Cheysuli Forever

A long time ago, in a state far far away there was a Meezer named Simone and she was the best cat. But she died. So there was a search for another cat as good as Simone, if not better.

It went far and wide. Wide-eyed kittens hopefully and eagerly dreamed of being chosen.

But it was not to be.

In a small town, only people in Oregon (or who love Oregon) knew about, a Siamese Queen awaited her fate. Cheysuli was chosen.

For many years all was well in Chey’s world. She was crushed (and perhaps one could say diminished) when her beloved calico mentor, Georgia transitioned. She was further distressed to the point of near death when Ichiro was adopted. But she soldiered on as all good cats must.

And then she stopped eating. The vet did blood work. She still didn’t eat but they did fluids and an anti-emetic.

On the third day, which was a Saturday, after she’d only been eating what was forced down her and painted on her pretty brown stockings, they gave her more fluids and another injection. They started her on Tapazol because her thyroid was high.

She nibbled but didn’t eat. She was force fed on Sunday and her body painted, which she dutifully cleaned.

Chey is pulling on string. What is your caption?On Monday, she went in to the vet again and got IV fluids, a vit B injection, another injection for nausea, and some medication to help with nausea that she would take until Thursday.

And she came home and ate.

She didn’t eat a ton at any one visit to the dish but she ate frequently, probably at about 70% of what she would normally eat and 300% of fishy flakes, because when you are 15 and haven’t been eating, if you like fishy flakes, you get fishy flakes.

And then Saturday night. She vomited. Once. Twice. Five times. White foamy bile. She was drinking though.

By Sunday morning she was refusing water.

The Woman knew. Chey wasn’t coming back from this. She had no interest even in cleaning herself up, not really. And while sometimes cats react to Tapazol, this didn’t feel like that.

But the Male wasn’t ready–who knew he liked her so much despite her constant disdain?

So they went to the emergency vet. Fluids, more blood work, offers of ultrasound. She got more injections. She went home and did not come out of her carrier. She could move. She didn’t want to.

She stayed hidden in her carrier nearly the whole night, coming out only twice to cuddle with the woman for an hour or so.

She refused all water, all food.

She could have been forced. She could have gone for an ultrasound. But at 15 years old there were few things in her presentation that would have made the extra days of life worth the effort of more time being fussed with. She was now on Tapazol and a high blood pressure medication and an appetite stimulant.

On Monday the Woman called a very nice man who came out that night and helped Chey across the Bridge. She was greeted by far too many beloved friends. This man treated everyone with kindness and cried with all of us though we had never met him.

And now the search may begin once more. But that is a story for future generations. For now, we can look at the stars and remember when Chey ruled the world.


  1. There are cats, and then there are very special cats, those who win hearts and minds across oceans and generations. Chey was one such extraordinary creature, and she will be remembered. But of course, nothing would do her greater honour than the renewed search, a true testament to greatness and love.

    We bow our heads in respect,
    The Chans

  2. Your beautiful girl will never be forgotten; my sincere condolences over this great loss in your lives…Sending love, hugs and extra loud purrs that you may find comfort in the wonderful memories you shared with precious Chey…XOXO…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat

  3. Mum is all leaky eyed. She hurts for you and has felt the pain of losing a furkid too. Chey will rule The Bridge, with snarky commentary. She will be missed. Sending lots of love.

  4. This: “because when you are 15 and haven’t been eating, if you like fishy flakes, you get fishy flakes”

    This broke me. I’ll be over here sobbing for a while. *hands over a box of tissues and a plate of chocolate*

  5. Chey was something special! Having met her in person, I’m feeling this so much more. She had that personality one couldn’t and won’t forget. My heart hurts for Bonnie and Dennis as they grieve the loss of Chey. I’m giving you time to work through your grief, but I’m here if you need me. Sending love, hugs, and purrs.

    Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula

  6. Such a great story! How sweet that the Male came to care so much for Chey. I have adored Chey for years. She had such fun and interesting posts and lots of personality. Very sorry for the pain of her loss. Sending a warm hug for you, Bonnie.

  7. Farewell, beautiful lady! Enjoy your time among the stars and rainbows!

  8. We are devastated, the mom is crying along with you. Wet just don’t have word. Burr Chey we love you and know that you will have n hanging wirh Billy

  9. Chey was a very special cat and a true Icon on the internet. She will be missed. Just know that she knew so much love and kindness while she was with you. She had a great home. We sure send lots of hugs and good thoughts to you.

