Wednesday with Chey

IMG_4218smThe Woman is grumpy. That almost pleases me so long as she’s grumpy with Facebook and the Male and not with me. Now if only she’d get tired of having to feed me that new food…

Tabby on Tuesday

IMG_4185smThe sun has gone and the rain has returned. I did get to run outside for a little bit though yesterday. Because I’m not afraid like Ichiro.

Mama says her new book, Little Dog Lost is now out. Do not worry. Zari A is a cat and she is in it! It’s just a lost dog after all so she saves the day!

Happy Earth Day no matter what your weather!

Mancat Meezer Monday

IMG_4273smI started to go out with Mom and she moved things all over the place and made loud noises. I had to run back inside and hide. Even though it was nice. She should do noisy things when it’s raining.

Easter Sunday Guest Star: Katie

Furminator3_DSC5464I was barely asking for help when Katie came by and said, “Are you locked up in Alcatraz?”

And she was right. Apparently Gloman and Glogirly were locked up there at some point (who knows for what–were they involved in the illegal fishy flake smuggling scheme?!) so they recognized the place. Katie did not even need her pants.

Flynn’s folks were hoping to go there (what is it with humans wanting to get locked up?) and the Woman, who wanted to go there (?!) said that she had heard you needed to reserve spaces early, so she and the Male went to do that on their first day in San Francisco. They had three or four but the tours were all filled until the day after they were to leave, so apparently to be locked up you must get a reservation early.

Humans. If I had known they liked being locked up, I’d have worked something out much sooner.

Katie says, “Interesting fact…

Alcatraz is now a State Park and there’s an amazing audio-tour you can take and walk virtually the whole island, inside the buildings, etc… You can even walk inside the cells, inside solitary and the hole. A number of years ago, they used to let people go inside the cells and then they’d shut the doors/bars. Until the bars MALFUNCTIONED and people were STUCK inside the cells. For a few hours! I think people may have even been stuck in “the hole.” They don’t do that anymore.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, Glogirly would HIGHLY recommend the tour. Make sure to do the one where you get off the boat and onto the island. ; )”

As the Woman said, she wasn’t in time to get to wander around the island because the Male didn’t make the appropriate reservations, thinking that the time they would be there would be enough to get them a place on a tour. Alas he was wrong (as he is about so many things) but she highly recommends it as well.

And to be honest, while all our humans are locked up there, perhaps we cats could party?! But until then, Happy Easter!

Find Chey Friday #258

easyNow this is interesting… I bet someone will find me here! I hope. Um… Hello? Anyone? Cause if you don’t find me, how can I have a Happy Easter with you all?

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Wednesday with Chey

IMG_4138smAh sun. I remember you well. Along with sleep. The Male has had this cough and I’m ready to suffocate him it’s getting so annoying. I was awake all day. How was I supposed to run around at night?

Tabby Tuesday

IMG_4182smYesterday was a nice day in the sunshine. The whole weekend was. I got to go out for a little bit and smell the flowers. The tulips were open and everything!

Today it is supposed to rain again. I think I will nap.

Meezer Mancat Monday

IMG_4159smHmm… Does this photo make me look fat? I’m not you know. Particularly since we are all on a diet with Chey. We’ve been getting more Stella and Chewy’s and I love Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried. I’m always trying to get in the bag for more. I’d eat the whole thing.

That can’t have anything to do with me looking fat because this picture was taken before that.

Sunday Guest Star: Katie and Her Smarty Pants

Taxes2_TG85579Well this week was a fast one. Katie came by right away and said, “Juneau, Alaska Airport?…next to the custodian’s closet. ; )”

That would be correct, sort of. I mean the bear was closer to the closet than I was and to be honest, the Juneau airport is so small that the bear is halfway down the room that makes up the little airport and the closet is towards the middle.

Lots of cats were asking about Smarty Pants and wondering where the tailor was and if they came in boxers or not. I think that Katie will be doing a post later next month or so and will answer all those questions then.

Now, I’m getting out of here before that bear decides on a cat snack…

Find Chey Friday #257

bearWell now what’s that? I don’t think that’s a fish. But how do I get out of here before he gets too hungry? Not that I’d be much of a meal.


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