your heels three times and then click the search button.

Google will show you a myriad of similar images. Though it can be a little like looking for a needle in a haystack, you may strike gold and find the same or a similar image.



When Chey found herself stranded with this grizzly bear, I knew I had to act fast. So I followed steps A, B & C.  As I started looking through the images Google had pulled up for me, I saw a similar photo someone took while on vacation in Alaska. She had a blog and had written that the only grizzly she saw on her trip was in the Anchorage airport. SCORE. Chey was found.



4.  When all else fails, just ASK Google.

You’d be surprised what you can find by just entering a description of what you’re looking for and clicking that little blue button.

Pick out unique details from the photo and come up with a specific description like:

  • Palm tree on pedestal outside…
  • Bronze sculpture of man sitting…
  • Wax museum with Paul Newman and Robert Redford from Sting…

You might have to try this a few times, rewording your search criteria & description before it yields the right clues.


When steps 1, 2 and 3 failed me on this crazy looking pencil building, I did just an ordinary Google search for “Giant Pencil on Storefront.” Then I narrowed my search to images and ….VOILA! I found the Wytheville Office Supply Store in Wytheville Virginia.

Good luck everyone! I hope you’ll all get comfortable in your own SmartyPants. Make sure they’re clean for the next Find Chey Friday!



Visit the hilarious, award-winning GLOGIRLY and laugh your fluffy you-know-what off.


Sunday Guest Star: Katie again!

KatieMustache_DSC5226I can’t believe no one is mass producing smarty pants because they are clearly so effective. Katie found me again. She thought she wasn’t going to, but then she came right back and said, “Wait! The Dry Cleaner called… found my pants. They were in the South Carolina State House in Columbia! Phew, Katie”

And thank heavens they were the right smarty pants! I was there too! Wondering why Katie’s pants were there but she wasn’t. So when she got there to collect them, we then decided to detour to the Sweet Purrfections. It was, after all Truffle and Brulee’s Mama that took the photo to let me get there. She just thinks of me when she’s in interesting places! I like that about her.


Easter Sunday Guest Star: Katie

Furminator3_DSC5464I was barely asking for help when Katie came by and said, “Are you locked up in Alcatraz?”

And she was right. Apparently Gloman and Glogirly were locked up there at some point (who knows for what–were they involved in the illegal fishy flake smuggling scheme?!) so they recognized the place. Katie did not even need her pants.

Flynn’s folks were hoping to go there (what is it with humans wanting to get locked up?) and the Woman, who wanted to go there (?!) said that she had heard you needed to reserve spaces early, so she and the Male went to do that on their first day in San Francisco. They had three or four but the tours were all filled until the day after they were to leave, so apparently to be locked up you must get a reservation early.

Humans. If I had known they liked being locked up, I’d have worked something out much sooner.

Katie says, “Interesting fact…

Alcatraz is now a State Park and there’s an amazing audio-tour you can take and walk virtually the whole island, inside the buildings, etc… You can even walk inside the cells, inside solitary and the hole. A number of years ago, they used to let people go inside the cells and then they’d shut the doors/bars. Until the bars MALFUNCTIONED and people were STUCK inside the cells. For a few hours! I think people may have even been stuck in “the hole.” They don’t do that anymore.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, Glogirly would HIGHLY recommend the tour. Make sure to do the one where you get off the boat and onto the island. ; )”

As the Woman said, she wasn’t in time to get to wander around the island because the Male didn’t make the appropriate reservations, thinking that the time they would be there would be enough to get them a place on a tour. Alas he was wrong (as he is about so many things) but she highly recommends it as well.

And to be honest, while all our humans are locked up there, perhaps we cats could party?! But until then, Happy Easter!