  10. Dear Bonnie
    madi and I are so very sorry to read your beautiful Chey has traveled OTRB.
    What a brave trooper she was.
    We send you hugs
    Madi and mom

  11. da tabbies o trout towne says:


    me tuna; I won’t cry, because boys aren’t supposed to in public they say; I’ll wait until I have a minute to myself then I’ll weep like dai$y is now…. we are truly sorry and wish you Godspeed to heaven. thanx for sharing your stories, thanx for all the tips, thanx for find Chey friday’s which we will never forget, thanx for being our friend. we send our sincerest sympathies to your mom, dad and family; you are and always will be a beautiful girl ……with hugs and loves;
    tuna and dai$y ~~~~~~ and dude, boomer and sauce

  12. What a tale*sniff* *sniff*. A sad tale but Chey the unforgettable.


  13. We are so very sorry fur your loss. Chey was and is gawjus, and will live on in da hearts of all. We’re sendin’ big hugs and lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi, Raena and mommy A

  14. Words fail at times like these as a life once bright and bold slowly, ever so slowly leaves us,and then so suddenly it’s over. Yes memories are a salve to a deep wound,but it is only with an abundance of time can we find peace with the grief. I am so very sorry Chey is gone, she was very well loved, by many, and she was greeted with loving paws by the many who went before including her beloved Georgia.

  15. Chey was such a one-of-a-kind personality, and we are so heartbroken over her loss. Purrs to all of you.

  16. Run young and pain free once again in the meadows of Rainbow Bridge. Our heartfelt sympathy to your family. Keep the wonderful memories safe in your hearts.

  17. We are so sad that Chey has gone to the Bridge. She was an icon of the Blogosphere and we will remember her with fond memories. We always enjoyed Find Chey and all of Chey’s wonderful adventures! We’re sending you soft, healing hugs and purrs and prayers.

    The Florida Furkids

  18. Trudy Williams says:

    Dear Ms. Chey,

    We will miss your earthly presence but know you had to go on to new adventures somewhere across the Rainbow Bridge, no doubt in the constellation Leo. We know you have many old freinds there to greet you and you will once again be queen of all you survey.

    We will send lots of love to your Woman in your absence.

    Ave atque vale!

    Trudy and the kitties

    P.S. If you are still looking for ‘Kaika, he will be the tabby boy wearing smarty pants.

  19. My heart breaks for you – only the heart knows its own pain and none can truly share its burden. But know we’re there for you – and that Chey will be missed, truly missed.

  20. Beautiful Chey, our sweet glamor friend. We always loved seeing that gorgeous girl and now we will watch her star and our hearts will smile because she was our friend. Love and hugs from all of us.

  21. Oh, Bonnie. My heart breaks for you and my eyes are filled with salty tears. I’m so, so sorry. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you. Chey was one of the first cats I got to know in the blogging world, and one of my very first design clients.

    Bless you for loving her and helping her to feel no more pain.

    (((hugs))) for you,

  22. Shelley Morrow says:

    Chet was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.

    Love Kellie the Cat and Mum Shelley

  23. Tears here, and my heart hurts for you. It is so hard to say goodbye. Take comfort in the precious love you and Chey shared. You are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.


  24. We are so sorry to hear about Chey. She was one of our very first blogging friends. We will miss her very much. Sending you lots of purrs and hugs.

  25. Where’s Chey? We all know that she’s now one if the brightest stars at the Bridge…?????

  26. My heart hurts for yours. Chey was special, and she was one of our earliest blogging friends. Thank you for sharing the best of her with the rest of us, and for loving her so much. You’re in my thoughts during this sad time.

  27. Oh noes! Not Chey!!!
    We are SO sad to hear this news.
    While we realize we are all getting older, some cats just seem to go on forever.
    Chey is one of those cats. It’s hard to imagine her gone.
    We send lots of comforting purrs as we know you will miss this very special cat.
    We miss you Chey 🙁
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  28. Amanda Snapp says:

    I didn’t realize that Chey was so high up in her years, she led a very full life. Her voice in the CB will not be forgotten. I’m sorry that you as the care takers of her, had to make this decision, but it seems like it was the best for her at this point. Hugs to you and the kitties.

  29. We are so so sorry to learn that Chey flew away. We hope that some day you can take comfort in knowing how many friends she has over the Bridge, but we also know that will take a very long time. We purr for your broken heart.

