Mancat Monday

Zazzle Faces of catsWell I get to tell all about what Momma made.  That is me in the upper right hand corner when I was a wee little kit.  See my big eyes!  And yes, I guess that is Cheysuli in the middle.  Can you find other cats you might know?  We can tell you about a couple of others who you might not know.  If you love it, this is for sale on Zazzle at our shop!

On the left in the middle is  cat from Purrfect Pals named Harlequinn.  Harle liked to suck on her leg when she would start to purr. Unfortunately she was very unhappy at the area Purrect Pals had a Petco and she was quite grouchy all the time.  For awhile they tried a calming collar and she did much better. She was still a little standoffish but could be a love bug from time to time.  When that collar ran out she got very depressed and would not even make eye contact with any of the volunteers.  She wouldn’t come out of her house and she would try and bite.  The lead took her home for fostering in her foster room so that Harle had her own space and she became the biggest love bug ever!  The Woman really liked Harle and it is too bad that she did not like other cats at all.

So what do you think of Harlequin?

Catopolis Business Cards

Are you going to BlogPaws? Do you need business cards but don’t know how to design them?  Look at these over at Catopolis. They also have dog related cards and maybe if we get enough requests they can do ferrets and bunnies and rats–oh my!

Chey thought everyone would love these business cards.  If they become popular enough she might even create business cards with an image of her own lovely self on them. How many cats would like that?  Leave us a comment if you’d like to see those!

Two Siamese Cats

Two Siamese Cats looking out a window grace this lovely mug.   Any Siamese Cat lover would appreciate such a gift!  This is one of the great artists that we found looking around on Zazzle for Siamese Cats.    We would love our own to be higher on the list, but perhaps one of these days.   You can find this item here.

Siamese Cat Notecard and Mugs

These aren’t just beautiful notecards, they can also be totebags and hats and more. That’s one of the things we love about Zazzle.
Jude Maceren paints with acrylics and the work is lovely. Selling products not only on Zazzle, but ebay, etsy and more, the reviews are awesome. Customers are well satisfied–and who wouldn’t be with the intense colors accentuating the soulful eyes of the cats.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Siamese Kitten

Retail Price: 14.50

Hand-crafted by skilled artisans for First & Main with the highest attention to detail. 9 Inches Long.

Stuffed Siamese Cat

Retail Price: 18.50

Lifelike lying floppy plush Siamese Cats in a choice of sizes from the Russ Berrie Yomiko Classics collection. 16 Inches Long.

Stuffed Holiday Siamese Kitten

Retail Price: 19.50

A soft and cuddly Caress kitten peeking out of a velour velcro-attached holiday stocking. 6 Inches Long.

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