Look at Those Ham Eyes

Yes, look at those big eyes. And he’s always looking for something to get into.

And when he can’t he chases and leaps on me and sometimes Ichiro, except Ichiro seems to like the tussle. I scream and hiss and growl and he doesn’t listen at all which means he gets a time out in what used to be the kitten room but is now mostly back to the sunroom. Momma gets so mad because Ichiro and I run in there with him when she does that.

But I mean, maybe he’s going to get treats right?

And I hate to think that he’s going to be alone.


  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dood !!!! total lee awesum ya haz yur own sun room…even tho gemini N ichiro were kinda ther furst; itz still nice oh em ta say…pleez uze this room N chillaxin and N joy…thi it iz kinda knot nice mom sayz noe snax while in ther….ya noe; now that we think oh it, may bee yur own sun roomz….knot sew kewl ?? !!


  2. He is a real cutie! Sorry he jumps on you Gemini, but you’re right, you don’t want to miss out on any treats. At least when he is tussling with Ichiro he is leaving you alone.

  3. Ha!! Of course he can’t be alone!! perish the thought!

  4. But will he share the treats if he gets them? That is the question.

  5. That is hilarious that when he gets a time out, you two want to go with him!

  6. Too funny that you and Ichiro run into the timeout room with Ham! MOL!

  7. That’s the idea, Gemini. When there is a kitten around, USE HIM!!!!

    The Chans

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