  30. Cheysuli foreever. Nuff said.

  31. I am sooo sooo deeply sorry. My heart just hurts. Chey was also one of the first kitties that we met blogging. Such a special girl. I know how incredibly hard this is. Sending you much love and our deepest sympathy xoxo

  32. We are so VERY sad to hear the news. Chey was an important part of our blogging lives for many years. We have so many wonderful memories of Find Chey. Another Very Impawtant Cat of the Cat Blogosphere has left…

    Our tears are flowing…

  33. I am so sorry. I know so well the path you have just traveled and how hard it is to make that decision. Like Flynn, Chey let you know it was her time and you gave her the kindest gift although it breaks your heart. My thoughts are with you. I am sure she is now going on mousing expeditions with Eric and Flynn and so many other friends at The Bridge.
    Love and hugs to you. Jackie

  34. We are so very sorry that Chey is gone…..we know Socks was there to greet her and that she is ruling the Rainbow Bridge while she waits for you. But we are going to miss her. She was so witty, so sassy so very Chey.

  35. The Big Piney Woods Cats says:

    So many sleeps ago we met you. You were one of our first blog friends. So many have come and gone and now, you are gone! Patches, Mittens, and Mistrie are waiting to meet and greet you and reminisce about the good old days. We loved you and send many purrs on your new journey.
    Precious (Squirt), Miracle (Miss Naughty Gurl), Cassi (the outdoor mancat), and Betsy (Misti Morning, the wild and crazy, nobody wants you but Mom because you were abused and hate people.) Oh, and of course, Mom Toni

  36. I am sad. Another greatest meezer has left and left behind their grieving peoples. We know that Cheyenne is frolicking (as only meezers can frolic) wit those who have gone before, as she waits for you, her loving people. I know there are many tears and much pain. I send you my love and strength.
    Barb (Nellie the Cat From Hell’s mom)

  37. Oh! We are so very sorry that Chey has crossed over. We loved looking at the Where’s Chey blogs. We never knew where Chey was at, but other people guessed quite accurately! We know that you will miss Chey so very much. Hugs from all of us at Forty Paws, and Maw.

  38. We are so sorry. We know Chey was very loved and will be very, very missed. We are sorry we didn’t know her better but we’re certain our Angels will come to know her at the Bridge. Sending love, big hugs, and the softest of purrs.

  39. Dear Bonnie (and Ichiro and Gemini),

    It is with sadness that The Opinionated Pussycats send their regards, purrs and purrayers to you and yours upon learning of the loss of the honorable Chey.

    We are sure, beyond a shadow of doubt, that our beloved Mr. Nikita was there to greet her, with so many others, at the Bridge.

  40. So sorry for the loss of Miss Cheysuli. She was a beautiful girl and so important in Meezer World Domination. She will be missed greatly.

  41. Run free sweet & beautiful Chey, we will always remember you little girl. You will be having a fine time at The Bridge, but do keep an eye on those left behind, they will keep you in their hearts.

    It is the hardest yet kindest gift to give to a beloved one who has shared a wonderful & long life with you

    Sending love & rumbly purrs

  42. Bonnie – We all mourn the loss of Chey……one of the heroes of the Pooses for Peace. I’m certain that she is with Zevo and Boo and Miss Lucy Fur, overseeing the plans for future bite and run patrols………. Valiant spirits all………

  43. We’re so sorry for your loss. We sadly didn’t know your sweet Chey, but we can see she was very loved and will be very missed. We send you comforting purrs and gentle headbonks. Purrs

  44. Marlene says:

    Since Ruis’ passing i am not active anymore in the cat blogosphere, but i do receive Ann’s emails. And today i was quiet when reading the mail… Cheysuli… I know her, Ruis knew her. She was one of us.
    With so many others at the Bridge, Ruis will also be there to greet her.

    I am so sorry for your loss and send you love and strenght. xxx

    ~ Marlene (Ruis’ mom and typist)

  45. We are so sorry for your loss. May sweet memories of your amazing and wonderful Chey soften your grief and bring you peace.

  46. Mary McNeil says:

    So sorry for the loss of your Great Lady ! Run free in your new queendom !

  47. Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew says:

    Bless you Chey, you were amazing, and wonderful.

    We are so sorry you are gone. Fly free brave and beautiful spirit.

  48. Bless your precious soul, Chey. I remember so much about you and appreciate you being such a special part of the Cat Ruler of the World Contest. But, you never needed a contest…you always ruled the world and hearts of those that knew you. My Jazz shared a similar journey as yours and I am certain he was at the Bridge to welcome you with open paws. xoxoxo

  49. This just breaks our hearts. I am so sorry. You are all in our thoughts and constant purrs…
    –Jasper McKitten-Cat

  50. I’m so very sorry. Chey was a huge presence in the cat blog world and will be hugely missed. My heart is broken for you, sending hugs and purrs from all of us

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